The Battlefield franchise is one of my personal favourites, dating back to the first game in the series – Battlefield 1942, which debuted on the PC back in 2002. I’ve played every release since, with the exception of BF2142, since I’m no longer into PC gaming. Naturally, I snagged Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on day-one, and have been playing it steady for the past couple weeks. The campaign has long since been completed, and the multiplayer end of the game has a firm grasp on my testicles.

Wait, What Just Happened?

The campaign starts out a little weird, with a prologue mission which takes place during WWII and sets up the story. The Bad Company dudes are brought into the picture shortly after, with no mention of previous events. Having played the first game, it felt a little disjointed, as I was expecting more of a tie-in or a continuation from the first game in the Bad Company series. None the less, bullets start flying and in no time, and B-Company find themselves knee-deep in trouble, as usual.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Worth While Campaign, but Not Great

Overall, I felt the campaign felt a bit flat across the board. The dialogue wasn’t quite as witty as the first game, your squad members tend to stand around making wise-cracks more than anything else, and the story wasn’t overly engaging. On top of that, some cheap tactics from the developers had me replaying parts necessarily. I call them “gotcha” moments – where the player is moving along as intended, when some unavoidable event happens resulting in death. There’s no way to know what is about to happen, you have to lose a life in order to find out how to avoid it. There are quire a few of these moments in the campaign, and each and every one of them pissed me off.

That sounds like a whole lot of negativity, but I enjoyed the single player campaign well enough. It just wasn’t as good as the previous game, and didn’t live up to my expectations. There were plenty of things I loved about it, though. The visuals and sound effects are incredible! Destruction has been stepped up a few notches, with buildings fully collapsing into a pile of rubble if you hit them hard enough. Lots of variation in the missions, with inclusion of plenty of vehicles and lots of fun weapons at your disposal. There always seems to be plenty of time to use your weapons, too. There’s nothing worse than finally getting your hands on a weapon you’ve been after for hours, only to find minimal ammo left and no refills in sight. BF:BC2 doesn’t suffer from that, in the least.

Where The Battlefield Belongs – Online

Where BF:BC2 really shines, is in the multiplayer component. I would have actually liked to have seen this game stripped of the single-player end, and sold at a discounted price. The multiplayer end is that strong! If you’ve played a BF game online, you know it’s much more than a typical shooter. Every map is massive, full of weapon emplacements and vehicles, and non-stop action.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company’s Gold Rush mode has been stripped of the gold, but showcased as the game’s primary online mode. It’s as fun as ever, and still much preferred to simply running around shooting dudes for hours on end. It’s nice to have a constant objective, and one that can change within a moment’s notice, too. People seem to work together almost all the time, and the dead simple squad system really helps to enforce teamwork.

The original BF Conquest mode is also packed in, and maps are adjusted to suit the many flag locations. There’s also a new mode, which pits 4 4-man squads against each other in 2 different modes.

Revamped and Improved Unlocks and Rewards

The ranking, unlocks, and rewards system has been completely overhauled this time around, yet it remains very simple to manage. Each class has its own tier of weapons and gadgets that unlock as you earn XP using them. Then there are a series of weapons and gadgets that can be used in any class, which are unlocked simply by playing. Vehicles also have a set of perks that can be applied to improve your offense or defense while using them. XP bonuses are given when you earn badges and medals for achieving certain goals – like 7 kills with the assault rifle in a round, a certain number of squad or team assists in a round, winning the round, and so on. While the ladder looks intimidating at first, you earn XP pretty quickly and I find that I’m unlocking new gear every couple of rounds.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield Moments

There was a series of trailers released prior to the game’s launch titled “Battlefield Moments”, and for good reason. Every round has at least one memorable moment. Even when playing a losing round, or after dying repeatedly, there always seems to be a turning point where you feel like you’re the hero…

  • The guy that just shot down a Black Hawk with an RGP and got a triple kill.
  • Or, the guy that dropped behind enemy lines and stabbed 4 dudes in the back before being detected.
  • Or, the guy that turned a corner and was met face-to-face by an enemy tank, only to quickly arm the grenade attachment on his assault rifle just in time to fire one off and take it out.
  • Or, the guy that drove a jet-ski at full speed onto land, hit a ridge and flew directly into a squad of enemies, killing all 3 of them at once.

These things happen, often. And they’re absolutely fucking glorious when they do!

I (Fucking) Love this Game!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is lacking in the single-player end, but makes up for it online. I enjoy BF:BC2 multiplayer immensely. And for a guy that doesn’t spend much time playing games online, that’s saying a lot.

