…when a blogger is working on a new site. Posting becomes nearly non-existent and I must apologize for that. Whenever I saw someone neglecting their site because they’re working on a new design I said to myself that I would never do that. Well it seems I’m no better, but I now understand why this happens. The fact of the matter is – launching a new design for a blog is a lot of work. Especially if you have a fairly customized installation and are running a lot of plugins, which I am. It takes a lot of planning and there are several areas which require tons of attention to detail. Since I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided it would be a good idea to work on 2 full sites at the same time. Not only that, but being the genius I am, I signed them both up to Reboot on May 1. Yay me!

In all seriousness though, things are coming along great! Last week I wrapped up the design for both sites (feedicons.com and my own). I’m really stoked with the outcome of each and can’t wait to launch them. But the work that lies between now and May 1 scares the shit out of me. I’m going to have to create a mirror of my site where I can work on implementing the new design without disrupting things for you. Then, hopefully, it’ll just be a matter of moving over the new design to the live site. Hopefully.

On the Feed Icons front, I’m a little behind. I was hoping to have the XHTML and CSS work done by Wed of this week, but that didn’t happen. It’s not that I didn’t work on it – I spent a few nights in a row working on it. Whenever I design sites, I take into account how I’m going to build it so I don’t get myself in trouble when the time comes to make it happen. For whatever reason, I stopped doing this a couple months ago and have basically just been designing blind – then worrying about how I’m going to implement the second I fire up Dreamweaver. Silly of me? Perhaps. But I’ve really felt challenged lately and at the end of the day, am more content with what I’ve accomplished. So maybe I’ll keep this trend going.

Speaking of trends – dark sites seem to be popping up all over the place lately. It’s cool for sure, cause I love the dark. But at the same time, I like stand out in the crowd so I’ve drastically changed my colour scheme of the new design. And on that note, I leave you a teaser of both sites I’ll be Rebooting on May 1.


They both look very nice – In fact, your one of the gratest sources of inspiration when i’m trying (pun intended) to design a website for my own. I suck at coding, but i love to make a beautiful *coughs* layout.

One last question, whats the style called of the revamp of your website?

With these redesigns coming, is anyone taking JUST the power of CSS and not touching the underlying HTML? Or, modifying the HTML to allow both/multiple designs?

Matt: Is the content going to still be the same, which means we can choose a between stylesheets for it? That’d be sweet, but only really work if you’ve kept the HTML.

@Rusty: Not really sure what mean – "whats the style called of the revamp of your website?"

@trovster: I had thought of that, but I’m doing a bit more than a realign now. The homepage is changing quite a bit and that alone will throw some serious hurdles into the mix.

An alternate to using the currentl style as it is, would be to simply add a new colour scheme which is based on my current design. So, it would have the new design’s layout and content changes, but remain black and grey. I doubt very much I could pull that off for launch but will keep it in mind for future.

Liar! You’re doing your design AND playing mad amounts of 360.

I’m only calling you on this because I’m bitter your have more gamer points than me!

(just jokini – your designs rock!)


Looking good Matt, the number of layouts I have gone through in PS trying to come up with something I like is nuts, well into double figures.

But now I have decided on a layout shouldn’t take long to get the WP template sorted out.

If you need any coding help just to get a WP template done give me a buzz.

That feed icons lettering is hot. I just redesigned my site (shown linked above) and your use of Pink seriously inspired me. Quite frankly I think the current design of the site is awesome, though that new "MaTt Brett" looks pretty awesome

I’m really looking forward to see what you have done this time! The teaser looks good so I’m hoping for the best! 😉

@BPAndrew: Sonofa! Hah, yeah, I am managing to get a fair bit of time in with Battlefield 2 MC these days. I use my 360 to offset my work. Yeah, that’s it!

@Stewart: I hear ya. Before I settled on my current layout, I spent quite a few nights in a row trying to come up with something. This time around, only a couple attempts.

And the rest of you, thanks for the kind words! I hope my new design doesn’t disappoint.

Yeah, I know what you mean. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my website, and it looks kind of lost, especially ’cause it’s not even my design, but, y’know I try.

By the way, that grunge effect rocks. I’m doing a website with a similar effect, but yours is better, you should post a tutorial or the brush you used with it.

The style your making mattbrett.com in. I’d like to know its name, for instance ‘Grunge’ or ‘Sobre’ a real style name ;).

Hey Matt… the redesigns are coming along very nicely it appears.

I have a suggestion though; use the WP Theme Switcher plugin. Found at this address. It will allow you to style and change your live copy, while others still see this current design.

I use it on all of my WP projects.

The new MattBrett.com design looks interresting, I like how you kept the whole american-grunge-gimp (:D) style, but managed to sneak it into completely different colours.

I really like how the two sites are looking so far. I can’t wait to see the final products on May 1st. Keep up the good work!

Uh, yeah, I’m feeling the pinch as well. Really digging the teasers for the new mattbrett.com and I’m glad you went with the white. ;^)

Wow! Looking better and better with every taster i see of your blog. I think you will bring grunge back into fashion, and man is that a hot pink!

Feed Icons is also looking hot, i hope it is not over shadowed by your blog design.

It’s also good to see that even the pro’s get worried about a rapidly approaching deadline!

@Alan: A bunch of people have asked me about doing a tutorial for producing the grunge effect, so I might just do that one day.

@Rusty: Ah, gotcha. I don’t know – I hate labels, to be honest. Let’s just say it’s a bit of punk rock mixed with some video games, a lip ring, black shirts and all white Adidas Superstars. aka Me. 😛

@Colin: I had thought of that, but I’m going to have to swap out some of the images that are in posts – for instance, the rating system on game reviews. I guess it depends on how late i leave it. If it’s a couple days before launch that I start working on the templates, than I’ll just use the theme switcher plugin. I can live with some busted looking stuff on my site for a few days.

As long as there’s some pink involved, you can’t go wrong, Matt. You do the grunge thing better than anyone. Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait till May 1st to see your reboot.

Looks like you aren’t going to dissapoint, Matt… keep steaming along and you’ll get everything taken care of. I was a bit skeptical of pulling off white and grunge in the same design, but you’ve succeeded in making me more anxious for May 1 to arrive. Keep it up bro.

Love it, I like the top-header of your blog site, its a really nice change from the surrent CSS style sheet, the grayscales nice but brighter is looking good for you

Can’t wait to see what you unveil on the 1st. The first time I landed on your site I thought to myself "I like this style". Your reboots should be slick. Return to white; there are too many darker themes on the net these days.

Dude, you’ve already set a benchmark… keen to see what you will end up with.

PS. I’m sh*ting myself – my creative mind isn’t all that technical, so i might not make the May-day deadline 🙁