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Top Games of the PS3 / Xbox 360 Generation

They aren't necessarily the best games, or the most impressive, but they're the games that I have the most fond memories of, and will likely stick with me over the years.

The Best Games (I Played) In 2004

People love year-end lists right? Yeah, me too! Now, first off. I am only one man. One busy man at that. But I do feel I’ve put in my fair share of hours into gaming over the past year. Some of these hours spent playing games that may not have come out in 2004, but […]

Battlefield 3

I'm certainly no new-comer to the Battlefield franchise. A quick search will give you an idea of how long I've been playing these games, and also let you know that I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship as well. More so with the lack of support and proper updates the PC games were receiving back in the day, but thankfully none of that is of concern any longer. Battlefield 3 is here, six long years after its predecessor. Although, we've seen several other Battlefield games in the mean time. From traditional releases, to download only console games, to free-to-play PC titles. The Battlefield has been constantly changing, although the core game play has remained in tact and has only strengthened over the years.

Favourite Games of All-Time

After posting my #7FaveGames and engaging with a few others about theirs, I started to recall some incredible moments with other games that aren't on my list.

Call Of Duty United Offensive: Review

I know I’m a bit late writing about this now – as it came out in like September of last year. I actually picked it up the day it was released, but never got around to really playing it until now. The main reason was, the second level in – there were so many dudes […]

Star Wars Battlefront

It's a game I find myself playing in short bursts, and not for more than a few days in a row. But every time I sit down to play Battlefront, I have a blast.

December 2006 Catch All

Things have been so hectic lately, and yet I feel like I'm hardly moving in any direction at all. I've definitely been feeling like I'm living to work, as apposed to the opposite which I much prefer. It truly is a hard cycle to break - one that I've not even begun to figure out. It's one of those "you know what needs to be done but can't seem to bring yourself to do it" situations. And all the while I've been telling myself that I'm almost there. Just about in the clear when I can have my evenings and weekends back.

No E3 ’07 Reflections From Me

Every year since I started this blog, I’ve followed up E3 with my own reflections on the major platforms and up-coming games. Last year I wrote at length on the hardware and software Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony‘s brought to the event. But, I’ve decided to skip this year. I really didn’t see a whole lot […]

We’re Quickly Approaching My Favourite Time of Year

Every year post-E3, I like to write about the event and talk about all the things that got me excited. For one reason or another, I didn’t get around to it this year. That’s not to say that I wasn’t paying attention – I had a browser window open with streaming video of each of […]


Titanfall isn't exactly revolutionary, but it's great fun nonetheless. Does it warrant purchasing an Xbox One? Well, that's really up to you.

Viva Piñata! Filled with Crack, Filled with Crack!

Last night on the way home after picking Hannah up from school, I made a pit stop at EB Games and surprised her with a copy of Viva Piñata. She's been waiting for this game for months and has been watching the TV series every Saturday since it started airing back in September. Needless to say, she was crazy excited and spent the majority of her evening playing it. Shortly after she hit the hay and a couple missions in Call of Duty 3 later, I jumped on to check it out. 3 hours fly by and suddenly it's pushing 1am, I'm totally hooked and questioning my manhood. Wait a second, what the shit just happened?

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Review

I had planned to review F.E.A.R. and Call of Duty 2 before Battlefront 2, but I've had so much fun playing it, I just couldn't hold out. Battlefront 2 is the ultimate Star Wars game. If you enjoyed the first one, chances are you'll love the sequel. For those that aren't familiar with the series - Star Was Battlefront is exactly what it's name implies. You are one amongst massive battles that you've seen in the Star Wars movies. You can play as any of the four factions (Rebels, Empire, Republic and CIS), re-enacting the epic battles on various planets and for the first time, in space. All the vehicles and weapons are also present, including some that only made brief appearances in the movies.

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