On the eve of my wife’s 28th birthday, we decided to get a little silly. She’s been joking about turning 28 and being all serious from then on. We didn’t have much planned for tonight – caught up on some TV that we hadn’t gotten to yet this week. This week’s episode of Lost was great, BTW. About time, too! And The Black Donnellys is looking like it’s going to be my new favourite show. But anyway, a pretty quiet, relaxing evening spent on the couch with a drink in hand. Once Lost was over, I picked up the Wiimotes and handed one over to Deanna while I challenged her to a round of bowling.

Wii Accident Aftermath

After rolling the second strike of my first six-pack, Deanna stood up to take her turn. She pulls her arm back, takes a small step forward and BLAM! Fuckin’ glass and wine (and even a little blood!) everywhere!

The first words out of my mouth were “YES! There it is! There it is!” You see, I’ve been waiting for our first Wii accident for some time. Glad it wasn’t me, but I thought for sure I would be at the butt end of it. Hannah’s got quite the back-hand in Tennis. 😉 But man, was it ever funny! Deanna was laughing so hard she was silent. I don’t remember the last time I was instantly stoked like that. Totally made my night!

Luckily, there were no serious injuries and nothing of great value was broken. The wine glass is obviously toast. The Wii Sports sleeve got pretty wet and Deanna has a couple little nicks from the shards of glass. In any case, it was absolutely hilarious and worth the damages. Video game induced injuries and property damage – amazing! Thank you Nintendo!


I can totally hear you now, Matt.

“YES! There it is! There it is!�

Deanna’s cool for just laughin’ it off.

My wife would be freakin’ out.

We’ve yet to have a major Wii accident. I got smacked lightly by my wife’s backhand in tennis, but we’ve been pretty lucky otherwise. I’m sure it helps that we’re pretty anal about the wrist straps.

You could be using the wrist strap and do that just by not looking out for the glass.

I nearly broke the light in our room with my Wii.

Whenever I get my Wii, which will hopefully be soon, I’m a little worried about what will fall victim to my first accident. As long as it’s not my 32" LCD TV, i’m cool. Also, the Black Donnellys is a great show.

In my defense I was totally using the wrist strap! Holly shit I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Matt was pointing and screaming "Haha there it is!" Way too funny…

My neighbor lost control and ran into his 32in plasma. Luckily it didn’t break when it broke his fall.

Wii Bowling is the last sport I’d expect to hear about this from… boxing yes, but bowling?!? LOL

Luckily I haven’t had my first Wii accident yet, but I’m sure it will come.

Oops, I hope I didn’t jinx myself.

I’ve yet to really inflict any damage from using the Wiimote. Unless you count looking like an asshole while playing some of the mini-games… Other than that, I’m pretty surprised.

Though not necessarily "damage" perse but I’ve hit my boyfriend in the fact once when I swung my arm backwards in a ringtoss game (Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.) Needless to say we don’t play that one anymore :'(

Ah! It makes me want to kiss and clean my PS1 and thank it for not bringing me any pain! This post made me love my PS1 more.

So far I’ve managed to smack my hand on the ceiling fan, and clock my 3-year-old in the head while playing Tennis. I need a bigger living room.

Great! I turned 28 just last week and, though the accidents were kept to a minimal 0, there’s nothing more fun than getting some people together for drinking and swinging plastic remotes around…

Also, really nice design on this site. I love how the background changes for the comments, and the comment box is to the right, so’s as I don’t have to scroll down just to comment.


hope you enjoyed The Black Donnellys, as i did. unfortunately, NBC didn’t feel it necessary to let the show finish out the season. they’ve cancelled it.

they are putting all the new episodes up on their website every monday. which at least would’ve given me closure. except the fact that you can only stream episodes from their website if you live in the US. also, if you want to purchase the new episodes as they come out via the itunes music store, don’t hold you breath. they’re only available in the US store. but then again, maybe you can only by tv shows through itunes when you live in the US anyway… i never buy anything… but i would’ve bought this.


haha see ya.