Deanna and I thought we had this moving thing down. We organized everything while packing and labeled every single box so we know where stuff was when we would need it. All of our moving day arrangements were made weeks in advance and leading up to the big day, we weren’t stressed in the least. As a matter of fact, we were totally stoked at how smoothly things were going and really looking forward to getting into our new home. Moving day came along, and everything started to go to shit – and I do mean everything.

I will try not to go into explicit details here and just give you the gist of the suck that was our move. We had until noon before the truck and trailer was set to arrive at our apartment. My Dad just picked up a 17′ enclosed trailer that we thought would be more than enough to get our stuff from A to B. After all, we were packed into an 850 square foot apartment. How much stuff could we possibly have? The answer – a [fucking] lot! This was our first mistake. We ended up filling that trailer, plus a 10’x8′ trailer (twice – had to make 2 trips), and finally the back of 2 enclosed pick-ups. Each truck had our TVs, computers and monitors on the seats as well. Luckily for us, my Dad runs a landscaping/maintenance business and has lots of vehicles at his disposal. Not to mention, he brought along some of his crew to help us out. So if there is a positive to be found here, that would be it. If it wasn’t for my Father being one of the greatest people on the planet, we would have been pretty screwed.

We finally got all our stuff out of the apartment, about 2 hours later than expected. When we rolled into the new place, there was a moving truck backed into the loading area and the moving room was half-full of someone else’s boxes. Deanna and I made a trip out in the morning to sign the lease, pick up our keys and make sure everything was good-to-go. At which time, we confirmed that we would have the elevator and moving room booked for the afternoon. 15 minutes later, we track down the person who’s in the middle of moving out who claims he had booked the elevator 2 weeks prior. Long story short – he wasn’t in the reservation book for that day and the manager was willing to tell him to take a hike so we could get in there, since we had our reservation in place. But once again, the awesomeness that is my Father steps in and offers to come back the following morning with a few extra guys so we can get in quicker. Since we didn’t have any rentals besides a couple of dollys and some moving blankets, it wasn’t a big deal to leave our stuff in the trucks and trailers over night. Inconvenient, without a doubt. But not the end of the world. I agreed not to be a dick and kick this dude out on his ass and we set our new move time for 9am Friday.

My Dad was going out of town for the night and offered his place to us, which is only 15 minutes away. Sounded great, but we had the 2 cats and fish to worry about. Hannah was spending the night at our neighbor’s, so she was taken care of. Deanna hopped up into one of the enclosed trucks and found our clothes, bathroom stuff and bedding. We decided to camp out on the floor of our new place so we could be with the cats and set up the fish tank. Sounded like a good idea at the time.

After we got settled, we started checking things out. This is when we discovered that the property managers had hired the worst painters this world has ever seen. Apparently, they use airbrush type things to paint the apartments and by the looks of the windows, they stand about 10 feet back while painting. There’s over spray on every window, every door handle and window cover. And every counter and floor was caked in paint drops. And now for the best part! Not a single door in the entire apartment would close. These genius painters had painted over the door latches. The little tongue that sticks out to keep the doors shut was literally, jammed in and painted over. Every, single, one of them. Now, I know that can’t be done without trying. You would have to keep the door know turned while painting it for that to happen. So maybe these thought they were being funny? Or maybe it had something to do with the cases of beer we saw in the laundry room when we originally saw the apartment. At which time, it was in better shape than it was when we moved in.

I wish that was all I had to complain about, but there was no running water in the kitchen. The water in the small bathroom was spitting out dirt. The lint trap wasn’t connected to the dryer so there was lint everywhere. Someone had put their fist through the master bedroom door and instead of just replacing the door, they filled it in… and did a very poor job. We found the previous tenants soap and toothpaste stains in the main bathroom. There was a huge hole under the sink in the small bathroom where we found moldy insulation. Both of the toilet seats were broken. About half of the lights had blown bulbs, the other half were painted over. The floors were disgusting and nothing had been cleaned. But someone did vacuum.

To wrap this up – we were all moved in Friday by 2:30pm. Deanna went down and spoke with the management about the state of our new home and they sent someone up right away who replaced all the door knobs, toilet seats, light bulbs, and a bunch of other stuff. The cable guy showed up around 2pm, so I had to scramble to find the cable box and modem, but he got us all setup. We’ve been unpacking non-stop and setting things up which has been pretty fun. Despite being totally exhausted and completely stressed. Tomorrow, we’re heading out to pick up a few things including a new desk for myself. Mine didn’t survive the move and I’m actually writing this from my wife’s computer. I’ve been ‘offline’ since Tuesday, and to be honest, it’s been alllright!

I’ve got photos of all of this that I’ll be uploading to Flickr as soon as I get my machine up and running. Probably over the next couple of days. This was definitely a learning experience for us and hopefully future moves go a little smoother. There were actually a few more big things that went horribly wrong or just plain sucked, but I feel like I’ve complained enough for one night.

I know some of you must have some great horror stories of past moves. Let’s hear them!


Here, I got one for all of you.

A few months ago, we moved to Hawaii from Australia. In the process our shipping container fell off the boat. Luckly, we had inshurance that covered about 90% of what we lost.

Sounds like the last tennent left with a grudge.

I have moved so many times it is unbelievable the stories I have, my dad was in the Royal Navy so every 3 years he got stationed at a different base which involved upping sticks and moving. Thankfully the housing was provided by the Naval bases so that wasn’t an issue until dad left the forces and we bought a house… then suddenly moving seemed to get a bit odd.

