I’ve been going through a pretty dry spell in regards to increasing my Gamerscore. This is mostly due to the fact that new game releases have been trickling out every other week at best for the past couple months. There just isn’t a whole lot to play right now on the 360. But here’s where the whole achievement points system really shines. When I realized I hadn’t gone up a single point in about 2 weeks, I went back and checked out which achievements were still up for grabs in my current games. Most of them are ridiculous “win 50 races online” or the like, but I did find quite a few that were still within reach. I spent this past week playing through Tomb Raider Legend again, this time on hard which scored me an extra 175 points. Not bad for 4 or 5 hours work.

Having worked most of this afternoon (yes, it’s Sunday, I’m well aware!), I wanted to just chill out and shoot dudes or blow shit up. So I blew the dust off Burnout Revenge and popped it in. I’m pretty close to getting a few achievements and figured I’d try and wrap up those loose ends and score me some points. I’m not overly stoked on the achievements that are up for grabs in Burnout Revenge as most of them require you to perfect every race in each rank. It gets pretty damn tedious when you’re down to those last 1 or 2 stars and you’ve played the same race over and over trying to get those 10 or 15 points. I jumped into a race and not 30 seconds in, my favourite message appeared on screen – “Achievement Unlocked”. With a big stupid grin on my face, I quickly hit the guide button on my controller to see what I got. I was awarded 25 points for taking down 1000 opponents. An achievement I had totally forgotten about. Not only was this 25 points I didn’t see coming, it was enough to bring my Gamerscore up over 4000. Whoo!

The whole achievement system really is nothing short of genius. I’ve put way more hours into my 360 games than I normally would have simply to score some extra points. Some games have better achievements than others, especially those that require you to play every aspect of the game in order to obtain them all. Talk about a good way to get people to fully explore the game. Burnout Revenge was actually one of the first games I played that had such achievements. You got 10 points for uploading a “Burnout Clip” (instant replay from a race) and another 5 for sending a friend a message about your clips. I probably never would have bothered with the replays at all, if it wasn’t for the points.

When I first got my 360, I was quite a points whore. Just had to get my score up to a respectable level. Since passing 3000, I don’t really care as much. But I will admit, one of the first things I do when a new game is released is check out the achievements. Microsoft takes a lot of heat from every angle, and a ton from me personally. But I have to hand it to them for the 360. Since the Spring update has been released, the console has really felt like it’s all there now. Like all the bugs are ironed out, everything’s organized now and all those you first expected to be there that were MIA have been added.

So, do we have any points whores out there? Anyone willing to admit that they’re wicked competitive over a score that doesn’t really do anything for you or serve any purpose in the least? Come on…


Personally, I love achievement points. They give me an extra level of incentive to play through games or do things in games I may normally never even think of touching.

I clocked 3000 pretty fast and have slowed down alot since then, but I’ve seen kids with as much as 12000 points, where do they find the time to do that?

My gamtertag is flyingvandever

I’ve got around 2300. I’m not in it for the gamerscore though, it just comes as a bonus to me. For those people who like to shout "Poon’d!" while playing live however, it’s perfect.

Theres a few kids running around with <a>40000+ Gamerscore.

I’m hovering at about 5500 and about dried up most of the Gamerscore points I could be bothered getting, but with the Gold account having expired and the wonderous freelance invoices remaining unpaid (grrr!) I think a few days of single player should see me rack up some more Gamerscore.

The big problem I have with GS is that games like GRAW have achievements which aren’t really do able unless you go miles out of your way to get the achievements. Like the 100 helicopters thing, it would take months and months to get that one unless you go out with a friend and play hamburgerhill 1 on 1.

Wow, sounds great… I didn’t even know about the Gamerscore or anything, another reason why I should get a 360… hmm, it’s getting harder and harder to resist.

If you look at my score it looks like I hardly ever play.

It’s a bit annoying then when I do game pretty much every day. My problem is that all the games I play give out points like a Scotsman gives tips.

Tiger Woods is the prime example (I like it OK, I know I’m the only person in the world to have it). I’ve maxed out my character, I’ve won majors, I’ve completed loads of challenges. What has the game given me for this: NOTHING!

As far as I can work out every single achievement has to earned online.

Some are plainly ridiculous: e.g. Play 1000 games online.

All of this would be fine, if their Live implementation didn’t suck total ass.

Bitter? Me?

I’ve played Football Manager for probably hundreds of hours – my reward so frar – 61points.

However that’s my fault for choosing to play with a team in the 4th tier of English football.

PGR3 has been OK, GRAW has been OK, Table Tennis is getting there…

I’ve just borrowed Fight Night though, and from what I’ve seen that pisses points at you from all angles – so hopefully I’ll be breaking 2000 soon.

So yeah GamerPoints rock.

I agree with you Anthony, some games are just stupid with giving out points and are really tight with them. Others give you a few points for turning on your 360! The Fifa games are particularly bad for that, so is NBA and NHL 2k6. Quick 1000 points and time to move on 😀

@George: That’s precisely what makes the whole system so great. I’ve found the same – I’m revisitng games long after I’ve completed them just to score the extra points.

@Chris McElligott: Same here. First 3000 came pretty quickly, then from 3000-4000 it took weeks. It looks like Prey has some good points for the single player campaign, so hopefully that number will be jumping up rapidly again.

@Kristin: Maybe so, but you’ve almost got all the Uno points in the bag!

@Stewart: Yeah, some achievements are just ridiculous. Doesn’t GRAW have one for climbing to the top of the world leader board? Hah, shit…

@Pat: That’s half the reason I decided to talk about this. I know a lot of people have no idea about some of the finer details of the 360, and some of them would be selling points without a doubt. The Gamerscore really is brilliant as I’ve spent more time on my 360 than any other gaming platform in years. Including my PC.

