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At Long Last…

It's been nearly three years since I broke onto the scene with my previous design. And for many reasons, I was in no rush to replace it. But at the same time, I've been itching to redesign for quite some time. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter or Flickr, you've seen mention and proof of a redesign in progress for what seems like, ever. I'm proud and excited to be releasing my latest effort into the wild, at long last! If you're reading this in your feed reader, be sure to hit my domain to check it out.

1&1 Fucked up My Flow

I had a good week's worth of posts planned out, that is until 1&1 decided to crap out on me. On Tuesday afternoon around 1pm my site returned a 404 in three different languages. This love error was displayed to the world for the following two hours. All the while, I was calling their 1-800 "expert technical support" help line to find out WTF was up. Not once did I even get put in a queue. For the most part, I would hear an obnoxious beep followed by "We're sorry, all of our circuits are busy right now. Please calling back later." Do you realize how infuriating that is when your site is offline and you can't even be queued for support?

Back in Black

I've accomplished something I've always wanted to do with my site - have multiple styles and let the user choose their preference. As promised, I deliver onto you, "Back in Black", which is essentially my latest revision with the old colours. A bit more bold, as all the links are coloured where as they were only underlined with colour in my previous incarnation. The style switcher stores a cookie on your computer, so every time you come back (granted you haven't cleared your cookies) you'll see the style of your choice. Fun!

You Can Always Tell…

when a blogger is working on a new site. Posting becomes nearly non-existent and I must apologize for that. Whenever I saw someone neglecting their site because they're working on a new design I said to myself that I would never do that. Well it seems I'm no better, but I now understand why this happens. The fact of the matter is - launching a new design for a blog is a lot of work. Especially if you have a fairly customized installation and are running a lot of plugins, which I am. It takes a lot of planning and there are several areas which require tons of attention to detail.

So, I’m Rebooting May 1

As I mentioned last time I wrote on this subject, I've been debating whether or not to take part in the May 1 CSS Reboot. Last night while waiting for something to upload, I cracked open my most recent PSD of the homepage layout, dated October 16, 2005. Roughly two-and-a-half hours later, I had made a fair bit of progress and was feeling good about where it seems to be going. I immediately made my way over to the CSS Reboot site and signed up. You see, if I don't have a deadline, I don't get shit done. And hey, the November 1 CSS Reboot helped me roll this bad boy out, so let's see how May 1 does for my personal domain.

The Time to Reboot is Nearly Upon Us

May 1st is quickly approaching. I can't believe we're almost into March already! Where has the time gone? What does May 1 mean to you? It's not only the day I emerged from my Mother's womb (oh man, apparently I've been watching too much Family Guy), but a day when hundreds of designers band together to launch shiny new websites as part of the CSS Reboot. Chances are, a great deal of you had no idea who the hell I was before the last November 1st Reboot. This could be your time to shine. The fine folks over at Webjillion have launched a great new site for this May's Reboot and asked if I would be into doing an interview to share my experience. Of course I agreed to help them out. If you yourself run a site and could use some fresh eyes or maybe would like to expand your reach. You should consider signing up for the May 1 CSS Reboot.