May 1st is quickly approaching. I can’t believe we’re almost into March already! Where has the time gone? What does May 1 mean to you? It’s not only the day I emerged from my Mother’s womb (oh man, apparently I’ve been watching too much Family Guy), but a day when hundreds of designers band together to launch shiny new websites as part of the CSS Reboot. Chances are, a great deal of you had no idea who the hell I was before the last November 1st Reboot. This could be your time to shine.

The fine folks over at Webjillion have launched a great new site for this May’s Reboot and asked if I would be into doing an interview to share my experience. Of course I agreed to help them out.

If you yourself run a site and could use some fresh eyes or maybe would like to expand your reach. You should consider signing up for the May 1 CSS Reboot. Not only could you gain readers, but also respect from the design community, which if you’re a designer, is probably the most appealing benefit of taking part. The various showcase sites are all over events like these and will feature dozens, if not hundreds of the sites that take part. It helped get my foot in the door and have since had every design I’ve done featured on at least a couple of them.

So, what about me? Am I gonna take part this round? I’m still unsure. I would like to, but it really depends on my schedule over the next few weeks. It took me quite a while to plan this site out and a few solid days to put it all together. It might not be as much work the next time around as I would most likely be giving it a face lift, or ‘realign’ if you will, not building it from scratch.

So, what about you? Anyone already signed up? Who’s thinking about it but still not sure?


I’ve already signed up for reboot one of my sites. It’ll be exactly a year since I redesigned it last, so I figured it was time.

They really need to do these things in July or sometime. Finals/AP tests and CSS reboots do not go together very well… 🙁

I came up with a new design back in december. Can’t wait to launch the design because this is the first one that is actually good.

I’m thinking about possibly signing up two of my sites but I might just go with one of them. I’m still not sure tha t I’ll have the time to get my shit together but this might give me just the motivation I need to get it done.

i’m thinking about it. Time is also a thing with me. I would LOVE to take part to help get some traffic to my site. But yes, time, i need time.

I’ve been considering a redesign.. I was going to do it earlier, but I might be able to hold off until May 1st.

Matt, I think it’s too soon to redo this site already, at least give it a year of life. This design is fantastic as it is and it would be a shame to see it killed off so quickly.

Cool that so many of you are taking part – or at least, would like to take part, time permitting.

As for trovster, Glen C. and Scott’s comments – I’m kind of torn. I’d like to hold onto it since it has done really well for me. If I do end up participating in the Reboot, I’ll most definitely release my current design as a WordPress theme. I think I’ve figured out a way of doing this without putting the burden of having to fully support it on my shoulders. And things may have just shifted enough in my schedule to free up enough time to pull it all off. Time will tell.

@Jason: Yeah, pretty much. The two are not affiliated, though.

Well that’s good to hear at least. I guess if you were creative enough to come up with a design as good as this you should be able to come up with something even better.

I did it. The best way to find time to do something is committing to a deadline. Since current design/structure of my site has been bugging me for a while I guess this post has been the kick in the ass I needed. Thanks Matt.

"Still thinking but not sure" here. But probably a different proxy site. As for yours, damn… can a new "sexay" beat the current "sexay"? Whatever you decide, I’m pretty sure everyone’s looking forward to it. Good luck with your decision(s).

I’m looking forward to the reboot. I’ve been working on an updated version of my site in between devlounge stuff, and I think it’s coming along nicely. And, of course, if you decide to reboot, I’m sure the design will be great.

Matt, I’m not ready to see your site change. It’s really great just the way it is. But if you have an idea of how to make it even better than it already is, then go for it. You are the expert here.

You got that right that I am in the reboot. I hope to see you in, even though the design you have now is amazing enough.