We’ve all heard tales of pushy and/or less than knowledgeable sales people, without a doubt. I had a few ‘experiences’ this week with these types of sales people that I just have to share.

Shut up! Shut up! Just, shut up!

I’m in the market for a capture device so I can grab video from consoles. I have it narrowed down to a few that I have to order as no local stores carry them. I was in a local independent shop the other day and as I was making my way towards the checkout, I decided to ask if they had any decent capture devices. They normally only carry Allinwonder’s or those cheesy firewire PCI cards. Sure enough, that’s all they had. When I told the guy what I was looking for, he immediately jumped into a pitch for this 9800 Allinwonder. I stopped him in his tracks immediately as I’m not a fan of ATI – had some wicked bad experiences with them in the past which resulted in me taking a picture of my ATI card amongst some rotting food in the garbage and sending it to them with some carefully worded hate mail. But anyway, the guy just would not let it go. He was determined to sell me this 3 year old videocard. As I’m walking away he jumps in front of me with this Pinnacle firewire PCI card. The rest of the conversation went something like this.. oh, and keep in mind, the entire time I’m trying to get around him so I could fuckin’ leave!

Dude: This thing’s great, it has 2 firewire ports so you could capture from 2 sources at once.

Me: What? No you couldn’t. And what console has firewire ports?

Dude: Oh, well you could use this adapter which has every input imaginable.

Me: Does it have component or s-video? Or just composite?

Dude: All of them! And it even has RCA!

That’s when I pushed my way passed him and booked it out the door. I was looking at the thing while he was bullshitting me and it only had composite.

Asshattery at EB Games

There’s an EB Games just up the street and most of the employees are good, honest people. They play games and I can usually get some solid answers out of them. This new guy however… not the quickest bunny in the forest. As I’m walking out the door, literally, I had the door open – I looked back and said jokingly, “You don’t have any 360s do you?”

Dude: We do actually! We have 2 Core units. They’re $100 cheaper and you don’t have to spend $129 on a harddrive.

Me: But the Premium package which is $100 more comes with the $129 harddrive plus a bunch of other stuff.

Dude: Yeah, but you don’t need it anyway. Just the other night I took my memory unit over to my buddy’s place with 3 demos on it.

Me: Really? What demos? Geometry Wars and shit like that?

Dude: No – Fight Night, Quake 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3.

Me: You’re talking about the 64 MB memory unit, right?

Dude: Yeah, it’s only $30 and is better than paying $12…

Me: Dude, there’s no way! I know for a fact the Quake 4 demo is over 300 MB.

Dude: No it’s not.

Me: *long pause + deep breath* Yeah it is. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about and should probably be flipping burgers instead of spouting bullshit to customers.

I made my exit and as I was getting in my car, looked back to see 2 people that were waiting in line walking out the door empty handed. No doubt, they had been coaxed into buying something that didn’t suit their needs by this red haired asshat.

For my own piece of mind, I asked a friend to look up the sizes of the demos he mentioned and sure enough, that dude had no idea what he was talking about. Fight Night = 486.44 MB, Quake 4 = 600.55 MB (I was a little off!), Project Gotham Racing 3 = 1.25 GB! Hah! You would actually need 36 memory units to hold those 3 demos.


I think these experiences may have just turned me into one of those guys who, when asked if they need help, instantly replies with a sharp “No!” Maybe I should just stick to shopping online?


For the most part, sales people are fucking dicks. I am not even going to sugar coat it. I have never met an salesman (except for those in bike shops — they tend to be top notch and nice as hell).

And retailers wonder why people want to shop online…

Yea, I hate the EB/Gamestops so much, from these asshats, I quit going. I’ll buy my gameonline or just walk into a best buy or something. I’ll never preorder. Man, I loathe sales people…

I used to work as a sales man at an electrical retailer here in the UK.

The retailer has a team in each of store of "experts" in various different areas, tvs, games, pcs, audio etc.

