No, I’m not urinating on the internet…

Last night was Systolic’s second show. It was much better than the first! The sound was rad, we played tight and a shit ton of our friends came out to support us. Oh, and most importantly, the tuning was down to a minimum. At the first show we played (at The Dungeon), it was so hot that our guitars wouldn’t stay in tune. So everyone had to tune between every song. Got very tedius and kinda made the set drag out a bit. No worries last night though!

I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone that made it out. You helped us out when we really needed you. And for that, I thank you!

We don’t have any more shows booked right now. That was kind of the plan though. Rock a couple shows, see how it goes, then work on… whatever we feel needs work.

Systolic will rock… again… soon!