It’s been 6 months since I wrote the first entry in my PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 series, and much has changed. Since the time of writing, both consoles have stepped up to release a higher end bundle, along with a core package with intentions of meeting everyone’s needs. While the PS3’s packages don’t vary all that much in regards to hardware and bundled accessories, the Xbox 360’s sure do. The amount of comments I receive “correcting” me on the prices in Comparison Part 1 has been increasing steadily, so I figured it would be worth revisiting this topic to see how things have changed.

HD Gaming/Entertainment Bundles

Each platform has a “premium” bundle, which is meant for those people who will be spending countless hours each week playing games and watching HD movies. If you want to get the absolute most out of your console, here’s what you’re going to have to fork out… (All prices in USD.)

  PlayStation 3 80GB Xbox 360 Elite
System Bundle $499.99 $449.99
Wireless Controller Included Included
Recharge Cable/Batteries Included Play & Charge Kit – $29.99
Storage 80GB HDD 120GB HDD
HD Video Cable Component or HDMI – $29.99 Component, HDMI
HD Movie Format Blu-ray HD DVD Add-on – $179.99
Headset/mic Equivalent Wired USB – $19.99 Wired USB
Wi-Fi Included Wireless Adapter – $94.99
$549.97 $754.96

Update: Corrected the price of the Xbox 360 Elite (had the CDN price originally) and removed the Digital Audio Cable option since if you’re using HDMI, you wouldn’t need it. Both total prices have been adjusted accordingly.

Regardless of which console you favor, you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive that the PS3 tops out at $50 over the retail bundle. Where as, the Xbox 360 will cost you nearly $300 more if you want all of the goodies.

Barebones Bundles

Near the end of 2007, a budget bundle was released for both platforms. These are supposed to be for the casual gamer who’s not interested in HD movies.

  PlayStation 3 40GB Xbox 360 Arcade
System Bundle $399.99 $279.99
Wireless Controller Included Included
Recharge Cable/Batteries Included Not Included
Storage 40GB HDD 256MB MU
Video Cable Composite AV Composite AV
HD Movie Format Blu-ray Not Included
Headset/mic Not Included Not Included
Wi-Fi Included Not Included
$399.99 $279.99

Overall, the PS3 still packs more bang for your buck in terms of hardware. The option for HD movies is there, even in the base package – all that’s required is a $30 HDMI or component cable. And with the state of the format war being what it is currently, the PS3 has become very desirable. It appears that Sony did make the right move by packing Blu-ray into the PS3.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the rest of the articles in my PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison series… believe it or not, I’m still making notes and preparing to wrap it up. Part 3 is going to focus on games, and at the time when I got my PS3, there really wasn’t much out. I wanted to see what both platforms had to offer over the holidays and I’ve put a good amount of time into both, so you can expect to see Part 3 rolling out some time in the near future.


Not to make things lean even more in the PS3’s favor, but don’t forget the cost for Xbox Live Gold, which is pretty much essential if you have an internet connection.

True, but I think people have come to accept that you’re going to have to pay for greatness. PS3’s free online service is nothing in comparison. Remember PC gaming from the late 90s? Scouring through server lists, sorting by ping, filtering out full games… oh wait, that’s still how PC gaming is. Anyway, the PS3 is like that too, and it’s crazy tedious.

You make a strong case for considering a PS3 with the side-by-side price comparison. Amazing actually that you save $400 and get Blu-ray.

But I’m a 360 Fanboy at heart. I have had excellent luck with the my 360’s. I still have my original 360 as well as the Elite and knock on wood, they have worked flawlessly with no "Red Ring of Death" syndrome.

Additionally, I really dig the 360 dash and what it has to offer including Arcade, Movie Store with HD Movie rentals and other great features.

To that add, all the game franchises I enjoy playing–Halo, COD, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Need for Speed, Dirt among others are available on the 360 console.

So for now, I’m stoked with the 360, but if WoO: Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars comes to PS3…it’s game on for the PS3!

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I’m sure it’s been said before maybe, but I find it so hard to justify the amount of money I would spend on a PS3 when everything I need and could ever want is in my Xbox360. Although now I have considered a PS3 as well… maybe. 360 still proves its solidness to me, without me sounding biased about it. I’m sure many would agree with its solidity (if that’s a word), and not just in terms of games.

