When I left off, I still had some significant PC hardware to pick up. I’ve since upgraded to a 520 W PSU and a P4 3.2 GHZ processor. Battlefield 2 is running pretty smooth now. I could still use some more ram, but that’ll come in time. I love getting new hardware because it always gets me playing games I haven’t touched in months. Going back to Far Cry with all the details maxed is like an entirely new experience. Considering I didn’t even finish it my first time around as it start chugging really bad and became unplayable.

We ditched our landline for Primus’ voice-over IP service called TalkBroadband. Pretty amazing deal – $30/month unlimited long distance any time to anywhere in North America and a ridiculous amount of typical add-on features for free. It’s come in quite handy when I’ve had to make calls to Massachusetts in the middle of the day.

Most recently, I’ve switched web hosts once again. This one I just couldn’t resist. DreamHost has a deal on until the end of August where you get 7680 MB of storage and 192 GB of bandwidth for only $19.95 US/month. Both storage and bandwidth limits are increased each week you stay with DreamHost – and since I’m thinking about adding some video to my site in the coming weeks, I’d like to play it safe and have a ton of both at my disposal.

Speaking of this site – I haven’t put much into it recently and that’s partly due to the fact that I’m not really sure what I want to do with it. I want to build out a portfolio section, but I also want to put more value into the content. By that, I mean original content, videos, photos, etc. I’ve got this great program for capturing video of games (which I used to capture the intro of GTA San Andreas that can be seen here) that I’d like to use to do some video reviews and such. I’ve signed up for the November CSS Reboot to ensure I do something. Just not sure what that something will be at this point.