SiNful PC Gaming

It’s been two months, almost to the day, when I kicked the old habit and bought an Xbox 360. Since then, I haven’t spent more than a couple hours total playing games on my PC. I jumped on a couple times and played a couple quick rounds of Battlefront 2 and the odd level from Quake 4. But considering how much time I used to spend PC gaming, that there is pathetic.

Today I picked up SiN Episodes: Emergence. The first in a series of games which is built on Half-Life 2’s Source engine. I figured it would be a safe bet as far as system requirements is concerned. And I was right – runs great on my rig. I’m having lots of fun with it and I must admit, it feels great to be playing a game on my PC.

SiN Episodes: Emergence

If you played and loved Half-Life 2 and are in need of something to play, you should shell out the 20 bones and get SiN Episodes. It looks and feels very familiar. Pretty much everything is done the same as it is in Half-Life 2. There’s health dispensers on walls, crates you can destroy that are housing ammo and other goodies, great AI that takes cover when you shoot in their direction and awesome physics that helped make Half-Life 2 a truly unique experience. I remember having to get used to being able to pick shit up and move boxes around. I’m pretty sure there was even an instance where I spent a few minutes trying to get around this wooden fence when I realized I could shoot it and the planks would break apart.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of screenshots to Flickr and will continue to do so as I play through the game. The first few minutes were, uhhh, eye-opening and truly unexpected. Lots of ridiculous boobies and cussing. Man, that cute little red-head’s got a potty mouth on her! She even dropped the f-bomb at a cop! Who does that? Anyway, watch for a review of SiN Episodes: Emergence in the near future.