Aside from Blu-ray, there aren’t a whole lot of reasons to pick up a PS3 if you already have an Xbox 360. I would say it’s a little different if you didn’t own a console and we’re deciding which to get. The PS3 is pretty much matching release dates for the big titles and has its share of top notch exclusives now.

Wow great side by side comparison. The wild card seems to be xbox live, which could be a minor cost annoyance or a huge boon for content lovers.

Can’t wait for the next article in the series Matt. Hopefully you have more insight into the value of the 360… I’m debating whether or not to get one still.

I think the recommendation of a system depends on what games you like to play. If you are a hard-core gamer then a 360 is a great system (for as long as it keep working).

If you are a hard-core gamer that enjoys Japanese-style RPG’s then a PS3 will be the better choice in the future.

The 360 is a flop in Japan and there are no RPG’s scheduled for release.

The PS3 on the other hand has a bright future if you are a JRPG fan.

I haven’t turned on my 360 since Eternal Sonata came out… and now I’m waiting for the "fixed" PS3 release. The next time I press power on my 360 will be for Fable 2.

qrayg, I wouldn’t say there are no JRPG’s on the 360. As you mentioned, Eternal Sonata (which I’m playing through at the moment) is on the 360, as is Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms (which deserved higher scores than it got, Grr), Lost Odyssey is just around the corner, and talks of a Blue Dragon sequel are in the pipeline.

Microsoft seem to have a good relationship with Hironobu Sakaguchi so I would like to think that as a result of that there will be a few good JRPG releases on the 360 in the future.

I’m quite a fan of said genre and understand that if the PS2 back catalogue is anything to go by, then the PS3 will also have a strong line up in that regards. But until it does…

I got a 360 elite just after Christmas with 2 controllers, 3 games and 12 months on live for about £360 ($520) and it’s been brilliant so far. The only thing that irked me was the level of noise compared to the original Xbox, but then I heard the fans in my mates PS3. I think in the long run the PS3 will have better graphics etc purely because of the power it holds, but right now all the games I want are on the 360.

Are you saying the PS3 is loud? I don’t think I’ve ever heard mine make a sound from where I’m sitting on the couch. The 360 on the other hand… well, I’ve had to turn up the volume to hear over it before. Haha, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I think they stopped the disc from spinning up unnecessarily with one of the last Dashboard updates.

The Playstation 3, in my eyes, has really turned itself around (though maybe not quite on the games front just yet, for me at least). Initially I wouldn’t have even thought twice about getting a PS3 because of how expensive it was before the 40GB was available. But now, well if they release any of my must haves exclusively on the PS3, I won’t hesitate picking one up – helped along by the fact it has a Blu-Ray player. However, I am madly in love with my Xbox 360 and I really can’t see that changing. I imagine that even with a PS3 my 360 would still get more ‘play time’.

Good post, Matt.

Out of all the time I spend gaming, I’d say about 5-8% of it is on my PS3. While the game library is pretty good now, I play all multi-platform titles on the 360 for Achievements and since I have more people on my friends list. Oh, and let’s not forget the controller. I still much prefer the 360 controller of the SIXAXIS (CAPS!!!1).

Even tho they have really got their game together – I still have little interest in getting a PS3 right now. However by the time I do want to pick one up – hopefully they price drop it again!

Completely agree with all the comments here the PS3 is really starting to hold it’s own these days. If you a serious gamer the cost of a Xbox 360 with all the add on is far more then the PS3, plus with the Digital TV add-on coming soon to the UK, you get a SKY + box a Blu Ray player and a games console all in one.

The thing is a games console is for games and well the PS3 currently can’t compete with the Xbox in this area. Games like Gears of War and Halo 3 make the decision of what ‘Games Console pretty simple.


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Well I have to say that I have not bought one of the next gen consoles and dont intend to either. However if I were to, then going on what I have seen of my brothers and mates consoles then I would buy the Xbox 360. It just seems the more exciting package, better games (more of them too, yes I know it’s been out longer!) and while Xbox live may cost money it kicks Sony’s effort firmly into touch (Sony just dont do good system software, their hardware is often great but software is more often than not terrible). In the end the question is while it may cost more overall is it worth it? my answer would be yes.

The PS3’s main inteface (Xross Media Bar) is actually pretty nice. It’s very simple and elegant, and highly customizable. Not to mention, there’s no ads plastered all over it.

