Some time over the past month I went from turning my nose up at the thought of a guitar rhythm game to being totally stoked on it. I really don’t know what the turning point was, but the past few days leading up to the release of Guitar Hero 2 have been torture! I was probably the first one in my town to own one as I was walking out of Toys R Us with my bundle at 10:03am (all the local stores open at 10am) on release day. I didn’t get to play much until I the work day was over, but now that I’ve had a taste, I’m fully hooked on the rock that is Guitar Hero 2!

Last night I finished up the medium tour, which proved pretty challenging but I never failed a song. I also didn’t do amazing, only achieving a 5 star rating on 3 songs the first time through. But considering this is the first time I’ve played a Guitar Hero game, I don’t think that’s too bad. I’m sure being a drummer gives me a bit of an edge, at least as far as timing is considered. The thing I’m most stoked about is the ability to pick up and play this game through, have a wicked fun time doing so and know full well there’s plenty of room for improvement. I know I’ll be playing Guitar Hero 2 for months to come.

There are going to be songs that hit home with everyone differently. For me, Message in a Bottle (The Police) and The Trooper (Iron Maiden) are those songs I can play over and over and have a hard time containing my bodily movements while I shred my face off. There are lots more I totally have a blast playing, but those 2 are my favourites so far. I’m not awesome at The Trooper yet – that’ll take a bit more practice. But I’m totally going to nail it on the harder difficulties – at least hard, probably not expert as that’s just plain ridiculous! Check out this video of The Trooper on hard (I believe)…

Sick, right? The chugs in the verse are so good! They don’t even exist in medium – merely single strokes on each bar. I have to get good at this on hard!

I’m fully stoked for my work day to come to an end as I have a couple buddies coming over (and bringing a second axe!) to rock out tonight. It’s going to be stupid fun, I know. A few beers, a plastic guitar and some good old rock and roll – fuck yeah!

I’ve seen enough people on my friend’s list playing GH2 this week. I’m sure I don’t have to ask, but how are you all liking it?

4/ 5
Guitar Hero II


Dude, this is the most fun I’ve had with a video game in ages. I just wish the guitar was a little bigger. It’s not really made for people with big hands. (But maybe the fact that I had been playing for about 2 or 3 hours straight might have had something to do with my hands cramping up.)

This game really brings me back to the days when I had a couple of bands on the go. I didn’t realize how much I missed tearing it up until I picked up this game.

I’m the same as you were man. Didn’t care too much about it at first but then went nuts for it a few days before it came out.

I think it was the commercial /w the asteroid that really got me stoked for it.

Loving it, save some of those co-op acheivements for Monday!

I’ve never had the Guitar Hero experience even though all my friends rant and rave over the game.

I guess I should try it and be transforemd into a believer myself.

picked mine up on tues after work. almost went that morning.

finally played it last night til 2am. f%uckin aawesome. im not good by any means yet.. but playing Strutter by KISS was insane!

Unfotunately it wont be that much fun for my son at 3yrs old so Im not sure what to do as I’d need to keep it out of site, which means staying up late!

I had a lot of fun when I first played GH for the PS2; When I worked at Best Buy we had put up the game on display, and I had this awful habit of taking my lunch break to play the game, or staying after for an hour or so after my shift ended, just to play the game.

Then I ended up getting the game for myself and I played it for hours.

How you are with The Police, is how I was with the Jimmy Hendrix and Queen songs used in the first game.

I’ve yet to play GH2 but after playing GH1, I have no doubt in my mind it’ll be just as much fun. I also love that it just came out for the Xbox 360. Though I read rumors that it might also come out for the Wii, but nothing official yet.

@Jeff: Yeah, it’s probably the fact that you’re playing it for hours on end that is causing the cramping. 😛

@BPAndrew: Oh, I’m sure there will still be lots of co-op achievements up for grabs by the time you stop by next week.

@Jordan: Hah, great story! Haven’t heard the rumor about the Wii. Not sure the Wii has anything to offer it except for worse graphics and no achievements. But I’m sure Red Octane wants to see it on as many platforms as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the PS3 first, though.

I can’t really divulge much of an opinion on the graphics considering I lack a tv that has hdmi or hd for that reason.

But you better believe when I get my hands on a plasma, I’ll contribute to the lackthereof quality with the Wii 😛

But for now.. I will humbly play any game on the Wii on my 36" flat screen =|

This game is without question one of the most addicting of all-time. Not to mention the replay factor is off the charts. I scored my copy at 12:01 AM Tuesday morning and since I had Tuesday off of work, I got some solid playing time in on Tuesday.

Your Police = my Rage Against the Machine

Matt, have you run into the whammy bar issue like I and many others have?

Ah, now you all Xbox people can see what us PS2 players have been raving about all this time.

While I don’t like the second quite as much as the first, it’s still amazing, and the 2 player mode is ridiculous fun.

All I really have to say is I can’t wait for 80s edition in June.

