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Like a Kid in a Candy Store

The past few weeks have been so insanely busy for me. I know I've said this before, but I really don't think I've ever had so much to do in my entire life. I've been working so much that I actually grew intolerant to my chair. I would sit down and immediately stand back up. Just couldn't do it any more. And since this chair is home base for work and play, I found myself in need of a new avenue for entertainment. Since selling my Xbox back in July and Hannah claiming the GameCube as her own, I've only really had my PC for gaming. For whatever reason, I haven't been into watching movies for months now and we might have rented a handful of movies since the summer. Deanna and I used to watch a few movies a week, but for whatever reason, that just stopped. I decided it was time to re-establish some old relationships with my DVD player, GameCube and even picked up another Xbox. And that would be a regular old Xbox, not a 360. Even if I wanted to get an Xbox 360 right now, I couldn't as they're still, 2 months after launch, hard to come by. Now that's just fuckin' ridiculous!

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