I completely agree with Scott. He hit the nail on the head when it comes to the current state of the console war (is there even still a console war?).

I’d say the console war is just getting started. Let’s not forget, Xbox 360 has a year on PS3, and while the 360’s first year was much stronger, the PS3 is starting to find its footing. I have no idea where we’ll be this time next year.

I think it also depends on what kind of gamer you are. My uncle was saying he wants to update from his PS2, and I asked him what kinds of games do him and his kids play. They only play first person shooters. Considering the number of games like that out, and coming out for the 360, I think it’s a better deal to buy what you’re going to get more enjoyment out of.

While I see the PS3 as a great low price high quality Blu-Ray player, I just don’t find myself too interested in it when it comes down to games. While it does have UT3, GT5, and that-one-alien-sequal-game-i-can-not-believe-i-forgot-what-it-is-called-game with 60 players online, I just look back at my Xbox and feel content. That fact that it has Halo 3, GTAIV, CoD4, and Gears just doesn’t make me want to venture out into other system. But I do admit, hardware wise, the PS3 has dropped down a lot in price.

Also, I don’t really care for a Wii but I really want SSB:B, and really only that.

Still gonna buy a PS3 before Metal Gear Solid 4 ships. I reckon that the bundles will change by then as well, infact over in PAL terrirories there is an awesome PS3 bundle with Uncharted and Rachet and Clank. Not sure with what PS3 version though.

I wouldn’t agree that the PS3 is finding it’s footing yet. As a matter of fact things are looking more bleak now for Sony than they did at the start.

But that is by the by, the really frightening thing from sony’s point of view can be broken down as follows:

1. The slow drive speed has meant that some features seen in 360 versions of games have had to have been dropped from the PS3 version to prevent long load times and lag. This may sound petty but it’s causing a lot of developers to jump ship and swim over to the 360.

2. Sony’s marketing team seem to have committed harikari by bad advertising, high cost at launch and hardly any games being released in the first year. You need to get people’s interest right away because it’s 10x as hard to get it later. They continue to hang themselves with every ridiculous press release they make which contradicts the one they released the day before.

3. Forcing people to have a Blu-Ray drive when they may not (and probably will not) need one is costing the customer something like $120 (even though the cost of both premium packages are the same.) MS have seen people don’t need a HD drive yet and have rightly given it as an optional extra.

It seems sony are trying like mad to restore people’s faith in their choice to include blu-ray. I, for one, am not convinced yet.

Have you thought about adding games to the price comparison, especially with the recent DMC uproar…10 pound more for an identical game with a 20 minute install time.

Also id like to ask why you have added HD viewing? People buy consoles for games, Sony forced HD viewing on us, so in theory you should really do a comparison about HD gaming seperate.

Keep up the good work dude

I walked head strong in to the sales at Christmas primarily looking for Mario & Sonic Olympics on the Wii. To get to the Wii games I had to walk past the shelf with the PS3’s on.

I hadn’t looked at the PS3 much up close to see what it was all about (apart from reading what Matt has said about it). I didn’t really see the point either as I only got my 360 Premium in August but… the PS3 has me very intrigued. The price is coming down and for the price it looks like you get more for your money.

I’ll wait a couple more months to see what happens with the prices in the UK but I can see me adding it to the shelf soonish.

Good post Matt.

One thing to note on the HD DVD attachment for the 360, here in the US the price has been dropped to $119 now. Amazon has it on sale for $80.

Yeah, that’s because HD DVD is a sinking ship and they’re doing everything they can to sucker people into it. 😛

Anyway, I’m not going to update the prices again based on this. There’s price drops almost weekly these days and I can’t keep altering the charts based on them.

Tricky one.

Game wise, nothing really seperates them from what I can tell. I don’t own either console by the way. But looking/hoping to get one sorted in next few months, mainly for GTA IV.

advantages for 360 is Xbox Live. Does the PS3 online gaming suck?

PS3 – Blu-ray.

Not too bothered about controllers as you get to used to them eventually.

Prices in the UK are getting a bit more competitive now as well, you can get a PS3 online for £279. Of course, you have to buy games on top of that 😛

I will probably pick up a ps3 within the next few months but mostly cause it seems like BluRay may just run away with as the HiDef choice. I mean, can’t go wrong with a bluray player that will play GranTurismo 😉 But my 360 will get most of the lovin still.

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