If it weren’t for the Xbox 360’s flawed hardware, I likely wouldn’t even own a PlayStation 3. I initially picked one up back in August of ’07 when both of my Xbox 360s died within a week of each other. Since then, I’ve only played a handful of games and used my PS3 mostly as a media hub. But when my Xbox 360 Elite (which is now the only 360 console in the house) bit the dust a few days ago, I decided I was going to make the best of my time without it, and spend some quality time with my PS3. With some great exclusives on the horizon, fresh content via DLC for some of my favourites, and tons of new features for the console itself via firmware update, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well the PS3 has matured.

Game of the Year


Having only logged a dozen or so hours with the LittleBigPlanet beta, I’m fully ready to call it 2008’s Game of the Year. It’s truly unfortunate that PS3 nay-sayers and those that think it’s nothing but a cute game are going to miss out. Everything about LittleBigPlanet shines. And with it having such a strong community focus, there is always going to be fresh content at the ready. I see a permanent spot for LBP on my media rack.

PlayStation 3 Eye

In preparation for the awesome things I’m going to create, I picked up the PlayStation Eye camera. With the camera, you can take pictures of yourself, objects, genitalia, and what-have-you. Then make stickers out of them for use in the game. Stickers are used to colour surfaces and add decorative flare. I’m fully creating an Addison monster!

Of course, there are other uses for the camera similar to what the Xbox 360 is capable of – video chat, motion sensing games, etc. But there’s also a free app for creating and editing clips right on the PS3. I know Hannah will have some fun with that – she’s always creating videos with her friends on my iMac.

Back to Warhawk


The only PS3 game that’s remained in my collection from its initial purchase is Warhawk. It’s always fun to jump in for a few quick games. It’s not one of those games that you have to keep at to be good at. It’s very accessible, and always fun. I realized this during a memorable battle where I found myself cornered by 2 enemy Warhawks. Manned with a jetpack and a rocket launcher, I used my afterburner to launch straight up in the air, high above the Warhawks. As I started to fall, I slowed my decent by hovering just long enough to lock-on and fire off rockets at each of the enemy aircraft. By the time returned to the ground, there was nothing but flaming debris falling form the sky. EPIC!

PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset

SOCOM: Confrontation came out a week ago today, but has been plagued by server stability issues, which is not good for an online game. I picked it up anyway, primarily for the Bluetooth headset. You can’t go wrong paying $60 for a sleek piece of hardware and a game. Microsoft’s standalone wireless headset retails for $10 more and pales in comparison on both the aesthetic and quality fronts.

Quenching My Thirst for Achievements

They’re more than a little late to the party, but Trophies are now a part of most new PS3 titles. Some older games have also been patched to include Trophies. I’m currently working my way through Uncharted again and having a lot of fun claiming my prizes. While playing Warhawk a couple nights ago, I was stoked to see the little Trophy notification (for Vengeance – Kill an enemy within 60 seconds of that enemy killing you) pop up just as I took down an enemy aircraft. It’s a shame that haven’t been able to do retroactive Trophies. Having to replay games and unlock Trophies you’ve technically already earned is a bit of a drag. But then again, I might not be replaying Uncharted if that wasn’t the case.

In short, Sony has done a great job of maturing the PlayStation 3 and bringing it up to speed with Microsoft’s cancerous console. If it weren’t for Xbox 360 exclusive franchises like Gears of War and Halo, I could probably live without my Xbox 360.


I feel bad that everyone is having these xbox problems, and I’m still going strong on my launch console. I guess I just got the lucky one…in all fairness though, I know it’s coming. That might be the reason I purchase most of my new games for the PS3.

Indeed, you’re a lucky one! Not the only person I know with an original launch console, though.

I think I’m going to start playing more games on the PS3, or at least games that support Trophies. It really does make a huge difference, and Achievements (among other things) were always a deciding factor for playing a multi-platform game on the 360. Having given it some thought, I think I’m going to start by selling my copy of Dead Space for the 360 and picking up the PS3 version.

Glad to see all those comments as you almost always talk about XB360 only. I also played the LBP beta and it’s going to be a great game, the user created content gives the game virtually unlimited life, and for free :D.

I’m thinking to buy Warhawk as I downloaded the recently released demo and I’m enjoying it, specially cause it allows split-screen online. About Socom, does it support split-screen online? (I’m guessing not). Hopefully you’ll make a review.

Warhawk is a whole lot of fun! I love that they’ve bundled the expansion packs too. $15 will get you all 3.

I don’t think I’m even going to get into SOCOM. Been thinking about just selling it now, since there are so many other games I’d rather be playing right now.

I’m in the same position, though I think the noise of the 360 bothers me more than you (and probably more than most).

I’m in particular looking forward to LBP; I tried the beta quickly at work, and it’s just so heart-crushingly cute that it’s bound to meld hearts everywhere.

My first 360 was real loud whenever the disc was spinning, which was most of the time. But I found it toned down a bit after some system updates. My Elite is the quietest console in my entertainment unit now, though. If I were you, I’d hope for the RRoD and a refurbished console with a quieter drive.

