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WTF: Unreal Tournament 3

Some big news was announced a couple days ago in the land of video games. The former PC/PS3 exclusive Unreal Tournament 2007 is now headed to the Xbox 360 and has been renamed, Unreal Tournament 3. Wait, what? Now, it's been a while since I've been in school so my math skills are a little hazy, but doesn't 3+1=4? I've been a fan of the UT series since it's debut and have all current releases sitting next to me as I type this. All 3 of them - Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004. Notice, there's no Unreal Tournament 2 in that list and there's also 3 of them.

EA Ruined the Battlefield Franchise

Nearly a month ago (April 11, to be exact), Battlefield 2 Modern Combat was released for the Xbox 360. As I've mentioned a couple times before, I was a huge fan of the first couple Battlefield games but had major problems with Battlefield 2 for the PC. It seemed every time a patch was released, I would end up spending a couple hours trying to get the game running again which normally resulted in me abandoning the game out of frustration. Although Modern Combat is not the same game as the PC version, I was really hoping that I could catch up the time I missed out on and finally enjoy the Battlefield series again. Unfortunately, I'm lead down the same path of repeated disappointments.

Battlefield 2 Demo: Review

I've been into the Battlefield series since the first installment, Battlefield 1942. Aside from the original Half-Life, BF 1942 was probably the game I've spent most hours playing. I was totally hooked on it. BF Vietnam, not as much. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to BF 2 in the least. BF Vietnam never ran all that great on my system and was pretty buggy. I figured BF 2 would be a write-off. But so far, so good! The demo runs great! Mind you, I have all my settings on medium and low with the resolution at 1024x768, but it looks surprisingly good and plays perfect.