For one reason or another, I never spent as much time playing drums in Rock Band as I would have liked. Mainly, the addition of the fourth member to the Brett household. But also from a technical standpoint, the Rock Band kit isn’t exactly a work of art. Sure, it does the job. But it’s too light and very loud out of the box. As I await the arrival of my dual neoprene pads, I started wondering if I should have just held off and waited for Rock Band 2. Then E3 rolled around and my attention was drawn off in a different direction. I knew “Guitar Hero 4” had been rumored to be a full band game, like Rock Band. But with the direction that franchise has been heading (namely, down and/or towards a shark with the urge to jump), I was skeptical to say the least. But I must admit, Guitar Hero World Tour is shaping up pretty nicely and I’m definitely not ruling it out just yet.

Guitar Drum Hero

Alright, perhaps Stewart Copeland and Travis Barker had a little something to do with me not writing this game off entirely. What a way to gain instant creditibility for the new hardware. There’s one thing the dev mentioned in that video that made me smile from ear-to-ear – “velocity sensitive.” In another developer interview on GameTrailers, the same dev goes into a bit more detail and explains that there will be accent notes which appear as being armor plated – hitting them a bit harder will land you extra points. The Rock Band folks have confirmed that the RB2 kit will also have velocity sensitive heads. This is great news as it will really bring a sense of finesse to the games that wasn’t there in the original RB.

Guitar Hero World Tour Drums

Out of the box, the GHWT kit features three drum heads, the kick pedal, and two cymbals – hi-hat and crash/ride. The standard RB2 kit is the same layout as its predecessor (four pads and a kick pedal), but there will be cymbal add-ons available after-market. No word on what those will cost, though.


The one thing that’s got me leaning more in the direction of GHWT, is that the kit looks much more durable and sturdy. Not to mention, it looks more like a real electronic drumkit, as opposed to four pads on a shaky base. There’s a limited edition after-market kit for RB2 made by Ion that looks incredible, but will be selling for $299. While that’s not totally unreasonable, seeing how I live in Canada, I’d say there’s a very slim chance I could get my hands on one of those at a decent price.

With RB2 set to releease in September and GHWT following in October, I would like to pick up a copy of the RB2 game disc only and wait for reviews on the GHWT package before making a decision. Problem being, we all know how hard the GH games are to get a hold of around the holiday season. So really, I’m not sure what is going to happen. I’m just hella stoked that there’s a couple solid options for a fairly realistic drumming experience in video game form. Either way, I’ll likely be picking up both games. The real decision lays with the hardware.

What are you Rock Band owners out there planning to do when these new games are released? Stick with your old hardware, or “upgrade” to one of the new models?


If me, my wife and our cat didn’t live in a 500 sq. foot condo I would be all over the GH2 drums.

I miss being able to play real thing more often so this would be a fantastic little substitute. Too bad I barely have enough room for a fridge.

Might be time to start thinking about a move up.

Yikes, yeah, the drums aren’t exactly apartment/condo friendly. The people below you (assuming you don’t live on the ground floor) would hate you, without a doubt.

I’m in the same boat, though. Haven’t touched my "real" kit in about 2 years and totally miss playing. I might set it up some time soon, since we’re now in a house. But I’m still undecided.

For me, it’s all about Rock Band. The downloadable content is what makes the game. Just about every other week they release some songs from a band I love, and I just can’t resist buying the pack. I think I’ve spent over the cost of the game now on downloaded songs. With all those downloaded songs being ported to Rock Band 2 for free, there is no reason for me to get the next Guitar Hero.

Although, you’re right the drum kit for Rock Band is piece of crap. I’ve gone through three kits now and two bass pedals. Currently, I have my bass pedal reinforced with metal, and my drum heads are on their fourth set of neoprene pads (I keep having to replace them as the adhesive wears off or I need to send my kit back for replacement). I’ll be picking up a set of Rock Band 2 drums when they’re released and hope they hold up better.

Oh by the way, I forget where I read this, but the cymbal add-on for Rock Band will be $15 a cymbal or $30 for a pack of 3 cymbals (max supported by the kit). They’ll attach to the existing drum frame, so no extra stands will be needed.

Agreed. The Rock Band DLC train has showed no sign of slowing down. I totally thought they were being ambitious when they promised new tracks every Tuesday. But they’ve delivered and exceeded my expectations.

The prices for the cymbal packs isn’t bad at all. I’ll likely do that as I would prefer to stick with Rock Band since it’s done me so well thus far.

If the cymbals are only $30 that won’t be bad at all. I have to agree about the DLC, that makes all the difference in the world and with as many as 500 songs available by Christmas (according to the Rock Band 2 folks) you will have quite a few more choices than GH:WT.

I was so confused about which game to buy for Christmas this year I actually did a ton of research on both and put everything I found up on a site to help people decide which way to go.

You can find the info here,
I ended up going with RB 2 for the Xbox (I also have a Wii) mostly due to the content!


I will get Guitar Hero World Tour. The feature you can create your own songs looks funny. I haven’t RB Package yet. So I think the GHWT Package looks better as a RB. The drums with touch-sensitive are very interesting.

I’m kinda the same, it is all about Rock Band for me because of the downloadable content. As Ronald said I have also spent a lot on downloading songs and that has made Rock Band great. I have no plans to purchase GHWT but fully plan to pick up Rock Band 2 with the new instruments. I love that you can add-on the 3 cymbals for pretty cheap and the drums being wireless will be nice. I have a wired guitar from the original bundle so a wireless guitar would be nice as well.

I’ve looked at the Premium Drum Kit for RB2 and even with the price I’m considering it. I’ve also read that it will double as a electronic drumset with a drum module. Although not a full electronic drum set but seeing that others already use the current drumset with GarageBand having one that is more of a set would be nice.

