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Since January has almost come and gone and the full site is yet to be unveiled, I figured I should probably post a bit of an update on the situation. First off, I'm still floored by the response to this all. I really didn't expect it to take off as it did, but I'm sure glad it has. I've seen the icon being used on websites from around the world in various languages. Some of the more well known web services have picked up on it and even some popular desktop software for both Mac and PC. The icon itself has been downloaded around 20,000 times from the site, which is not bad at all for being online for just over a month. I had full intentions of taking on the site on my own, but once I started brainstorming I realized that wouldn't be possible. A few months ago I started up a new business with a couple close friends of mine. Due to our conflicting and ridiculously busy schedules, we're yet to roll out any projects under the new banner.


I knew while I was working on reproducing the feed icon that some folks would find it useful. I had no idea it would take off as it did! I'm extremely stoked that so many people have embraced it and accepted it as the new standard icon. Feels great knowing that I've created something that others can benefit from - all for the sake of a better internet. A ton of eyeballs have seen this site in the past 48 hours and that's rad as hell - but who wants to read some dude's long-winded article and have to scroll all the way to the bottom of it to download the icon package? Figured that this icon is important enough to give it a proper home. And thus, I present to you