Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Looks Incredible

I used to be a huge fan of the Tony Hawk series. Before all the jackasses, gimmicks and BMX bikes, when it was more focused on skating than pulling pranks. From the first trailer I saw of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 it seemed apparent that the focus was going to shift back where it should have been all along. And with the fact that it’s built from the ground up, I found myself getting a little excited. Today a new gameplay video surfaced and it blew my fucking mind to pieces… all over my desk – brains everywhere!

Tony Hawk's Project 8

It starts off with Rodney Mullen (one of my all time favourite skaters and technical guru) rolling in doing a handstand on his board. He then drops a massive bomb – aka “Nail the Trick Mode” where the camera zooms in, everything slows down and you use the analog sticks to control your skater’s legs. Kick out with your heal or toe – whatever you prefer. Add a spin to that flip… holy shit… I. Can’t. Wait.

On top of this mind blowing feature, the visuals are unbelievable! I realize this still isn’t 100% gameplay, but it’s apparent that it’s not a pre-rendered cinematic. The game is going to look that good… at least on the Xbox 360.

Alas, there is hope that the Tony Hawk series still has some greatness yet to come. November really can’t come soon enough!