Guitar Hero 2 is the Raddest!

Some time over the past month I went from turning my nose up at the thought of a guitar rhythm game to being totally stoked on it. I really don’t know what the turning point was, but the past few days leading up to the release of Guitar Hero 2 have been torture! I was probably the first one in my town to own one as I was walking out of Toys R Us with my bundle at 10:03am (all the local stores open at 10am) on release day. I didn’t get to play much until I the work day was over, but now that I’ve had a taste, I’m fully hooked on the rock that is Guitar Hero 2!

Last night I finished up the medium tour, which proved pretty challenging but I never failed a song. I also didn’t do amazing, only achieving a 5 star rating on 3 songs the first time through. But considering this is the first time I’ve played a Guitar Hero game, I don’t think that’s too bad. I’m sure being a drummer gives me a bit of an edge, at least as far as timing is considered. The thing I’m most stoked about is the ability to pick up and play this game through, have a wicked fun time doing so and know full well there’s plenty of room for improvement. I know I’ll be playing Guitar Hero 2 for months to come.

There are going to be songs that hit home with everyone differently. For me, Message in a Bottle (The Police) and The Trooper (Iron Maiden) are those songs I can play over and over and have a hard time containing my bodily movements while I shred my face off. There are lots more I totally have a blast playing, but those 2 are my favourites so far. I’m not awesome at The Trooper yet – that’ll take a bit more practice. But I’m totally going to nail it on the harder difficulties – at least hard, probably not expert as that’s just plain ridiculous! Check out this video of The Trooper on hard (I believe)…

Sick, right? The chugs in the verse are so good! They don’t even exist in medium – merely single strokes on each bar. I have to get good at this on hard!

I’m fully stoked for my work day to come to an end as I have a couple buddies coming over (and bringing a second axe!) to rock out tonight. It’s going to be stupid fun, I know. A few beers, a plastic guitar and some good old rock and roll – fuck yeah!

I’ve seen enough people on my friend’s list playing GH2 this week. I’m sure I don’t have to ask, but how are you all liking it?

Rating: 4/5

Guitar Hero II