While everyone else in the blogesphere is posting about how great OS X Tiger is – I find myself, yet again complaining about Microsoft. Actually, this time it’s more pointing and laughing than complaining. Check this out…

I saw a post on Neowin about the new Windows Messenger. First off, I didn’t even realize that was still around… and what’s the point since MSN is obviously dominating the IM market. In any case, the lack of screenshots and documentation followed by reading all of the positive feedback enticed me to download it. After validating my OS (so lame), I was quickly prompted to shut down a few programs if I wanted to avoid having to restart Windows after installation.


Wow! Really? Shut down Explorer.exe? After I shut down the process that actually runs my OS, I’m supposed to shut down the process behind my mouse and keyboard? Who thought this was a good idea?


well doesnt actually shut down ur mouse an keypad, i shut it down sometimes when i play some games just to save memory. hit Alt – Tab – Delete click on run task type explorer and its back. (for those who dnt know)

But like u say, it is WEIRD for a program to ask u to stop explorer in the 1st place. anyway i came to this site after reading some documentation on RSS icon. i think u designed it if im wrong then i guess i shuld read shit properly and stop skimming all the time. if u did, congrats man that i con is everywhere, better than the ugly RSS ones and xml stuff.


New Windows messenger? Didn’t they just release Windows Live Messenger?

I wonder why they don’t just upgrade you to MSN 7.5 or WLM, instead of just making new windows messenger versions.

devlin the post was May 2005. so it was agas ago. but still ur right wots the point with windows messnger when u have msn (windowslive messenger)