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Heyo! I'm Matt Brett, a veteran freelance web designer from British Columbia, Canada.

I specialize in WordPress development and have been working in the web industry for over 20 years.
In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and have published 157 game reviews.

Web Design + Development

Since 2005, I've been working as a freelance web designer from the comfort of my home. Below is a selection of work I've done over the past few years for freelance clients, and sub-contracted as a front-end developer for Takeover Studio. I'm currently working full-time as a UI/UX designer for WPForms.

Since 2005, I've been working as a freelance web designer specializing in WordPress development. I'm currently working full-time as a UI/UX designer for WPForms.

Website Design
Thoughtfully crafted designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Website Development
Hand-coded HTML & CSS goodness. None of the fluff, all of the awesome.

Website Maintenance
Cloud backups and monitoring tools to ensure your site is safe and secure.

WordPress Expertise
I've built well over 100 sites on WordPress since the beta was released in 2003.

One Man Army
I can cover all of the required bases and will be with you every step of the way.

The Devil's in the Details
I have a knack for finding little intricacies that make my designs stand out.

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In 2020 when the pandemic hit, I got into photography and have been spending my free time exploring my surroundings. I regularly post on Instagram and YouTube.

Cradled rain drop. ...

The moon caught my eye as I was heading back in the house after roasting marshmallows (for s’mores) with my girls. Grabbed my camera and started firing off shots. Lunar photography is neat, in that it’s different from pretty much everything I normally do. Entirely handheld, fast shutter speed, fairly wide aperture. Basically, snap a bunch off and hope at least one is perfectly in focus. It’s hard to tell until you get back to a large screen and zoom way in.

Captured this with my 70-300mm lens, fully extended. ISO 100, f/8, 1/250s.

This one’s for my sister. While chatting last week she asked if I could take decent photos of the moon with my setup. Lacking confidence, I said “Yeah, probably.” While I had to crop in pretty far, this is definitely good enough for social media.

This photo is kind of a big deal for me. For the past few months, I’ve been spending an abundance of time learning about photography. From the basics of composition, to the most advanced editing techniques, and everything in between. But there’s one thing I haven’t been doing, and that’s getting out and actually taking photos.

Last night, I had planned to go out to my favourite beach, but the entire coast was blanketed in fog. I decided to make the best of my time out and went for a stroll down the beach. On the drive home, I noticed the last bit of sun hitting a section of a different beach out my window. So I parked my car and hurried down, hoping to at least get a few shots in. After nearly tripping on a river otter (seriously), I made it close enough and found a log that provided a decent bit of foreground.

So, this photo is a culmination of many things I’ve learned over the past few months. It’s my first time focus stacking, I tried exposure bracketing, I used a 2 second timer to avoid camera shake, I used back button focusing, I literally sat on the beach with my tripod about a foot off the ground. And to top it off, I edited this myself without the help of presets. I’m less interested in creating photos that are trendy with moody tones and denatured colours, and more interested in creating photos that are vivid and really show the beauty of this landscape that surrounds me.

If you made it this far, thanks so much for your time and interest. I really appreciate every like and comment I receive, and the support from my friends and family has been overwhelming. Thank you!

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