I’ve been looking forward to LBP for ages as well, but am now ridiculously excited for it having played the beta. The intro and first few levels are a lot of fun as well. It instantly puts a smile on your face and constantly reminds you to keep it there.

I totally agree with you about the exclusives to the 360. It’s far to many good games to call it quits, but I sure want to with all the problems they’ve been having.

Now, if only PS3 could hcnage that sucky controller.

Yeah, as much as I’d like to say a final farewell to Microsoft, I just can’t miss out on games like Gears of War 2.

The PS3 controller isn’t really the problem – I’ve grown to… not hate it. But a lot of control schemes in PS3 games are just fucked! SOCOM is one. I find most support a totally unique control scheme that you have to completely customize to get it somewhere semi-familiar. Where as, most 360 games will sport a similar scheme right out of the gate, and give you some alternates. I’ve never been locked into a control scheme I didn’t like on the 360, but almost always am on the PS3.

I don’t own a PS3 but I did stop into HMV the other day and saw the demo up and running it looks sooooooo cute. Then again who needs cute when we have Chain-saws and Locust, bring on Gears 2.

I think I’m too invested in my Xbox LIVE profile and gamerscore at this point. Without a dramatic shift in game quality or online policies, I think I’m hooked to MS for a long time.

That being said, if my latest 360 crashes this holiday season, I’ll be picking up a PS3 with LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, and Warhawk on my way home from UPS.

I am too dedicated to Xbox Live to consider switching consoles. All of my friends, well all but one, only own a 360 and I don’t see the point in losing my ability to play with them. Also, my gamerscore has a grip on me. Not that it means anything, it just that I am getting ever so close to 20k and it is hard to just drop it and move on to something new.

Also, while the PS3 is getting some much needed updates catching up to Xbox Live, the update for Xbox this fall will bring plenty of new options that I just can’t knowingly ignore.

However, it is ultimately up to the user I guess. Whatever floats your boat.

So….. I totally didn’t pre-order LittleBig Planet, nor did I get into the beta….yet somehow this morning I walked into EB Games in Whitby and purchased a copy of it….and they game the God Of War code to get that outfit….I’m not complaining, but that seems odd. I didn’t even realize it was out.

I just got home with a copy of LittleBigPlanet myself – stoked! It was supposed to be out last Tuesday, but was recalled and shipped back out. They never gave a solid re-release date for it – basically a latest date it will be in stores. But retailers are allowed to sell it whenever they receive it.

I went in to EB in Oshawa to trade in a few games and saw dozens of copies of LBP on the shelf behind the counter. Lucky you scored the Kratos Sack Boy. I asked, but they didn’t have any left.

hey, matt!

i was wondering why your gamerscore hadn’t gone up in a while! not that we’ve ever gotten to play anything together, but you’re the only one of my friends with a gamerscore near mine… and after not seeing any action on it for the last week or so i decided to check your site.

anyways, to get back on topic, my launch 360 made it until last december (right before xmas!) and i had to send it away. it came back to me quickly, but while it was gone the wii was *not* cutting it! i wished then that i had a ps3.

my girls got me one for father’s day this year, and it was only a few weeks later that trophies launched. i love them almost as much as achievements… unlike you, man, i don’t think i could go too long without *either* of my systems (or my ds).

my only real complaint with the ps3 so far is that sony needs to step up and do something with their "psn id." i hate that it’s just got my icon, name, and ‘motto’ on it; links to nowhere… and i hate updating playfire.com manually!

d4mn, i got off topic again… i’m’a stop muckin’ up yer comments area now… have fun w/ yer ps3, matt. i’ll be watchin’ for lbp levels from you!

gamertag: decompiler

psn id: cyclopean

Yeah, all my gaming time has been spent on the PS3 this past week and a half, which hasn’t been as bad as I thought – hence this post. The more time I spend with my PS3, the more I enjoy it. And now that I have LittleBigPlanet, I’m not in any real rush to get my 360 back… that is, as long as I have it by November 7. 😉

I agree with you regarding PSN ID and the lack of a real profile. Avatars drive me nuts! There’s hardly anything decent to choose from. I never liked how you had to pay for avatars on the 360 and always wished you could just use your own image, but buying avatars on the PS3 would be a welcome addition.

I’ll try and remember to send you an invite, but in case I forget, my ID is PlainBlack.

Thanks for stopping by!

I haven’t touched my 360 for at least three months or so, I recently updated my computer with all new hardware so I sit and play games on that now.

If it wasn’t for the girlfriend playing arcade games it would most likely never get used.

[…] The last time my Xbox 360 RRoD’d on me, I picked up Far Cry 2 to fill the gap. It was just released and getting great reviews – and rightly so. It’s a fantastic game! From the visuals (which you would expect) to the expansive environment, to the incredible AI. Far Cry 2 is not your typical Far Cry, and a welcome change to the franchise. Sadly, once my Xbox 360 was repaired and Gears of War 2 was released, I had little time for Far Cry 2 and decided to trade it in. I’ll definitely pick it up again when things slow down, or if I see it on sale. […]