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A Little Help From A Small Orange

It's no secret that Media Temple's new Grid-Server hasn't been anything less than a total nightmare for all using it. I posted numerous screenshots from time-to-time when my site would go down. If I had done that for every time it was offline, I probably would have run out of storage space on my Flickr account. :P In all seriousness, though... how long are people going to stick it out? As happy as I am with A Small Orange, I still have a couple others sites on my (mt) account and therefore still feeling the pain. I've simply been too busy lately to bother moving them all over, but I'm going to have to soon as it's taking its toll on my sanity.

December 2006 Catch All

Things have been so hectic lately, and yet I feel like I'm hardly moving in any direction at all. I've definitely been feeling like I'm living to work, as apposed to the opposite which I much prefer. It truly is a hard cycle to break - one that I've not even begun to figure out. It's one of those "you know what needs to be done but can't seem to bring yourself to do it" situations. And all the while I've been telling myself that I'm almost there. Just about in the clear when I can have my evenings and weekends back.