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My Family is Hooked on Lego Star Wars II

I seriously did not see this coming. I rented Lego Star Wars II thinking it would be good for a few hours of entertainment and some easy achievement points, nearly 10 days and 30+ combined hours later, my whole family has been in on the action and we're all loving it! This is the first time a single title has had myself (26), my wife (27) and our 8 year-old daughter vying for the console. And the fact that this is the first 360 game my daughter has been really into has me pretty excited. It's good to see some kid-friendly titles hitting the 360 lately.

Surprise! “Achievement Unlocked”

I've been going through a pretty dry spell in regards to increasing my Gamerscore. This is mostly due to the fact that new game releases have been trickling out every other week at best for the past couple months. There just isn't a whole lot to play right now on the 360. But here's where the whole achievement points system really shines. When I realized I hadn't gone up a single point in about 2 weeks, I went back and checked out which achievements were still up for grabs in my current games.