Since January has almost come and gone and the full site is yet to be unveiled, I figured I should probably post a bit of an update on the situation.

First off, I’m still floored by the response to this all. I really didn’t expect it to take off as it did, but I’m sure glad it has. I’ve seen the icon being used on websites from around the world in various languages. Some of the more well known web services have picked up on it and even some popular desktop software for both Mac and PC. The icon itself has been downloaded around 20,000 times from the site, which is not bad at all for being online for just over a month.

I had full intentions of taking on the site on my own, but once I started brainstorming I realized that wouldn’t be possible. A few months ago I started up a new business with a couple close friends of mine. Due to our conflicting and ridiculously busy schedules, we’re yet to roll out any projects under the new banner. I figured this would be a great first project for us and the guys agreed. I also have another developer helping out on a specific area of the site independent to all of us. His part will probably be rolled out as a ‘phase 2’ a little after the site launches, but it’ll be awesome when it does.

In terms of what the site will include, I’m not going to expose all of that just yet. It’s nothing mind blowing by any means, but will be more than merely a place to get the icon. There will be some new formats added, tutorials for each, code samples and as mentioned previously, a custom icon gallery. Speaking of which, check out this awesome revision over at Bartelme Design.

A few people have emailed asking about a license or what the terms of use are. I’ve been in touch with Mozilla about this and will be contacting Microsoft as well once Mozilla have made a decision. This information will definitely be made available on the site when it launches.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m late delivering the site. I will admit, a January launch was ambitious. I’d rather take the time to do the site properly and include everything I want than to roll out a half-assed effort just for the sake of hitting the deadline. With that said, I’m not going to say when the site will launch because it’s too early to tell. We’re working hard on it and will roll it out when it’s good and ready.

Lastly, a quick thanks to those that have helped spread the word. is almost in the top 1000 on Technorati already and that’s just great! Also, a huge thanks to those that have donated. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.


Glad things are working out for you! I for one added it to the second version of my theme and everyone’s left it there – even if they changed everything else. It was a great idea on your part, and I’m glad it’s paying off for you.

(Acutally, that site is how I found your blog… 😮 )

Hey Matt, I use Vienna on OSX to view RSS. Not long after you posted the icons they updated the software and added the new Icon for feeds without customized icons. Just thought I would give you one more example of were the icon has shown up. Keep up the good work.

Stop being so busy Matt, I miss the gaming-related updates on the blog. 😉

And kudos on the feedicons project, the size og growth of the project is simply aweinspiring.

@Kim Rom: I know dude, I’m totally slacking on the game related stuff. I missed the boat on a couple reviews I had started – still might get to them. They just take so long to prepare now with the video footage and all. I’ve been looking into capturing video from consoles as well. Be great to do reviews for some console games as well which admittedly, is where I’ve been spending most of my gaming time these days.

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to drop by and say congrats on the success of your project. Your site is amazing and an inspiration for an amateur such as myself.

Skip the videos – oppinions matter more, especielly if they come from a person who can see the true values and highs in a game.

You have that gift.

– and I might add – its something of a rarity these days. 😉

I’m intregued, have you found anything for video capture from consoles? If so, could ya give us a heads up?

@Jason: Thanks a lot dude! Appreciate the kind words.

@Kim Rom: I really like doing the videos and they get a lot of hits, so I’m pretty confident that people are enjoying them as well.

@Sam: Yeah, I have a couple peices of hardware I’m checking out. Once I settle on something, I plan to do a post explaining how I prepare the gameplay videos for PC and console games.