Once upon a time, I was a musician. Wait, that’s not how this story should begin. One thing I’m sure 99.9% of you don’t know about me is that I used to play drums. Not only did I play drums… Music, whether I was playing it or listening to it, was a huge part of my life. It surrounded everything I did. As things change and people grow up and apart, I sort of did the same with music. While I still spend 8-10 hours of my day listening, I haven’t picked up my sticks or a guitar in nearly 2 years. Ridiculous, I know. Tonight I spent 3 hours getting my hands back in shape and I must admit, it feels fucking great!

Me playing drums circa 2002

I’ve recently re-established a link with a couple guys I played in a band with on 2 separate occasions. The first being the better of the 2. We had a lot in common as far as musical preferences and direction went. We wrote some solid tunes that I still enjoy listening to, to this day. But we butted heads on a couple levels and things just didn’t work out. As people grow and change, we seemed to have found a medium that we’re all happy with. More than happy with, actually. I’m the youngest of the 3 at 26 and we are most definitely not in this to make money or fame. I worked at a music television station for 5 years and have several friends in bands. I know how things work and I realize that can’t happen – and really, I wouldn’t want that anyway. Afterall, I turned down a couple opportunities that could have resulted in either without batting an eye. Simply not my bag. It’s cool that we can all play music together and have the same mind set with the same ultimate goal – to make music we love and to have fun doing it. No pressure. No bullshit. Just rock.

It really does feel good to be playing again. It’s hard to believe after so many years, that I just stopped one day. I never thought that would happen, but it did and I let it go on for far too long. It’s almost like re-establishing a relationship with an old friend you haven’t seen in years.

I’ll leave off with a few songs we (myself and the guys I’m playing with now, minus the bassist) recorded in our rehearsal space back in 2003. It’s not for everyone – very raw and gritty and the recording is pretty weak, but you’ll get the idea of what we’re up to. These are songs I really love and still enjoy playing.


So what happens when you start to get 1,000 people who like your music? You just going to decline the record labels from recording an album, so that your fans can buy it? hehe just a question.

Sometimes when a group of people have the same passion and mindset, and do what they love, it can result in multiple people liking it also. It could happen. 😉

I’m no musician, but I’m definitely passionate about listening to music.. it keeps me going. I just jumped on the last.fm bandwagon today.. I never knew how large that whole community was… pretty kickass. and purevolume is just about going to bump google as my homepage.

Nice – reminds me a bit of Sunny Day Real Estate; you’re good (although the vocals could do with some work) 😉

@Matt: I’d never sign to a major label. You don’t need a label to put out a record, especially these days. When the time comes, we plan to do as much as possibe on our own and management the band through our website. It just so happens that we practice in a studio, so that’s a good start.

@Paul: I’ve recently stopped using Last.fm – mostly because of the instability of their servers. When I rebooted in May, I had my top 10 albums on my homepage and it was causing my site to stall while loading more often than not. That and the wonky plugins turned me off. Now that they’ve redesigned I’m turned off more than ever. Absolutely hate the new design and don’t like the direction they’ve taken in terms of forcing their player on people. But anyway…

I really like Purevolume, but it too seems to be offline more than it’s up. At least since their redesign.

@Matthew: I can’t say you’re the first person to tell me that. I like Bryan’s vocals personally. But then again, I’m a huge Hot Water Music fan.

That’s amazing that you’re playing again. You’re still one of my favorite drummers ever. I’ve seen you play an awful lot of drums and I’ve never really seen a style like that before or since then.

Tell Brian I know a bass player and see what he says. hahahaha.

@Maguire: You’re still talking nonsense after all these years? 😉 Thanks for the kind words dude. You listen to more music than anyone I know, so that means something coming from you.

And you seriously know a bassist? Or is this an inside joke? I know he’s been struggling to find someone for some time now.

I personally don’t get down with that type of music, but I certainly have a respect for it. It must have taken you a fuck of a long time to get your hands back into shape considering the fills you’re pulling off there…

I rock guitar first and foremost to stuff like Tool, Thornley, Audioslave (that of course includes Soundgarden and Rage), 90’s Metallica, Billy Talent, and did I mentioned Tool? 😉 I get down with bass too, but nothing like 6 string.

And just for the record I’m not one of those guys who says he can play and only knows "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

Oh and vocals always sound bad upon first playback. You think people like the lead singer of Thursday or Billy Talent first time ’round? I think not…

at least for the Mac you don’t have to use the bloated last.fm player as there is this nice, small app called Menuet that can do last.fm song tracking

I absolutely love the drums. In fact I bought a Pearl Forum set with some cash I saved sometime back. But then life happened and I had to sell it to make ends meet. It was a beautiful set, clean white, remo pin stripe heads and a superkick bass head that just sounds great. Now I have a very old and used practice set. I want to bring it back to life but don’t know where to start. Any pointers or master of many?

Matt what can’t you do man?

Congrats on finding your "chi" once again!


@Josh – I so had to Google that, I have never heard that term but now – I own it. "Balloon knot", that’s rich! But you have to admit that the kids got some talent, I don’t mean to be all up in anyones "balloon knot" but I constantly see reference to Matts’ work just about everywhere. Developer blogs, web standard definitions, RSS standards, nearly everywhere I turn.

@Matt – I am sorry for invading your balloon knot. I usually ask first!

Matt those tracks sound pretty sweet and so are all the other songs on the band page. Think I’m gonna download some more later on.

I’m hating the last.fm design myself and had troubles with the feeds freezing up my site too.

@Derek: pwnd haha.

@Matt: If you need shows in Calgary I May be able to help, if you decide to tour 🙂

@Josh: That’s really funny you said that. Bryan, the dude that sings, has a "thing" with singers with more "unique" voices. Can’t stand Billy Talent for that very reason.

PS. the balloon knot comment made me nearly spit out coffee all over my keyboard. 😛

@Derek: You’re just lucky I wiped well.

@Dave: Nice, glad you like it! Are the "other songs" you’re referring to the Lucky Number Seven tunes?

@Justin: Hah, I’ll keep that in mind. Although, I seriously doubt we’ll be out your way any time soon.

Aye Matt, sorry I should have said that.

Do you not find that the kind of sound you guys had is much bigger now than it was a couple of years ago? Or am I totally wrong on that one…

Matt, good to hear you’re back at it! I’m digging the tunes. I’m not too familiar with this type of music……. but I used to listen to Pennywise back in the day.. this reminds me of them. Good stuff!

Hey Guys, I’m the Bryan that matt’s talking bout. Thanks for the compliments and critisisms, I have no problems hearing that some people don’t like it. That’s the great thing about music, everyone has different tastes.

As for the songs matt posted, I love and hate the vocals all at the same time, haha.

Anyhoooo, I think you’ll all be very surprised at how versitile the three of us really are as a band. Our breadth (sp?) is much wider than those three represent.

Most importantly though, I’m really glad to be playing with you again Matt, I missed our musical interaction dearly almost every day.