You know things are good when the only thing you can really complain about is the fact that there are too many awesome new games and you can’t find time to play them all. Which is exactly how things are at the moment. It’s been about a week and a half since I touched Splinter Cell Double Agent. I was planning to get in some quality time with the multiplayer end of the game, but Need for Speed Carbon stole my attention for a while. Just as I finished the career in Carbon, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 comes out with less than a 24 hour window until the almighty Gears of War is among us. Now that the gears are turning, everything else stops.

I thought I had cut my list of must immediately play games down and had decided not to pick up Call of Duty 3 right away. I got thinking about it and figured that the fact that it was developed by Treyarch (who did the COD console series, minus COD2) could very well mean it might not be up to par with COD2. Apparently, that’s not the case and it supposedly plays almost identical to last year’s hailed shooter. Needless to say, COD3 is back on the list, but I have to get some more time in with Gears of War before I pick it up.

And speaking of, yes, it really is that awesome. I played through the first 2 acts last night and I was hooked from start to finish. I really like how they broke it down into acts. Almost like a mini-series of sorts. At any given time, you have one main objective. You finish it and find out what your next one is and go from there. You’re not really sure what’s going to happen once you complete the objective and I absolutely love that. There’s already been a ton of awesome moments that I know will be burned in my brain for years to come.

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 has been great so far as well. It really is a skateboarding game. There’s some awesome goals like photo-ops where a photographer is at a local spot and you have to nail a huge trick/combo to achieve it. Things like doing a 360 hardflip over a rail, down an 8 set. Come, on! But one of my favourite aspects of the game is when you’re just cruising around the massive city doing runs. There’s other skaters and pedestrians all around and if they see you do something rad, they’ll stop and cheer you on. You also score “stokens” (amazing!) which is the currency for purchasing new decks and tricks. Love it so far and really looking forward to playing through it.

I know I’m not alone out there. Is everyone feeling the pinch right now? It’s good to be an Xbox 360 gamer, isn’t it? 🙂


I had to pick between Gears or P8 this week. I picked Gears and I am still waiting for it to show up. Dam FedEx.

Dude, tell me about it. There just isn’t enough hours in the day.

I’ve had to put a curb on my new purchases as well, probably until xmas. I’m going to pick up THP8 tonite, and that’ll be it until I hopefully receive gears of war and COD2 for xmas. This gaming thing is starting to get expensive. I almost need to pick up a third job to afford it!

Gears doesn’t get here till next Friday… but having just picked up Dead Rising, Pro Evolution Soccer, Burnout Revenge and Perfect Dark (it was cheap) I’m more than busy. I finally got to 3000gp last night!

I really want some more Dead Rising time, man that game needs some commitment. I love it, but I wish I spend more time on it…

I’ve already booked the 17th of work…

Awww man.

We have to wait until next week to play GoW and Tony Hawk’s here in the UK.

Still, usually send it a day early if you’ve preordered – so I only have to wait til Thursday!

I’ve sold SC:DA now after a big disappointment and I’ve just got to save a few pay packets before I can get me self a 360!

Man I’ve been stressed since Dead Rising and Saints Row came out.. so many games.. so many acheivements, no time!!!

Oh man tell me freaking about it. A great problem to have to be sure, but damn. I still have tons of gameplay left in Double Agent but Gears has completely taken over. Not to mention that GameStop keeps calling to tell me they have my copy of COD3 in. There just aren’t enough hours…

What about being a 360 gamer and a Nintendo fanboy? I’ve got DS games coming out of my nose and the Wii launch in a couple weeks.

And all that is going untouched while Gears of War owns my soul.

Up until 4 weeks ago I was planning on purchasing a Nintendo Wii. Now I’ve canceled my pre-order and find myself asking when I will find time to fit my gaming needs in. Gears of War, somehow surpasses it’s over-hyped expectations. Wow.

Man, I’ve heard so many stories about GOW taking forever to arrive via currier or pre-orders not coming in. That’s why I don’t do either. I don’t want to be held to a purchase in case something goes wrong… and things seem to go wrong a lot in the gaming industry.

In other news, I really really want to play COD3 now! I watched the new trailer via XBLM this morning and GameSpot’s video review and I have to say, it looks bloody incredible!

The Wii is looking pretty enticing. But I’m not dropping any money on it until I have a chance to spend some quality time with it. I’m definitely not sold on the "controller" yet. And the virtual console, as cool as that is doesn’t do much for me either since I can do all of that for free via my Xbox. We’ll see, possibly in the new year when the second round of games comes out. I have a feeling Metroid Prime 3 might be all I need.

Sucks to be an Aussie at the moment,Carbon jus came out yesterday. Project 8 and COD3 come out next week and GOW the week after… poor wallet.

I don’t even have an xbox 360 😛 But if I had to own a console it would probably be a 360. Maybe a WII.

Sorry – I just wanna jump in and boast about how I get my 360 games and Xbox Live subscription free through my job.

Yes sometimes my job rules.

I couldn’t be happier to be an Xbox 360 gamer right now. The games are good, online play is great and the system is just amazing.

Yet I’m scourned about the whole HD-DVD issue. I thought I was near complete on having my ultimate game setup. HDTV, digital surround sound and the master unit, my Xbox 360. Now with this whole Blu-Ray thing, I think we will be hurting. Especially when I saw that Disney will be supporting Blu-Ray (which sucks).

So one minor thorn in my side but I’m more than happy with my unit (both of them)!

I literally haven’t done ANYTHING other than work, sleep and play Gears and Tony Hawk.

I saw on IGN they gave Project 8 a 7.8 or something wack like that and I nearly shat. (unintentional rap)

I honestly think it’s the best Tony Hawk yet, and I’ve played all of them. It feels like you’re actually skating rather than playing a videogame about a guy skating. I don’t really know how to explain it other than when I manage to pull off a "Sick" goal that I’ve been plugging at for a while, I get that same rush as I get when I really stick something in real life. Soooooooooo f’n good!

@Derek: Indeed, the HD-DVD/Bluray battle is totally ridiculous. I wish we could just jump ahead and have a winner crowned. I’m not taking sides and having movies I would buy released for the other format. I hope they both tank and a third contender comes in and cleans over will full support from every movie studio. There we go – problem solved!

@Maguire: I think you might be surprised when you see my review. As much as I’m enjoying THP8, I’ve found more than a few annoyances that are hampering my experience. The consistently struggling framerate has been extremely frustrating. I can’t imagine trying to play it on a PS3 which is supposedly much worse performance wise. So much for superior hardware, eh? Anyway, I’m planning to have my review up next week.