@Stewart: It’s too bad I’m not into sports games all that much. I’m sure my score would be much higher.

… See this is why I need to be able to check your score at all times.

Frig – so much for sunshine and having a ‘life’. I’m so losing this xbox achivement cold war.. and I had a head start on you too!

Uno is fun!

I own almost every game that’s come out for 360 so far, but none of them have held my interest enough for me to play it out.

Similar to gamer score, in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory you get rated after a mission. After completing the game first time and getting an overall rating of 12% I’ve been going back through simply to try and get this up (so far I’m at 100% on all but 2 levels). Ratings and scoring etc is one of the simplest ways to increase repeat play in games. I wish more did it.

I’m a total points whore, but I can’t complain, being a man whore is really cool. I think my selfish behavoir of wanting a better gamer score has completely enhanced my game play though. I never thought I would master Geometry Wars, but whilst chancing the dream, I somehow mastered 500,000. Now if I can only get past that and master Xbox Live, I still suck on there.

I love my Xbox 360 so much that I can’t just title it "360", whenver I mention my console of choice I always somehow never fail to address it as "the Xbox 360". I should get royalties for how much I praise their system.

I rented some NBA game right after the launch. I got 1000 points in about an hour. I did this so that I would have more points than my friends.

But after doing that I realized that I don’t care about my gamerscore. I can spend an hour in a game and get 1000 points, yet, I can spend hundreds of hours trying to unlock all the archivements in an XBL Arcade game (Hexic, Geometry Wars, etc.) only to get 200 out of the 200 possible points.

It’s more of an achievement to get 200/200 in Hexic or Geometry Wars than 1000/1000 in NBA Crappy Game 2006 or King Kong.

Thankfully, XBOX.com does a great job of reporting HOW a user got his/her gamerscore…just in case I ever get to wondering how my friends got over 5000 points so quickly.

Did you know some people have 10,000’s of points already?

I’m sure that would have been me if I was in High School (and maybe College). 🙂

Now, if I could only work through the last mission in CoD2.

Gamertag: EA

i got offered an xbox 360 on the street in ottawa yesterday… new in the box for $120! i won’t buy stolen stuff, though. and with my luck the system wouldn’t work. bah.

I really want a 360 and am looking forward to getting one, but I sadly am stuck with dialup (as I keep saying), so Live is a bit out of reach. 🙁

Congratulations on your score.

I love the achievement system. Rumor has it that Sony is going adopt the achievement system and call it "entitlements". My gamerscore is at 15,818 at the moment. The player with the most gamerscore in the world currently stands at 57,000+.

Anyways, my gamertag is EteRnal PAL if anyone ever wants to get some games in. Whether it be Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Table Tennis, GRAW, Uno, LOTR: BFME II, Prey, etc. Microsoft did a fine job on creating the Xbox 360.

@EteRnal PAL

Impressive gamerscore! I don’t put it past Sony to to something like that. Didn’t they pull that stunt with the vibration abilities in their PS2 controller? and didn’t they get caught for stealing it? I hear the entire "online system" through the PS3 is completely a mock up of Xbox Live. The one thing I can say that would be good about having Sony systems online would be the fact that Sony owns some very big companies, like movie and music companies. So having the ability to download movies and music to the PS3 would be really awesome. Maybe they’ll throw in a browser? That would be cool wouldn’t it?

@EteRnal PAL: Yeah, the whole "Entitlements" rumor is just lame. Let’s hope it is just a rumor.

That’s a pretty sick score! I’m stoked about approaching 7,000 which should happen by the time I’m finished Dead Rising.

@Derek: I’m starting to wonder when Sony is going to let the cat out of the bag. I mean, we’re only 3 months away from the PS3 launch and they haven’t showed anything viable yet. All we have is pre-rendered trailers, Blu-ray and rumors. It’s going to take a lot to turn some heads at this point – you’d think they’d want to get on that ASAP.

I am a Gamerscore Junkie. In fact I joined GameFly just to feed my addiction. In fact I will play games just to get the Achievement points. I finding boosting enjoyable and sometimes essential. In fact just as rewarding as completing a game without it. I agree that I have not touched my other dozen game systems because…well…let face it….there are no Gamerscore points involved. I’m addicted and I love.

The reason kids can get alot of gamerscore so quickly is because all we need to do is go to school and do homework…The rest of the day we just play. And alot of kids parents *like me* wont get them xbl yet, so all they have to do is play the games they currently have and just get everything in it. like for me, I got every achievement I can get in GoW. i just need the 3 "Dom" awards. and CoD3 i got everything in it except beat the game on veteran. and just 2 other games, i got 2200 gamerscore in total with 99 achievments. I know thats a little bit for now, but when your mom wont even let you use your own money to buy your self like 2 games….what else do you have to do…anyway this is how we get gamerscore really quick.

Oh and it’s also becuase we dont have jobs.

Yeh i dont play my xbox360 that much, but i would just like to state that my gamerscore is at a respectable level (23,000) and i would play my xbox for around 15 hours each week. I havent really found a game to compete with halo 2, but rainbow six 3 and gears comes close. Im a gamerscore whore, lets all admit it!

I’ve got almost 20,000 Gamerscore, But I don’t really care too much about my overall score. I just like it how, like 1000 points, if you have them all it’s like knowing you’ve gotten 100% out of your game, But then some games like EArms and Fight night, even though I’ve got 1k on them both, I still play after i got them all. I never check my achivments when they pop-up, i just notice my score going up gradually.