In the housing provided by the Navy you have to get your house passed by an inspector before you can move out, which involves painting EVERY wall magnolia, cleaning it, filling in all the picture hook holes you have made and basically making it pristine again. So you could always be assured that when moving into a forces house you would be getting a problem free move, oh and they made you change every bulb in the house before you leave (they provided the bulbs mind you).

It could be said we had high expectations for the first move away from the Navy, unfortunately the people who own the house we live in now don’t seem to have a brain cell between the 4 of them, we turned up after a 16 hour drive (with 2 one hour breaks!) to find that they hadn’t started packing until the morning we get the keys, the carpets were ripped up despite the agreement that they were to stay put, and they left a great big hole in the kitchen work tops as they took out the washing machine since they couldn’t get purchase on it rather than sliding something in underneath the washing machine, lifiting it the 3 inches up and sliding it out, nah chop the worksurface and lift it out…

Needless to say, we aint moved since!

Sorry it sounds like your move sucked so much – we’re moving next week, hopefully it will go pretty smoothly (the people are only moving over the road, so they’re not going to screw up the house when they leave, I hope).

I’ve only moved once in my 17 years, but we chose to move in winter of all times. The big house we moved to had barely any insulation and the gas & electricity had been disconnected several weeks prior. So, umm, yes, the first night was cold. Very cold.

Sorry to hear about your move, at least they didn’t tell you it was your fault or anything and actually did something.


Thats terrible about the paint and the door — I bet you took a big shit all over the property management about that. I’ve never met anyone in my life that cares more about details and doesn’t put up with bullshit more than you Matt!

The part about someone else taking the elevators would be frustrating. It sucks when you pay attention to the rules and do everything perfect then you get some jackhole who does whatever messing up your plan.

Anyway glad you made it! Can’t wait to check it out sometime!

@Jake: That takes the cake. I can’t even imagine. Although, it would probably be fun to going on a bit of a shopping spree re-purchasing all of your belongings. And a bit of an annoyance at the same time, no doubt.

@Stewart: It’s pretty amazing how the navy has such high standards. I’m sure that made moving in awesome, but moving out something to dread. I bet you’ll never forget that first non-Navy move. Heh.

@Luke L: Yeah dude, they got on it right away and took care of as much as possible while we were moving all of our stuff in. Which was great! Deanna actually brought the tenant agreement with her which states that we have 7 days to let them know of any inperfections or problems with the apartment and they have to fix them, within reason of course.

@BPAndrew: It’s funny you said that. I put 100% into everything I do. I guess I just exect everyone else to as well.

And yeah, next time you’re in the area, you’ll have to stop by and check out the new digs.

I just finished building my new desk and have fired up my PC for the first time in nearly 5 whole days. I think that’s the longest it’s been off… ever! Kind of scary having to get back to the grind tomorrow. Not sure I’m ready for it just yet.

On my first day after moving in to my beautiful apartment in Montreal (ah, how I miss it), I found out that the doorknob on my bedroom was messed up. I closed the door, only to realize that the knob was broken and the door couldn’t be reopened. I was stuck in my bedroom until my landlord checked his voicemail about an hour later and came to let me out.

Dude, that sucks, but hey it sounds like a lot of people were there to help you out and what not. Your dad sounds like a super awesome guy! I have never really gotten that quick of a response from any problems I had from past apartment dwellings. So at least that’s a plus! I once had to move from Ohio to Indiana in the worst U-Haul truck ever. Yet I was apparently lucky, we reached the storage unit where we kept everything and then the truck died. They had to come pick it up. So at least I made it. Other than that I never really had any bad moves, the only thing I hated was my darn habit to clean the hell out of things. I never left a place without cleaning the crap out of it.

Congrats again on the new place and on a [fairly] successful move!

Wow. That is quite the experience but I’m glad for you that at least it seems like the worst of it is over. Now just the fun part of finding new places for all your stuff.

Ha! You are NOT going to trick me into writing about some of my totally horrible moving stories, not a single one!

Suffice it to say that by the time I move again I need to have made sure that I saved enough money to hire people to go through the whole trouble for me. All of it.

I plan on sitting in a hotel after a nice meal, night of sleep and breakfast, waiting for someone to call and tell me that they’re done.

P.S.: OK, OK, one tidbit. When I moved into a new place about 16 years ago, the bathroom was taken up by the previous owner for almost the entire afternoon. Apparently he had celebrated too long the night before (elsewhere). He was in there nude, his clothes strewn about the empty apartment. And it got worse …

@Optimus: Haha, worst! I’m hoping you at least had a bunch of boxes to keep you busy while you waited for the landlord?

@Derek: the only thing I hated was my darn habit to clean the hell out of things. I never left a place without cleaning the crap out of it.

Sounds like someone I know. 😉 My wife spent hours on end making sure the apartment we left was spotless. Which made moving into a disgusting mess of a home that much worse.

@Volkher: Wow, that’s… interesting. So maybe old toothpaste and soap isn’t so bad? I think I would take that over barf and poo. Yuck!

And yes, we’ve decided that at the very least, we will make sure we have one big truck and perhaps hire some movers the next time around.

Oh shit! What about the picture of a bug i just saw?

Is it really what I think….if so…nobody can bear with this!

I saw those in Mexico last week…

OMG you guys are scaring me………we’re moving next month and now I’m freaked. We’re going to see some condos tomorrow, everything goes superfast in TO tho, so you pretty much have to make an offer on the spot.

Ya when I moved out of my place at College and Ossington I experience the problem with the moving truck. We had a reservation, but aparently I found out they don’t mean shit when it really comes down to it. First come, first serve. We finally got something from another company like 3 hours later. Pain in the ass. I’m hoping next months move goes smoothly………..but i’m gussing it won’t.