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My First Rip!

Fellow 9ruler Volkher sent me a little heads up this morning that this site looks shockingly similar to mine. Indeed it does - it seems I've been ripped! Surprisingly enough, I wasn't the least bit angry. I thought for sure if this ever happened, I would be irate. Especially in a case as blatantly obvious as this one. But I wasn't at all. I was actually laughing as I viewed the source and CSS to find out he hadn't even bothered to change selector names and all of my comments are still in place. I mean, you know you're a jerk when you rip someone this bad, but you're a real lazy jerk when you can't be bothered to change it up under the hood. The hover link classes are even the same for the main content areas. The one thing that has got me a little upset though, is that this rip has been featured over at CSS Mania. Now that just sucks. Hopefully this dude has a little decency and will email them to let them know he's not worthy of being featured. But honestly, I don't see that happening.

The Advertising Dilemma

If you've come and gone a few times over the past couple weeks or taken a look at my changelog, you may have noticed various ads popping up in random spots across the site. I've been trying out some of the more popular affiliate programs from the likes of Google and Amazon. If you take a look around now, you won't see any of them. I simply cannot live with advertising on my site. I worked for a company whose soul purpose was to sell advertising. The ads out-weighed the content visually, there was every kind of intrusive/annoying ad you could think of and even ads disguised as content. Worst! I was thinking it would be nice to get some sort of financial return for all the time and effort I put into this site and thought some simple ads would do the trick. I sold myself on the idea by deciding to only display targeted ads specific to the content or subject matter.

Dissecting My Site: Part 2

When I determined how much content I wanted to deliver up front, I knew it would be a challenge to differentiate each section at first glance and to present it all in a way that wasn't overwhelming or seem cluttered. This is where the use of colour comes into play. I love pink, and pink and black is the hottest combo ever. So pink represents this guy right here - whether it be the body of a post or a comment I've left. Green is "external" or off-site links and blue represents user feedback.