Microsoft Never Cease to Disappoint Me

…although, I wish that trend would come to an end. I couldn’t have been happier this morning, when I read the news that Toshiba had come to their senses and dumped HD DVD. Instead of relaxing on the couch while I sipped my morning coffee, I listed my HD DVD add-on and all my movies on eBay. All the while, in the back of mind I knew I was finally going to get an Xbox 360 Elite. I never thought the day would come! I figured I would also have a bunch of white Xbox 360 hardware and would never be able to live with a mix and match setup. But once the HD DVD add-on was gone, that all changed. On my lunch break, I took a drive down to my local shop and returned shortly after with an Xbox 360 Elite.

Shortly after dinner I set it all up, sat back on the couch and thought to myself, “Hmm, it doesn’t look very black. More of a grey, really.” At first, I shrugged it off, grabbed a controller and replayed a couple campaign missions in Halo 3 with Hannah. At one point when we were both down for the count, Hannah looked over at the new Elite, then up at me and said, “It looks kinda… grey, doesn’t it Daddy?” It does! And that’s because it is grey!

Xbox 360 Elite and Controller

I thought I would do a little comparing to see if it’s really that obvious. Setting the Elite controller in front of the console demonstrates nicely, how truly not black it is. I guess you can throw “Microsoft doesn’t know that grey isn’t black” in the pile of things that Microsoft doesn’t know. Along with, “Microsoft doesn’t know that HD movies do sell game consoles.” HD DVD, what? You watch… Xbox 360 Blu-ray add-on will be announced before the season’s out.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve no doubt witnessed some coarse words tossed in Microsoft’s general direction directly at those mother bitches. I don’t enjoy this… ranting and cursing like a belligerent asshole. And I can honestly say, there aren’t many other sources that have forced as much frustration upon me as they have. Although, the vast majority of that stems from their bastard child, Internet Explorer. None the less, it just seems to be one thing after another with them, and because of this, I have a very short fuse when it comes to all things Microsoft.