Why is it whenever I have some extra cash coming my way things start breaking? Happens every time, without fail.

Sunday morning I was presented with a blank screen after firing up my PC. Switched over to the Mac and everything’s a-ok. Son-of-a! Time for a new video card. I jumped on the local shop websites to see what was in stock. What do you know… nothing! Suddenly my plans to do absolutely nothing turned into a road trip to pick up a new video card. Luckily, I was able to score the new AGP version of the Nvidia 7800 for a reasonable price and only half an hour out of the way. I know it’s time to make the jump to a PCI-Express enabled mother board, but that means a new processor and reformatting so I’m holding out and will just get a whole new machine. I was going to upgrade any more on my current rig, but this was kind of unavoidable. And I’m not going to complain about having a 7800 in my box. 😉

BFG Nvidia 7800

This afternoon at 3:15pm I leave the apartment to go and pick up Hannah from school. 3:18pm I turn the key to the sound of a lonely click. Are you kidding me? Apparently not – the battery’s toast and I have 7 minutes to get to Hannah’s school. I actually made it there only 3 minutes late, which isn’t bad for a guy who hasn’t walked anywhere in months. Needless to say, the walk home was a little slower. Luckily, my Dad’s awesome and totally came to the rescue (one again), and within an hour and a half I had a new battery installed (is that a ‘real world’ word? I’m such a geek…) and am now back in business.

On a completely unrelated note – I was listening to the new Fat Wreck Chords podcast on Friday and heard a song by their newest band, The Loved Ones. Never has a band name been so appropriate as I’m completely infatuated with them. Fuck me, these guys are great! It’s been a while since I’ve heard something new that really grabbed me by the balls and I’m stoked to have something new to rock out to while I’m working.



What kind of framerates are you getting with that new card? I’ve been thinking about getting one myself to replace my aging Radeon 9800 Pro (256 MB, AGP), and I have a system that’s remarkably similar in power to yours otherwise (AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 1 GB of Corsair PC3200 RAM). Is it a worthwhile upgrade if I’m not planning on buying a new system anytime soon?

Every vid card seems to be named after some sci-fi date system.

‘The year: 7800. Mankind is on the brink, blah blah blah’

For once, I want to see a vid card either named for its awesomeness or like they name cars.

‘Nvidia Ball Cruncher: GFX so rad, your balls will explode!!!’

or …

‘ATI Wolverine: The only graphics card on the market that will cause graphics to jump off the screen and GORE YOU TO DEATH!’

Hm. On second thought, maybe 7800 is fine as it is …

@Brett: I actually haven’t played much of anything since I got it, so I can’t really say at this point.

Paulo, you may be on to something there!

BFG Nvidia 7800 GS OC 256MB AGP is a bit ridiciulous.

I agree with Paolo on this one, what’s with all the lame acronyms. It seems they’re almost as bad as the armed forces or science textbooks with the GFX and the BFG and everything. I mean, it’s not like you’re playing Doom or anything.

The whole deal with upgrading parts and things breaking down is the one reason I love consoles. PC games are often better, but you can’t top that feeling of beign able to just plug it in and it works.

Was upgrading to the latest graphics card on a depricated socket really a very wise idea?

I’m currently running on a 6800GT pci-e, but prior to having a PCI-E motherboard I was still sporting a PCI (yes, PCI!) 9200 card. Beleive it or not, that 9200 was my "upgrade", my AGP 6600 broke, and although I had the money for another 6600 or a 6800 I spent as little as possible and stuck the rest in saving for the 6800 I’m sporting now.

Also, I don’t think I’ll be getting a 7800 for a while, as nice as they look, it’s a much more logical choice just to get another (i love saying that) 6800 to run together. SLi is a nice thing for saving money (and for just saying you have it!).

Thanks for showing me The Loved Ones on MSN dude. They are super awesome and I have had their album on repeat since I got it.

I’ve had that happen to me, it was a crappy feeling, and it was right when Giants: Citizen Kabuto came out. I was looking forward to that game so bad, too. Fortunately, NVIDIA sent me a new top-of-the-line video card free of charge (one of the perks of running a fansite.)

I’m sure you’re not feeling too bad with a spanking new 7800 in the system, although I imagine the wallet may feel a bit lighter.

My stuff always breaks the second I have some cash in the bank. Every effing time!

I came across the The Loved Ones a few weeks ago. They’re absolutely great. Maybe I’m a bit too old, but I’d like them to be a bit more raunchy. Hell, I went to see the Stiff Little Fingers before anyone knew they existed (and got hit by a broken bottle as well … grrrr). I like my punk very raw, not too polished … and what’s been coming out these past years is just too darn polished.

Where’s the animalistic raw power?

I want more of THAT!

I too am grasping onto my agp board until I HAVE to upgrade. I’m gonna see what happens with the 7900s.

The bfg 6600gt was running great until i got me 20.1 ws. Running bf2 wasn’t smooth anymore for some reason, lots of stuttering/etc. newayz. i felt the need to upgrade to a more powerful card to support my native res of 1680X1050 and i demand high details on all my games as much as possible so, because i running an agp board, i too, recently bought the evga 7800 OC and its running great! FEAR runs a lot smoother as well as NFSMW. Brett, your right about goin pci-e . There isnt much u can do with a agp board these days.. for myself, im thinking of either buying a laptop since im goin back to school, or maybe bling out on a pci-e sli board.