Congratulations! You guys look so good! Wish we could’ve been there………….

Lotsa Love

The Gerke Family

Ohhhhhhhh yeah baby! My husband looks smokin in that pic! I am such a lucky lady 🙂 hehe husband….way too cool!

congratulations,you guys look great . your lucky to have found each other call me we’ll talk about it.much love.

I am so so Happy for you two! What a gorgeous couple you are.

Hope you had an awesome day and the future is only better!!!!

Congrats! Love Katie

Congratulations Matt, Deanna and Hannah,

You all look great in the pictures and its so good to see that you are all so happy!

Hey there guys! awesome news! You both are look totally hot! nice suit Matt diggin it huge! anyways …best of luck to the both of you! + 1 (hannah)

Take care!

Congrats Matt and Deanna, lookin’ good too!

Wish you guys the best of luck.!

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon the fields.

May the light of friendship guide your paths together.

May the laughter of children grace the halls of your home.

May the joy of living for one another trip a smile from your lips, a twinkle from your eye.

And when eternity beckons,

at the end of a life heaped high with love,

May the right time embrace you

with the arms that have nurtured you

the whole length of your joy-filled days.

– Irish Wedding Blessing (slightly modified)


You look FABULOUS! Congrats again for the… umpteenth time.

Deanna , the pixs are great.. Congrat to you all .. What a treat it was you called the morning of the wedding and YES we were thinking of you at noon (3pm)

Hope to see you one day soon .. Love to Hannah Laurene

I am truly happy for you baby!!! You are truly a match made in heaven! Nothing could make my Pepampa happier than you have Matt! You are a beautiful family that deserves nothing but the best. Wishing all your years together to be filled with happiness, joy and some badass times! I wish to see you all sooo soon, time flies when you miss the ones you love! Miss you lots!! CONGRAT’S MRS.BRETT!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! Hugs and Kisses Love Laurie XOXOXOXO

Matt, Deanna and Hannah….. as each individual person you make beautiful people, but together you make a beautiful family. I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations

Yes! Good for you guys. Happiness to all on both sides of the family, and to you three as you begin long and blissful life together. The scenery was made more beautiful by the happiness in your eyes and smiles. And I liked the look of that cake!!! Congratulations. Love Jamie.

I think I speak for Matt and I when I say, thanks guys! It was a beautiful place, and it couldn’t have gone any better! We are truly proud of ourselves, and all that we have done to get this far!

Ohhhhhh and Laurie, I wish you could have been there!

Love Deanna !

I didn’t know! Thank God for the Information Superhighway and you kids and your damn Intraweb and whatnot!!

Anyway, congratulations you two. You look very happy in the photos and that’s what the whole thing’s supposed to be about.


Hey Matt n Deanna,

I love the pics… what a beautiful wedding that must have been! well, congrats to all of you and I wish you all the best.



What can I say Matt…I’ve known you since we were little kids, and now were all grown up. It seems like yesterday You Lane & I were chuckin lemons at cars from bushes…lol. The pictures look awsome along with the both of you. I wish you guys all the best in life….Stay well


amazing. congradulations matt! and deanna of course. we’ve never met, but all the best to you in the future!