I’ve had mixed emotions towards the latest installation in the Battlefield franchise, Bad Company. Mostly due to my history with the series. I played Battlefield 1942 to death. Battlefield Vietnam saw quite a bit of action on my old PC gaming rig as well. By the time Battlefield 2 came out, my PC was a bit behind the times and struggled to keep up, so I didn’t play too much. After jumping the PC gaming ship, I picked up Battlefield: Modern Combat when it was re-released on the Xbox 360. I had some fun with it, but my good times were cut short by a slew of bugs and an onslaught of cheaters that rendered the game virtually unplayable online. Needless to say, I had my reasons for being hesitant about getting too excited over Bad Company. Thankfully, it seems my worries can be put to rest.

Since I’ve only put a couple hours into the single player campaign and haven’t laid a finger on the multiplayer end just yet, I’m not going to talk about the game at all. Other than to say that it’s a hell of a lot of fun blowing buildings to bits.

Battlefield: Bad Company OST

This morning I made an iTunes purchase which already has a play count of 7 – that being the Bad Company soundtrack. Mikael Karlsson is credited as composing the score. I had not heard of him until today, and I have a feeling this will not be the last time I see his name in my library. He’s taken beautiful and memorable theme in a new direction, and has really worked wonders with it.

Evolution of the Theme

I was able to find examples of all of the significant variations of the theme, starting with Battlefield 1942 right through to Bad Company. Enjoy…

Battlefield 1942

I played this game a lot. And I believe I sat through the majority of the intro every time. The loading screen also had great music.

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

How great is this intro? The 80s cartoon sound effects make me smile every time.

Battlefield Vietnam: World War II Mod

The theme actually wasn’t present in the retail version of Battlefield Vietnam. But it made an appearance in the official World War II mod which featured some revamped BF1942 maps.

Battlefield 2

I totally had goosebumps the first time I fired up BF2.

Battlefield 2142

Unfortunately, I never got to play BF2142 since I’ve been out of PC gaming for a couple years now. Glad to see the theme is in tact, though.

Battlefield: Bad Company

This video isn’t the greatest, but it’s the only one I could find that shows that pre-game intro. I love how they synced the credits to the accents in the music. Again, goosebumps as I watched this the first time.

Battlefield Heroes

Even the free-to-play PC game Battlefield Heroes still sports the theme. Or at least, 2 seconds of it. The rest makes me want to smash my face off my desk repeatedly.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

While this theme is quite different, you can still hear that it’s based on the original theme and shares some similarities with the others.

Battlefield 3

I’m not a fan of this rendition in the least. In fact, I actually deleted the entire soundtrack from my iTunes library.

Battlefield 4

Along the same lines as the Battlefield 3 theme, but not nearly as aggravating.

Battlefield 1

The original theme makes a triumphant return in Battlefield 1.


The BF2 intro is incredible, I fired it up the other day just because people were talking about BC. I *Love* the BF series

What system did you get this for? I am loving this game a lot, the single player story is kinda silly if you ask me, multiplayer is where its at.

Xbox 360, of course. 😉

Yeah, the single player is silly, but it’s fully meant to be. I’m not overly fond of the characters, but am stoked to have a fleshed out campaign to play. It’s a first for the series.

My copy of BBC arrives tomorrow via Amazon and I’m hoping it’s as good as people say it is. I’ve grown fond of Call of Duty 4 and can’t imagine this game is better overall, but I’ll give it a go.

It’s hard to compare it to COD4 since their strong points are opposites, or at least they used to be. The Battlefield series has always been focused on multiplayer, while COD is the first in the series to have a wildly popular mp experience. On the other hand, COD has always been known for its intense single player campaign, while BF has had basically a skirmish mode with bots.

It’s a shame that conquest mode isn’t packed into BBC out of the box, but I hear it’s coming in a patch. It’s strange really, seeing how the BF series put that game mode on the map and all.

Wow, thanks for the heads up. Your review here led me to check it out on Amazon MP3, and the previews there sold me on the album instantly — thanks!

Good stuff! It really is a great soundtrack from beginning to end.

I’m going to do a follow-up post going over some of my favourite game, movie, and tv soundtracks. So stay tuned for that – should have a bunch more stuff you’ll likely be into.

I really want to love this game. I’ve played the demo to death and unforunately can’t play the full game because my DVD drive broke a week ago. But the only thing about this game is the fact that the swaying motion when moving makes me motion sick and I’ve never had motion sickness while playing a game.

I’m still going to pick it up, because the multiplayer is pretty damn fun, but I’m going to have to buy some Dramamine to go with it.

Sucky about your drive. I don’t suppose that’s covered under warranty? Are you going to pay to have it repaired or just replace the console?

I think the motion sickness is to do with the field of view. It seems smaller than usual, which could be what’s making you feel that way. It’s like walking down a hallway with a slanted floor and walls – you would totally throw-up before reaching the end. Same deal here, it’s off by just a bit. But enough to throw your perception off.

I played BF1942 multiplayer briefly, and the singleplayer only once thru. BF2 was my favorite, and I racked up nearly 300 hours of online gameplay. The music was outstanding, gameplay fast and fun, and very addicting. BF2142 was a lot of fun, too, but I quickly got bored after roughly 40 hours of online gameplay.

Hey Matt,

Saw the post and never realised BBC was available to download a demo. Jumped on to Live last night and downloaded it and consequently played the MP for 2 hours staying up much later that I wished too!

Very very impressed. I was a heavy player of BF2 on the PC (MP) and still occasionally play, it was nice to see it move on to a console and still take much of the game with it.

Will be looking to get the full game soon as I’ve just purchased [LEGO] Indiana Jones.

I’m surprised “music” isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Battlefield 1942 Wikipedia article. It’s the fucking best!