I used to be a huge fan of the Tony Hawk series. Before all the jackasses, gimmicks and BMX bikes, when it was more focused on skating than pulling pranks. From the first trailer I saw of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 it seemed apparent that the focus was going to shift back where it should have been all along. And with the fact that it’s built from the ground up, I found myself getting a little excited. Today a new gameplay video surfaced and it blew my fucking mind to pieces… all over my desk – brains everywhere!

Tony Hawk's Project 8

It starts off with Rodney Mullen (one of my all time favourite skaters and technical guru) rolling in doing a handstand on his board. He then drops a massive bomb – aka “Nail the Trick Mode” where the camera zooms in, everything slows down and you use the analog sticks to control your skater’s legs. Kick out with your heal or toe – whatever you prefer. Add a spin to that flip… holy shit… I. Can’t. Wait.

On top of this mind blowing feature, the visuals are unbelievable! I realize this still isn’t 100% gameplay, but it’s apparent that it’s not a pre-rendered cinematic. The game is going to look that good… at least on the Xbox 360.

Alas, there is hope that the Tony Hawk series still has some greatness yet to come. November really can’t come soon enough!


Too.. many.. awesome.. games coming out.. !! ahhh!

I was telling my buddy I wish I was like 60 right now so I could retire and just play video games all day.


I felt like the series had peaked and started to fall off into insanity after THUG, but this looks like it’s really going to bring back the core goodness.

Holy shit, I’m so stoked for this game to come out.  Like you, I was starting to get a bit sick of all the prank missions in the recent THPS games.  I’m really glad they’re returning to plain old skating.  It also looks like the difficulty level will be a little higher in this one too, which will be a welcome change.

Bah there are too many games coming soon – Gears of War, Forza 2, SC Double Agent, Smackdown vs RAW 07, Fear and the one I’ve been waiting for Tony Hawk’s Project 8.

Hopefully it’s got the level quality of TH 2 & 4, underground levels weren’t too good.

You know what, the previous games never really even appealled to me but I NEED this game now!

Now that I have a 360 there are so many games I want!!!

When I first played "THPS: Underground" I said to myself; "This is the end of the great THPS-series". But now I changed my mind. Bigtimes!

Btw, at your "about"-section you misspelled "Ansulten.net" (Ansluten.net = right). 🙂

Interesting to see how many people feel the same way about the direction the series took. Just for shits and giggles, what games did you guys play in the series?

I played 1 and 2 to death. 3 saw quite a bit of action, but not nearly as much as the first 2. I never finished 4. I was pretty hooked un THUG but never completed the very last objective – I remember something about wicked long telephone wires and getting frustrated with it. Opened up the first 3 levels in THUG2 before giving up on it and played American Wasteland for about 10 minutes.

@Ricky: Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it now.

I played the demo for the first Tony Hawk that came with the PlayStation magazine…. for an entire summer! I played the crap out of that demo, then I never really got into any of the full titles since then:)

I played THPS 1-2-3. After that I never got into the newer games, starring idiots like Bam margera.

Matt: You’re welcome! 🙂

I played a bit of 3 but I really loved 4. As for THUG the less said about those ones the better. I never thought the Tony Hawk games really suited being controlled with the sticks, but maybe this will change all that.

Ah the Tony Hawks games, how I loved thee.

Such great games, until they started getting silly, with all that joke jackass kind of crap.

This new one looks awesome though, but if it doesn’t see a PC release I doubt I will ever play it.

@Kory – Get back on the board man, you know you wanna!

Well, it looks incredible yes, but I fear that underneath all the fancy graphics it’s still just the same old game. Crazy, unrealistic skating isn’t cool anymore!

I’d like to see a more realistic skateboarding game. Rockstar Games should definitely release a new version of Thrasher Skate & Destroy, IMO the best skateboarding game ever made!

I played THPS1, 2 and 4. I don’t know how I missed out on 3.

I played THUG through to the end and really enjoyed the concept. Beat THUG2 too, but it was more like a pity play for one of my favorite series.

Didn’t even attempt to pick up American Wasteland.

It just seemed to me that as the game went on, there were more and more completely unrelated to skating objectives. I understand collecting objectives that force you to run a complicated line, or that force you to find your way to somewhere really difficult, but a lot of the objectives in the later games just seemed silly. In THPS1, they all seemed super relevant.

Wow cow! I’ve been playing the series right from the very first edition on the ol’ Playstation – seeing these videos might actually force me to go and buy an Xbox 360!

Thanks for the head-up Matt B¬)

Holy shit man.

That loks pretty bad ass. I think i’m probably gonna get a wii… it better be on it.

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