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You’re Going to Have to Force-Feed Me Prince of Persia

Approaching the holiday season, I couldn't have been more excited to get my hands on the new Prince of Persia title. One of our family rules prevented me from doing so until after Christmas, though. The one that states that we aren't permitted to rent or buy anything that is on our own Christmas wish list - and with Prince of Persia being one of my top 3 games, I had to refrain from basking in the glory of a promising new tale in a beautiful new world. The post release reviews didn't help one bit, as most were raving about the new direction the Prince has taken.

I Wasn’t Supposed to Like Fable II

Fable 2 is a game I never saw myself playing. As we approached the release date, and with every bit of gameplay footage that was released, I found that I was distancing myself further and further. For starters, I'm not a big RPG gamer. I really enjoyed Mass Effect, but I believed that to be a fluke. The fantasy genre isn't at the top of my list, either. And here we are, with a fantasy RPG. Naturally, it had little appeal from the get-go. But I found myself in a spot where every new game I wanted to play was on my Christmas list (which means I can't rent or buy them until after the holidays), so I decided to give it a rent... and I'm glad I did!

Left 4 Dead is Ridiculously Fun!

Leave it to Valve to create a game with no story, no character development, virtually no single player experience, but it's averaging close to 90%. There isn't much to Left 4 Dead, but that's part of what makes it so great! If you've played a shooter before, you can jump right in and start blasting zombies while only a handful of hints will pop-up to make sure you're on track. It's simple nature makes it extremely accessible, and the 4 player online co-op couldn't be more fun!