First off – fuck yeah! It’s been a while since I’ve had my ass kicked, and Comeback Kid did just that with their new album, Wake The Dead.

Recorded at The Blasting Room with Mr. Bill Stevenson (of Only Crime, Descendents/All, Black Flag fame), this album is super hard-hitting and just plain awesome through-and-through! It reminds me of the first couple Raised Fist albums combined with some Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance and lots of balls. Tons of balls even! This album reeks of balls! Ok, that’s a little gross… but you get the picture. Total tough-guy hardcore that leaves you covered in bruises after a show.

Speaking of Good Riddance – Russ Rankin (singer of GR and Only Crime) actually makes an appearance on a track entitled, Our Distance. Good stuff!

Wake The Dead
will be released on Victory Records, February 22, 2005.