I almost missed the boat on this latest plague, I mean meme. Sparked by Mr. Jon Hicks, you’ll now find dozens of “design is…” wallpapers popping up on an hourly basis. I have a couple other ideas in mind, so I might post some more. But for now, you can grab this one…

I only made a few sizes, all of which are 16:10 resolutions.


At the same time as I’m out looking for a new wallpaper, which I haven’t been for months, you are showing these ones. That’s what I call timing!

It looks very nice – do you mind writing about how you made it? Is it based on a photo or all made in photoshop?

Do you have one without the "fucking" in it, even replaced with something like "goddamn"?

My parents would go crazy if they saw that, but I really like it. 🙁