I know for a fact that my buddy Andrew is already laughing at me. I’ve always mocked fantasy based RPGs and those that play them. I just never really got into the whole fantasy thing early on and as much as I love sci-fi, it just seemed far more “geek” to me. Like this barrier that I dare not cross. Well, when Oblivion hit and that’s all anyone talked about for months on end, I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

Instead of merely trying my hand at it, I bought it at full retail price and was determined to give it a good, open minded run. And I did! I played it for about 20 hours and enjoyed most of that time spent. I did feel it was getting a little tedious and with so many other games out there, I traded it in.


I’ve thought about renting it a couple times as I’ve found myself craving a good sword swinging adventure after watching something of similar nature or listening to the beautiful music of Jeremy Soule (which I am doing as I write this, I might add). After getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, doctor’s orders were to take it easy for a couple days. Seeing how I had a lot of time on my hands, I thought it would be a good time to re-watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy – something else I’ve only recently gotten into. Once peace was restored to Middle-earth, I found myself left with this horrible craving to play Oblivion. Even after I realized I would have to start over from the beginning due to my profile mishap from a couple weeks back, I still really wanted to play it again.

After picking Hannah up from school, we hit the local Rogers Video. I promised Hannah she could get Open Season as it was all rented out last weekend. She skipped over to meet me in the Xbox 360 section with a smile from ear to ear, where she found me scouring and pacing back-and-forth. No Oblivion! I asked a lurking employee WTF was up and she said their only copy got damaged and they never bothered to replace it. Sonofa! Luckily, there’s another Rogers Video close by, so we stopped by and their only copy was out. As a last resort, I figured I could pick up a used copy at EB for a decent price. Well, not the case. They had 1 new copy marked at $69.99 and no “previously played”. Unreal.

Sure seems like karma is kicking my ass for mocking fantasy geeks all these years. I think my best bet now is to wait for Shivering Isles to come out. I’m sure the full game will drop in price at that time. At least, I hope it does. I don’t think I can bring myself to paying full price for a game, twice.


Your lucky… my Obvilion died after 20 hours of game play without a scratch on it. Nothing can save me from the ‘disc is unreadable’ plague of Obvilion.

That game deserves to be in any gamers collection. All my RPG playing mates swear buy it, and Shivering Isles will be just as good.

Heh – you just want those 1,000 beautiful achievement points I got.

Man that game was all I was playing this time last year. I think in the end I played for like 60-70 hours when I finally finished it off in the summer.

Just wait, crackdown is coming out soon, these feelings will pass my son:P

@Andre: You know, that sounds obvious but I never really "got" that until recently. I’ve been re-purchasing quite a few games as I find myself getting more of these cravings to re-play old(er) games. I’ve gotta hold back from trading in so frequently.

@BPAndrew: Hah, I doubt I’ll ever get those 1000 points. Too much effort. BTW, did you hear that Shivering Isles will have another 250 points up for grabs? Pretty rad!

And yes, Crackdown. I’m looking forward to that one!

I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, and have been pondering the exact same thing. I’ll probably pick up a copy on my way home… Sure, I have it on PC, but XBox! Sofa!

So thanks for reminding me, and good luck aquiring a new copy!

Ah – Talking about Oblivion, it just gives me the guts to maybe finally finish it. The only thing remaining is the Brotherhood guild. I played it for close to 120 hours in 2-3 sets. I played it for a month, then wait couple of months, then get back to it and play it again for a while…

It’s really an amazing game..

RPG’s do take time to grab you, but when they do, man they grab you and don’t let you go. I’ve only got an old xbox but I played Morrowind and loved it. You get so familiar with the world the longer you play. Open ended games are my favourite – Elite was my favourite game as a kid on my c64.


You have been sucked in to the Fantasy RPG………..Oblivion.

Sorry, just had to do that.

oddly enough, this had happend to me as of late but I traded it in for gears… I miss oblivion ALOT (240 hour plus file!) lol but i’ll get it when I get crackdown 🙂

Ooh, I love Oblivion, it keeps me sane. I never thought that a fantasy rpg game could affect me like this. Amazing.