Oh my god – it’s 2am and I’m only taking a break from GH2 – plan to get right back to playing in a mo’.

Just like you, Matt, finished it on Medium tonight. Bought some extra tracks with my winnings including ones from Every Time I Die, Shadows Fall and All That Remains…that last one is deadly hard BTW.

How can a game be this addictive? It’s like crack!

Dude!! i haven’t been to your site for ages!!

I played GH2 on PS2 the other week and I got hooked!! I don’t have an XB360. BUT i’m going to buy one now because of this game, how much fun is it?

and what is the wireless guitar like? do you jump on your couch and rock it out? i want to do that! and also, can you purchase a seperate guitar for the challenge modes? (does it have challenge mode on the XB360?)

@Josh: Yeah dude, you’ll definitely want to pick up an Xbox 360 now if you enjoyed GH2 on the PS2. Just about every review I’ve read says the Xbox 360 version is the best yet.

To answer your questions – There’s no wireless controller because Microsoft are patent squatting bitches. Yes, you can buy the guitar controller separate and yes there are challenges – you can play co-op or face-off against another player. Mad fun! I played so much over the weekend I’m seeing those freakin’ dots everywhere I go. 😛

Oh someone told me the controller was wireless, that sucks!! But don’t think that will stop me from rocking it out. As a guitarist myself, I think it makes this game even more enjoyable for myself. Now I will be scouring Ebay for a cheap system, or just might end up getting a new one from a store. Thanks for answers 🙂

I saw my brother in-law playing this, and wasn’t too sure about it. It seemed too dance-dance-revolution for me, which I’ve always thought was lame (still do).

But then I decided to give it a try, and was completely hooked. This game is extremely addictive.

Playing 2 player mode makes it that much more addictive.

Sooooo gooood, and I was stoked as hell to find Trogdor in the bonus song list.

I totally went first thing on Tuesday to buy this shit and I too am pretty hooked. The multi-player is mad fun, let’s hook up sometime Matt!

What is this whammy bar issue that was mentioned.

My only gripe is this: there’s downloadable tracks now, and they’re $8 for three, good lord that’s so wrong for so many reasons.

"when burnination has forsaken the land, my money will be on Trogdor"

Yea man I LOVE this game. I’m always checking the leaderboards to see how I’m doing against you and my friends. hahaha. To bad the DLC costs so damn much.

@Ptownkid: It’s true, the DLC is ridiculously over-priced. I was expecting somewhere around 100 MS points per song and for them to be sold as singles. Bundling them is bullshit and nothing more than a gouge tactic. Activision can eat a bag of dicks – I’m not paying $7.50 for 3 songs.

@Jason: Dude, I’m totally always scouring the leaderboards as well. I don’t think anyone on my list has beat me at Message in a Bottle yet. 😛

Man I wanna play Infected so bad, if there was ever a song that I played air guitar too…

@BPAndrew: Yeah, I have the first Guitar Hero, and Infected was easily one of the best songs on it. Great stuff.

Oh yeeeeeah baby, I played some GHII for the first time last week at friends place … and I easily could have stayed there into the wee hours of the morning. Killer. I’d buy the game myself … but it would be useless right now considering my console just started getting the red ring of death after 17 months of flawless performance. Thank God for extended warranty.

GHII is a no brainer game to buy, it should be in everyone’s collection. Same sentiments as well regarding the song packs, too overpriced … plus I’d like to pick what songs come in my pack.

yeah, GHII is the best. I can’t think playing any other game these days…

I’ve started to record the sessions, and I’ll try to get the full OST. My fisrt 100% Perfect on Psychobilly Freakout (on easy level, right now I’m doing career on medium). Look for the MP3 on my blog.

¿What are your gamertags? (so I can check the scoreboards 🙂

I’ve heard nothing but good things from this game, and it looks absolutely brilliant (the chops from Rancid and Deep Purple are enough of a warrant for an immediate buy)

However, I heard earlier today that they’re coming out with GH3 later this year with a wireless guitar controller. 🙂

So my question is, is this game rockin’ enough to warrant a purchase now, or can I wait for the wireless axe and more songs this holiday season?

I read this post about a week ago and thought this sounds cool. Got home from work yesterday and my brother had gone and got himself a copy. And man were you right! Bowled over to his place and spent a good few hours jamming the night away until my fingers were so sore I couldn’t even tie my laces.

Just waiting to pick up a copy myself! Ahhh, I can feel the symptoms of early arthritis as I type. Oh well, it will be worth it.

Could you guys share gamertags so web can compare score per song or something like that?

mine is PIPP0 (ends with zero)

My tag is ‘FunkadelicRelic’. Like I said I don’t have a copy myself yet, but will do Friday evening, so add me anyways and hopefully I should have rocked out a few achievements by Monday.

I’m so excited! Is that sad?

P.S. I’m fairly new to the X-box and Live, so please don’t mock my puny score 😉

Hey! I heard you can pre-order which is what I think is another GH. Are you planning to do so?