I’m Actually Having Fun Playing a Splinter Cell Game

I’ve played every Splinter Cell game in the series so far, but Double Agent is the first one that’s grabbed me like this. Previously, the farthest I got was the third or fourth mission in. I simply lost interest. There was no real story and it seemed to jump around so much that it ended up confusing me instead of enticing me. I need more than just stopping bad guys to keep me interested. And Double Agent has done just that.

Splinter Cell Double Agent

They’ve added a bit of a personal side to Sam Fisher and you find yourself working for the bad guys this time around. But at the same time, you’re trying to prevent them from fulfilling their ultimate goal. There are a few moments where you’re left with only a few seconds to make a major decision that could sway your favor on either side drastically.

Deep down, the gameplay is basically the same as the previous games. Lots of sneaking, picking, hacking goodness as you’d expect. But one thing that really surprised me was playing mission in broad daylight. I’m on the final mission now and Sam’s even wearing sunglasses. A definite change of pace.

Once I wrap up the story mode, I’ll be jumping into the multiplayer end which also looks very promising.

I’ve seen quite a few of you on my friends list playing Double Agent – how are you feeling about it?