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Cleaning Out My Friends List

I've been making an effort to spend more of my gaming time playing multiplayer via Xbox Live as of late. There are many reasons I don't put many hours into online play - the most prominent being the fact that I can't stand being yelled at by 12 year-olds who shouldn't be playing mature rated games anyway. Come to think of it, the random banter you hear come out of the younger players mouths is more annoying than the whining, but that's beside the point. Playing with the "general public" usually isn't all that fun and is often spoiled by 1 or 2 asshats.

Introducing Dashboard Themes

I'm extremely happy to announce the "top secret Xbox related site" I've been working on for the past few months is up and running! Dashboard Themes is the first and only site that allows you to preview Xbox 360 dashboard themes as they appear within the dashboard before dropping any coin on them. The current state of the Xbox Live Marketplace doesn't give you an option to preview content before you pay and Microsoft's online components for Marketplace content don't do much better. I came up with an idea to fill this gaping whole, and along with my good friend Andrew McTeer, made it happen.

A Few Days With an Xbox 360

I've tried to completely ignore the Xbox 360 until the pre-meditated hype dies down. But a friend of mine recently picked one up and has been showing me screenshots and bragging like a bastard, so I decided to drop the $750 deposit and rent one for a few days. The 'package' I got came with 2 wired controllers, a memory card (yuck!) and the standard cables - composite and component. I also had my choice of 2 games. Since the pickings are slim, I decided to go with 2 truly 'next gen' games... or rather, games that were developed specifically for the 360 - Project Gotham Racing 3 and Perfect Dark Zero. I didn't even bother hooking it up to my TV (a 27" Sony Trinitron) but instead, went straight to my new monitor. It has component inputs, which worked out lovely! The colours were great - super bright and vibrant and the picture was really crisp. So, it looks nice... but how does it play?