The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset is a whole lot of goodness packed into a sexy, little package. I would recommend it to anyone who plans on using a headset on their Xbox 360, again, ever. Without a doubt, this headset should replace the current standard Xbox 360 Headset. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.

The Good: This thing is small, sexy, extremely convenient and it the sound quality is fantastic!

The Bad: The $60 price tag might be a deterrent.

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

I don’t play a lot of games online and half the reason for that is the fact that I can’t be bothered to dig out and untangle my headset. I had two already – the standard Microsoft headset and the GameCom X30, but that didn’t stop me from rushing out to my local game shop the day the Wireless Headset hit the shelves. The $60 price tag didn’t deter me in the least, but I figure it probably will for some. I wanted needed a better experience for online gaming. With the controller already being wireless, it was horrible to be tethered to it by the headset. This is where the new Wireless Headset steps in and makes it all better.

When I first saw pictures of the Wireless Headset from E3 ’06, I didn’t really get how it would fit and didn’t think it could possibly pick up your voice enough with the mic being so far from your mouth. Putting it on is a one-handed job. The rubber tube thinger is very flexible and you simply bend it back over your ear. There are 3 buttons on the face of the headset which control the volume, mute and power. You simply hold the button down for a second and it will assign itself to the active controller. If you have more than one controller and headset, you’re supposed to activate each controller and corresponding headset one after the other in sequence. There’s a series of lights on the underside which indicates the player it’s assigned to. As you can imagine, it’s only a matter of seconds from the time you think about putting the headset on until you’re shit talking some asshat who just rear-ended you and fucked up your drift. A’hem. There can be up to 4 wireless controllers and 4 wireless headset active at the same time.

A friend of mine pointed out that you don’t need to have an active controller to use the headset. He was navigating the Dashboard with the Xbox 360 Universal Remote and threw the headset on to send a voice message and it worked like a charm. I’m sure those who prefer to use the Remote as apposed to the controller for some of the simpler Xbox Live Arcade titles (UNO, for instance) will be happy with that little feature.

Best of all, the sound quality is incredible! I know they stepped up the quality overall with the latest Dashboard update, but it really does sound great with this new headset. I did a couple races in Need for Speed Carbon over the weekend and there was easily 5 or 6 people actively talking through the entire races and I didn’t miss a word. Which was actually unfortunate, as they were total dip-shits spewing absolute nonsense. But that’s beside the point.

One of the other questions that was left unanswered until I purchased the headset was how it’s charged. It comes with an AC adapter, which is actually much bigger than the headset itself, that you plug it into when you’re running low on juice (photo courtesy of Major Nelson).

So there you have it. The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset is a whole lot of goodness packed into a sexy, little package. I would recommend it to anyone who plans on using a headset on their Xbox 360, again, ever. Without a doubt, this headset should replace the current standard Xbox 360 Headset. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.


Good review – I’m glad I bought mine too.

I know penny arcade made fun of how un-needed it is, but I think when the wheel comes out you definatley dont wanna be wired into that thing. I know it has hookups for it, but even with the wireless controller it sucks having to take the headset off every time I get up to get a drink or something. Not to mention it looked like a mess when I wrapped it up and left it on my coffee table.

Also I think its great the mic isn’t right by your mouth, that will cut down on retards screaming into the mic.

Plus I feel geeky-cool when I tap the side of my ear to turn it on and off and it gives you that little beep noise.

Anyway, I wonder if that rubber thing will get annoying after we play GOW for 5 days straight:)

I’m tempted to get this, although the price is a bit of an issue for me. I’ll need to see what trade in value I get for a few games when I go in to pick up GoW.

Thanks for the review Matt, was a good read 😀

I’m definitely interested in picking one of these up — you nailed it when you said it’s all about having to untangle that thing when it comes time to play online. This might just change that up a bit — glad to hear it rocks.

I pretty much wrote this off because of the price tag.

Is it really that comfortable? I picture that rubber thingy being really annoying?

Good review, I can’t disagree what’s been said here. I picked up the wireless headset the day it came out. Easy setup and excellent audio right on par with the wired headset (if not better)?. I’m very happy. Only thing I find it’s a bit more of a hassle putting it on. Once in place though, all is well.

My potential complaint for the future is what happens when the built-in battery decides it doesn’t want to recharge anymore?

Thoughts anyone?

@Jer: It really is comfortable. I totally forget I have it on after a couple minutes. It’s super light and doesn’t pretty on your ear or anything. It just sort of hangs on it.

@Mark: Maybe you have oddly shaped ears? Heh, I just slip it on with my right hand and I’m good to go.

If the battery craps out, I’m sending it back to MS. I’m sure it can happen, but I doubt it will any time soon. My battery packs for the wireless controllers have been doing just fine.

I bought on in November. Liked it for a week. Now doubt I’ll ever use it again.

It is comfortable, the buttons are nice, and receiving sound quality is fine. Two major problems.

1 – Audio drop outs. Even though I only sit 10 feet from my 360, the headset will frequently (several times per hour) temporarily lose connection with the console, and won’t send or receive audio until it reconnects a few seconds later.

2 – Sending sound quality. It got to the point where every game I joined, someone would say "uh oh.. this guy is on a wireless headset". Apparently I sounded staticy/grainy.


That’s too bad Cullen. I haven’t experienced the drop-out you’ve mentioned and I’ve used it for a couple hours straight, numerous times.

I can relate to the loud, static sound, though. I believe this is due to sitting too close to the TV or having the volume too loud. I’ll often hear it when things get crazy in a game too and there’s lots of action – so it’s most likely to be feedback or distortion caused by the TV. You definitely need to turn the volume down a bit when using the wireless headset.

i personally love mine.its comfortable it fits ritw in my ear……..and i dont have an annoying strap over my head………the sound quality is great……….i give it a 9 and a half outta 10 good job microsoft

Nice review, Matt. Although I don’t live in the US (in Korea), your review has assured me to go out and get that wireless headset. Just as Mark remarked, I am kinda worried about the rechargeable battery inside the headset. Just wish that they would used watch battery so that when time comes the battery goes dead, I could just go to my local mall and exchange it easily.

Anyway, good review all in all. Cheers!

I bought this on Thursday, and so far I’ve had a lot of trouble with mine actually picking up my voice…

Nice, I’m definitely going to buy this now. I like the feature that you don’t need an active controller to use it, so I’ll have to buy a remote also.