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I’m Contaminated

I've been working from home for over a year and I haven't contracted any sort of illness since. When I worked at MuchMusic, it seemed like I would always catch whatever was going around the big, stinky city. I guess that's one of the bonuses of not coming into contact with too many humans on a day-to-day. On Wednesday I ventured out of the my office that I like to call "the cave" into the real world to rock the latest and greatest Xbox 360 titles at X'06 (the Canadian version). Somewhere between chainsawing dudes in Gears of War and trying to beat Andrew's lap time in Forza 2, I became infected.

Has Xbox Live Marketplace Been Tainted by EA?

This is a tough one, it really is. On one side, I feel immediately disgusted by the very idea. But on the other, I can almost understand the reasoning behind the gouging. At least, with this latest release of "premium content". The first round was just plain despicable. Yes, I've got my EA hate on again. Actually, I'm not sure if it ever left. If you're an Xbox 360 owner you're probably aware of the latest round of downloadable content released by EA for the new Tiger Woods game. For those that aren't and those that are upset by this, let's discuss...

Microsoft Launches Another Useless Xbox 360 Site

Providing a "resource" that is really nothing more than a sales pitch/press release is nothing new for Microsoft. And it seems they've done it again with the launch of XBOX LIVE PIPELINE - sorry, didn't mean to yell at you. That's apparently the name of the site. Anyway, I almost shat myself when a friend pointed this out to me earlier today as it could have hindered a project I'm working on. I let out a sigh of relief, followed by a laugh, followed by 5 minutes of screaming at my monitor once I made a few clicks through the various efforts. So what is Xbox Live Pipeline and why am I bitching? Why, it's "Your one-stop guide to Xbox Live Marketplace". Actually, it's not even close. Here's why...