On Tuesday, January 22nd at 8:47pm, as Deanna squeezed my hand while I wiped away the tears from her tightly shut eyes, I relayed the words, “She’s here! Our baby girl is finally here.” From that moment, everything I knew about myself and my family changed. I watched as my tiny daughter struggled to open her eyes for the first time, within seconds of being placed in my arms. I witnessed the instant calm that came over her when she was placed on upon Deanna’s chest. And I saw Hannah assume the role of “big sister” with the greatest of ease. At 8:47pm on the eve of January 22, 2008, Addison Elizabeth Brett was born.

Addison Elizabeth Brett

Thanks to all who have already passed words of congratulations our way via Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. 🙂


Congrats dude. Good to hear everything went so well. Hope everything continues on the right path.

She looks just like you Matt!

Hahaha. No but seriously, I can sorda see some resiblence, I think…

Congrats and have fun with the diapers. :-p

Congrats again man.

p.s I like that dashed underline – context – tooltip thingie. Damn where do you find all this time to be innovative with a new born baby? 😛

That’s just awesome man, congratulation to the whole family. Take some serious time off, two weeks will roll by and she’ll be a whole different person – they change so much so fast.

The word congratulations just isn’t enough but I don’t know how else to say it.

So congratulations, and enjoy the sleepless nights that are sure to come.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! We really couldn’t be happier these days. 🙂

I was planning to write quite a bit on this topic and outline our day leading up to the delivery, but opted against it after writing my initial paragraph. Deanna has just posted a pretty lengthy summary, though. So if you’re interested in hearing more, head over to her blog.

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Awesome man! And Congrats once again.

You know the cool thing about your baby? She actually looks cute and adorable form birth! That sounds funny to say I know, but I’ve found that alot of new born babies aren’t exactly the cutest bundles of joy I’ve seen, but Addison is an exception. She’s a very cute little bub!

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