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Sunday morning I was presented with a blank screen after firing up my PC. Switched over to the Mac and everything's a-ok. Son-of-a! Time for a new video card. I jumped on the local shop websites to see what was in stock. What do you know... nothing! Suddenly my plans to do absolutely nothing turned into a road trip to pick up a new video card. Luckily, I was able to score the new AGP version of the Nvidia 7800 for a reasonable price and only half an hour out of the way. I know it's time to make the jump to a PCI-Express enabled mother board, but that means a new processor and reformatting so I'm holding out and will just get a whole new machine. I was going to upgrade any more on my current rig, but this was kind of unavoidable. And I'm not going to complain about having a 7800 in my box. ;-)