Various sources are reporting that Matt Freeman of Rancid and Operation Ivy fame, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Truly sad news as Matt’s one of the greatest bassists of our time. Period. Hopefully, it was caught early enough that he can be treated and overcome this.

The Transplants (featuring Tim Armstrong of Rancid) were scheduled to play the Warped Tour kick-off show as the special guest headliners, but cancelled when they heard the news.


Update: Tuesday, June 28 2005
From the Epitaph site…

Matt Freeman recently underwent a successful surgery and his doctors have determined that his condition is not terminal. Matt is now home and recovering well. Matt and Rancid would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, love and prayers.


I just wanted to say i hope this isnt the end for him. Rancid is a band i look to when i feel like life keeps kicking me in the rear because they have been able to fight through so much. I hope they can overcome this also. He is one of the only bass players to have ever inspired me to even like the bass. rock on.

….what a lame message the last one was…

bad fuckin news… hes so badass,

hopefully cures it tho.

ill drink this cider on the hope of his health.



Matt is amazing, I know that rancid is a strong enough group of friends to help him pull through. I have faith that positive thinking, prayers and so many that love him will help Matt. much love

Matt Freeman is a fucking god, and if you can’t respect that you don’t know shit about anything… listen to his playing for chrissake… im sick and tired of seeing that he’s got cancer and seeing fuckbags saying he deserves it. fuck you, you shit spewing cunts… stop hating on a man whos dying, you fucks. as you can probably tell by now, this whole thing has me furious… get well soon matt

This is horrible news. Rancid was the one thing i could always look to when life had me down. He is by far the greatest bassest i’ve ever heard and i hope and pray that he will beat this.

Rancid punx 4 life

Damn this is the worst thing ive ever heard i hope in God that he can defeat this damn cancer cuz his is the man that inspired me to even like punk rock. But well like matt sais "shit happens" , I hope and have faith that he can get better and hear another album from rancid.

Matt "see ya in the pit".