Normally, I wouldn’t even considering re-purchasing a whole new package of instruments like this, but I’ve put a lot of hours into this game and with the DLC flowing the way it is, I’ll surely be playing it for a long time to come.

Glad to see they’ve beefed up the guitar as well. I’m fully surprised the strum bar hasn’t snapped off mine. And yeah, wireless everything = win!

Having recently discovered the whole Guitar Hero world, I am anxiously awaiting Rock Band 2. As the first comment mentioned, the downloadable content is really impressive.

This past week, I was just about to buy the Rock Band 1 instruments, but then held off due to the bad reviews of the drum kit – and all the announced improvements being made in the second version.

In the meantime I’ve ordered the game by itself, so I can at least use it with my Guitar Hero 3 guitar and the Live headset.

But one day soon, I will have my drums!

Just hope the release date for the UK turns out to be September as well….

You’d definitely be wise to wait for RB2, although it might be a while before it reaches the UK. I know it’s only been available there a few months at this point, so they’ll probably push back the release of RB2 as well, unfortunately.

At this point, there is no getting around it… I’m sticking with Rock Band 2. I’ve already invested so much money into DLC that I would be a fool to switch now.

On top of that, I have absolutely zero respect for Neversoft as a developer. In my humble opinion they’re nothing but a bunch of hacks riding on Harmonix’ coat tails.

Hah, I’m with you on Neversoft.

The more I think about this, the further away from GHWT I go. I’ll probably pick up the RB2 bundle, then rent the stand-alone GHWT game. If it’s worthy, I’ll buy it. But it will have to be pretty fan-fucking-tastic for that to happen, I would say.

Is it going to be possible to purchase the GHWT drum kit stand-alone? I may do that and use the kit with RB2, if that works out. I really like the look of the GHWT drums but I’m a RB fan through and through, DLC and all.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford, let alone have room for, a second drum kit and a third guitar. I’ll probably just pick up a copy of each game and use my current equipment (thankfully Rock Band equipment will work with GHWT).

I’m definitely not going to be going anywhere near Konami’s Rock Revolution. They have no master recordings for any of their songs, and judging from their abysmal press conference the graphics don’t look to great either.

Oh wow, that Rock Revolution presentation was horrid! Did you notice I didn’t even mention it? There’s a reason for that. Look at how bad the character animations are. Not even in sync with the song!

Agreed with most everyone above; Rock Band’s downloadable content is going to keep me with the franchise. It’s fantastic, and knowing that it will all work with Rock Band 2 is a huge incentive. Plus, judging from Game Informer’s recent preview, it sounds like they’re fixing most of the little annoying things about the gameplay.

As far as the new instruments – I’d certainly love to upgrade to both wireless guitars (and the burst finish on the new Fenders is lovely!) and sturdier drums, but I highly doubt I’ll have the fundage to justify buying more than the game disc at first. I might even try to save up for the Ion drum set, but we’ll see.

I’ve always been a Guitar Hero fan… I think they both are looking pretty strong at this point. I definitely agree that Rock Band has GH beat on the downloadable content, but in my opinion, Guitar Hero has better songs straight out of the box.

Plus I hear they are going to have a lot more Metallica and even some Jimi Hendrix… now if they’d only make Led Zepplin. That bastard Jimmy Page won’t give up the rights.

I haven’t heard much on the GH front regarding original masters for GHWT. Any idea? There’s been maybe a dozen covers in Rock Band, including all of the DLC, so the vast majority are originals since there’s something like 200 songs now. It’s hard going back to knock-offs.

I’ll be sticking with the current Rock Band kit, even though it really does infuriate me at times. I just can’t justify paying a lot of money for a better drumming experience on a game when I’ve got the real thing set up in the garage, which is way more satisfying! The current Rock Band kit, like you said, gets the job done, and for me that’s what’s important, not fancy bells and whistles.

Has the track listing for Guitar Hero World Tour been released yet? I’ve yet to see any of the bands I truly love appear on a Guitar Hero (and Rock Band) game 🙁 Regardless, I’ll be sticking with the Rock Band game as well as the current kit.

I don’t think the full track list has been revealed for GHWT yet. But of the ones that have been, there’s only a few that really grabbed me.

Same here, regarding the bands you truly love. Aside from The Police, there aren’t many songs that are absolute favourites of mine. But "Living on a Prayer" in Rock Band 2 – come on!

I totally want those Ion drums! You can convert them into a fully functioning electronic kit by switching out the RB guts for one of there midi controllers! When I heard that news I went to pre-order right away, but of course pre-orders are not available in Canada.

I think the only draw for the GHWT is the song creator:

If that works well and is easy to use that could be the only reason to pick it up. Otherwise I am sticking with my current hardware and RB2. I have invested too much money into there DLC!

The one thing that is starting to make me worried about the GH shark jump is the band exclusivity. No bands that I care about are exclusive yet but I think that could really hurt the end user (us).

I never got around to purchasing Rock Band, I wanted to but there were always other things to buy. Now that I have the cash to afford one of the band games, I have too many choices, haha.

I definitely prefer Guitar Hero’s instruments, (I’ve got 2 and Rocks the 80’s on PS2) so my plan is to buy World Tour for the Xbox and then buy just the game of Rock Band, since the DLC is indeed sweet. Then, once I’m done with both of those, I’ll buy the game of Rock Band 2 (assuming GH’s instruments work with it, which I hope).

I just wish these two would stop warring and merge already.

Have you looked at the ION Drum Rocker kit for Rock Band 2. It has a sticker price of $299.00, but you can get a mod that allows the drums to played in a real band.