4/ 5
Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Great review for one of my favorite series of games.

I too started playing the BF games on my PC (when I had one that could run them!) and I’m a little apprehensive to make the switch to console as I just love the mouse/keyboard combination.

However, I did manage to play the online demo on my PS3 and I was very impressed at how easily I got into a game. I’d say its a very different game-play feel than that of MW2, one that enable the player to at least take some time and ENJOY the game rather than run – shoot – kill – run – shoot – die.

Methinks its time to invest in a console version of BF!

The controller definitely takes a bit of getting used to. But they’ve done a good job of adjusting the pacing accordingly to compensate for the slower reaction time when using a controller.

I fully agree, regarding the gameplay style compared to MW2. I’m not a fan of that game online at all.

This is one amazing game, especially online as you say. There are Battlefield Moments all over the place, and that alone is reason to put down Modern Warfare 2!

Absolutely agree. The multiplayer is awesome!

I picked it up on a Friday night and spent a few hours in the single player campaign, which as you said "is good enough". Then thought I would quickly try out the multiplayer on Live and I’ve never been back to the campaign since : )

The battles are just so epic. It’s like they’ve taken the best bits of Modern Warfare 2 and exploded it out onto a giant battlefield with the added element of teamwork.

The only problem I’ve had over the past couple of nights is LAG! I don’t think the EA servers are coping (as usual).

Have you had any issues with lag?

Couldn’t agree more. I’m pretty much new to the battlefield series (although I did play 1943), but the demo/beta totally sold me on this game. Bought it day one, beat the campaign the next day and have been playing the multiplayer since and it’s great. I finished one round with almost 10,000 points… Such a rush!

Jeez, 10k in a round? I was stoked raking in just over 2k in one of my early rounds. I’m not very aggressive, though. And prefer taking it slow and/or defending. Haven’t actually set a single charge.

Usually it’s a pretty predictable 2-3k a round, I find, but that round I got a ton of badges and the other team was pretty terrible, so that resulted in the high score. I don’t mind, it makes me rank up fast!

I had a 17k round a few days ago, which was also pretty awesome. But that was only because I got a 10k badge and a 5k badge, so I’m not sure if it really counts. :p

Awesome game!

I haven’t played a FPS that I’ve enjoyed this much in ages. I don’t find myself getting as frustrated as I do with other titles, I find that even if I’m losing I’m still having tonnes of fun.

Top review of the game btw, completely agree that online is where it’s at.

Great review, I still need to finish Mass Effect 2 loving it playing every mission including all the side missions. Bad Company 2 is next on the list. I have a lot of work to get do don’t know how you do ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t enjoy the gameplay of the single player, but the characters really had a personality. Each one had some role in the story’s dialogue that couldn’t be replaced. The multiplayer is just perfect as well. Almost completely balanced (unlike CoD: MW2).

Btw, matt, where do you get the pictures you put in a review? Do you take them straight off your own console via a capture card, or just find some online? Because I’ve noticed that you always have the perfect picture of gameplay.

I wasn’t crazy about the characters and dialogue this time around. A lot of it felt hokey or forced to me. And they definitely over-used the f-bomb.

Btw, matt, where do you get the pictures you put in a review? Do you take them straight off your own console via a capture card, or just find some online?

I rarely take my own screenshots anymore. I usually snag them from the official site, press kits, or other gaming sites like Giant Bomb. But I do try and match them up with whatever content is surrounding.

Indeed, that’s fantastic!

Just shared on Facebook in hopes that some of my friends who only own 3 games, all of which contain "Call of Duty" in the title, have a look and put down MW2.

Hey Matt,

Thanks to you, @sambrown and @JohnONolan I ended up getting a present from Jen in the form of Bad Company 2, needless to say my constant "Do you know that Bad Company 2 is out…" probably helped a little bit along the way.

After playing the MP Demo at the same time as working through MW2 I couldn’t help but feel that Bad Company had gone back a notch in terms of quality. The demo felt very clunky and slow, however after putting MW2 aside for a while and playing BC2 MP for a lot longer I can only say that the MP is pretty awesome. I still do feel there are glitches (too many for my liking) but on a whole, the atmosphere that they have created with BC2 MP is incredible.

It takes a little while to get in to but once you’ve found your mojo, it’s one fully enjoyable experience.

One of the first games that I’ve not finished the SP before heading straight to the MP. The SP was a bit of a let down for me.