It’s about how WordPress just fucked me out of a post. I guess the auto-save feature isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I had just finished writing a post about Crackdown and my additiction to agility orbs and clicked the “Save and Continue Editing” button so I could preview my post before publishing. Instead of refreshing the post as it normally does, it took me to a page that asked if I’m sure I want to edit the post – to which I said “yes” while a little confused. Instead of being met with my post after the refresh, a blank Write Post page came up and my homepage was in the preview window at the bottom. Can you say WTF? I quickly looked around for a draft of the post, but it’s nowhere to be found.

WordPress Fucked Me

I hate posting rants, but I wanted to get something online tonight and since WordPress felt my Crackdown write-up wasn’t good enough for your eyes, well, here we are. WordPress can eat a bag of dicks. In the mean time, I’m going to eat some left over lasagna.

Note: I’m not really that mad. It actually took me about 5 minutes to get a picture where I actually looked angry. It didn’t help that I couldn’t stop laughing. 😛


I’ve had that happen before too. I had to get up and walk away.

Had a weird thing happen to my xbox profile today also, I sat down to play me some COD3, and my profile was no where to be found. I went looking on the hard drive and it said there was a corrupted profile (mine). I ended up having to delete it (not the saved games or achievements though), and download mine from xbox live. What a pain in the ass that was.

lol your pic made me laugh too.

I usually write my posts in Google Documents, then I copy it over. I’ve been burned with that before.

Did you look in your MySQL database? It may still be there, just with no ID and other attributes, so WordPress doesn’t see it.

I’m starting to think that Matt Brett only ever wears black t-shirts and has very few different facial expressions. Maybe you need some glamor shots!

That sure sucks. Luckily, I haven’t been using WordPress for one week strong. Good luck with the rewrite; you may want to try what Ronald Heft suggested. *crosses fingers*

I can’t wait to read it. 😀

Yeah man I’ve had this happen a few times myself. I got into the habit of copying my post before saving the page. if it doesn’t work then just paste it in and you’re good to go.

Oh that has happened to me a few times… It is one of those times when your heart sinks, and your like… i hate wordpress beyond belief. but then you get over it, and then you love wordpress once again. 🙂


@jason: I randomly hear the Achievement sound from time to time when I’m not playing – I can see that happening with the orb sound for sure!

@ReTodd: Yikes, that sucks. But it could have been worse. Did it take like 20 minutes to download your profile? Took forever when I had to do that.

@BPAndrew: I’m thinking that I might have to do something similar, which sucks. Never had a problem like this before and I’ve been using WP for a couple years now.

@Nick: No thanks. 😛

@Ronald: Indeed I did. No trace of it. 🙁

@Patrick: You know my Xbox Live Gamertag is PlainBlack, right? 😉 You should see my closet. Black shirts and blue jeans.

@Devlin: Not sure if I’ll re-write it. It wasn’t crazy long, and I think I’m over the mis-hap already. So I just might.

I’ve similar issues as well with WordPress. I guess it’s beacause of the latest 2.1 version. I haven’t done the 2.1.1 upgrade though.

Sometimes when I’ve just finshed a post and published it, a few minutes later it’s been set back to draft and lost all tags I added. Wierd :S

That does indeed suck.

Have to say I’m always paranoid when writing a long post. Always copy it with a CTRL-A + CTRL-C before hitting the Save or Publish buttons.

Look forward to reading your Crackdown post if you do decide to re-write it…

@Matt: It only took about 10mins to download, what took the most time was typing in my user/pass info three times, because xbox live would just stop, then take me back to the main screen instead of downloading.

Man… that sucks. Personally, I’m not a big fan of WP, though I’ve used it for some projects. I swear by Expression Engine now.

WordPress can eat a bag of dicks.

Nice. I think I might just use that line in the near future.

Oh, and it ain’t never a bad thing to write in Word, TextMate, etc. Gives you a chance to really look over and proof what you’ve just written.

Same thing happened to me this morning. Luckily, the autosave grabbed it seconds before I hit publish and was led to the "are you sure you want to edit?!?!?!" page.

When we upgraded to the latest version of WP a couple weeks ago I got this message every single time I tried to post. Had to clear my cache and restart my computer.

Give that a try if its still acting up.

@Auke: Neither have I. I should probably get on that, eh? I thought it was merely a security update, though.

@Anton: I can’t deal with EE’s template system. I’ve actually got a couple licenses that I haven’t used simply because I got frustrated with it part way through a project and jumped back to WP.

@Edward: Yeah, I think I’m going to have to go that route. Although, I don’t think I should have to, but anyway…

@Travis: Weird! I made sure I did a super clean install (deleted all the old files, disabled plugins, etc) when I upgraded to 2.1. I don’t normally do all that, but for bigger releases I do.

FYI, it was totally a bug in WP 2.1. Before writing my latest post, I simply tried saving and "save and continue editing" and both led me to that "are you sure you want to edit this post" page. Brutal! Upgraded to 2.1.1 and everything seems fine.

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