The whole training system to get onto the "experts team" was a 20 minute dvd to watch about the latest technologies in the area which you are going to be an "expert". I watched the DVD for their TV experts, the big new technology was… wait for it…. PLASMA… not even HD, just Plasma tv’s – standard def, low resolution, crappy inputs, just crap tvs. This was at the beginning of 2005.

After 4 weeks of being interuptted every time i was telling a customer the honest truth about the products (ie. buy a tv with HDMI as in 2006 SKY HD will be launched and you need a HDMI port.) I handed in my notice and in the 5 days I had to work after handing in my notice I gave most of the customers who were honestly looking at buying a TV or PC a bit of paper with what they actually needed and where to get it at a major discount.

I hate most sales people, but there is normally at least one person in the store who knows what they are on about.

Hah, I knew I wouldn’t be alone here. Still kind of expecting an irrate sales person to defend asshat sales people everywhere. 😉

@Stewart: That’s brutal. I couldn’t do that on a daily basis either. Cool that you got out of it instead of putting yourself through something that you don’t feel right doing.

I can’t believe that conversation actually happen’d. People actually say that crap? I have to agree with you on the ATI even though I have a 9800 Pro in my desktop system it seems like shit, next gaming computer will have nvidia and nothing less. I have an nvidia in my alienware laptop and it seems like it handles better than my desktop card. *sigh* oh well. My roommates claiming that someones doing custom built xbox 360’s for 1500, and someone on campus here has one. I just had 2 tell him to shut up immediatly and I moved on to another topic. I’m about 70% sure that it doesn’t exist, because I probably woulda heard about it.

naw, im a salesman, but I dont work on comission either. Working at a retail giant you’d think they could afford that, but I guess not. Those do sound like "asshat" salesmen though.

Go online shopping!

Next time you go into the one of those shops you should take something with you to sell back to them lol… or rebaffle them deliberately so they spout your shit to the next person and get the sack coz of it…

Sorry, mean streak came out there!!

90% of the retail sales-people I’ve experienced have all been people that are only there on a temporary basis (college students, people in-between jobs, etc). I think this, partially, leads to them not knowing ANYTHING at all about what they are talking about.

For a number of years, I’ve done my research online and bought online. If I wanted to buy something in the store, I did my research online walked into the store grabbed, paid, and left.

@Colin: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. It’s especially bad in places that don’t have any kind of benefits so there aren’t many long-term employees. And of course, things are just plain awful in commission based stores.

Just purchased my new capture device… online!

The glory days of Brick n’ Mortar are soon numbered!

I buy almost *everything* online. Living in LA, it’s an epic journey to the mall, only to deal with parking in some 12 story megaplex, and then fight your way through a mass of mindless buttfuckery just to deal with some shitbird who’s bent on selling you shit you don’t need.

This crap happens ALL THE TIME! Deluded sales staff with a completely different aganda than what they should have force people to part with their hard earned cash just so they can have an extra 20 pence in their pay check for selling that one crappy item. I used to be a sales adviser and have been one for many years. I gave it up though and started working in the warehouse just because I got so tired of the lies and crap that spouts out of sales staffs mouths.

I have to agree with Eric D on this one, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ATI. I can understand if you had a bad experience with them, there are a few companies like that to me, but to say they suck, well, tha’ts just stupid.

Basically, the X1900XTX > anything right now, and sometimes by a pretty big margin. And the X1800XT isn’t exactly a bad card either.

All this coming from a guy with a 7800GT that couldn’t be happier, but you simply can’t deny that ATI has good stuff. That said, I think the 7800GT is the best card in it’s price range.

It shouldn’t be about brand loyalty, it should be about what’s best at the time of purchase 🙂

I think your generalizing a bit much here, I totally agree that ‘retai’ salespeople suck, but come on you can’t bung me into that category.. pfft..!

I know just the feeling. Only the latest salesman attack on me has been on the phone, he sounds like a ginger too 😀

OK, let’s get serious, and try and speak in real language please, this isn’t text messaging. On the subject of graphics cards: do any of you really think you can tell the difference, when playing a game, between a comparable ATI or NVIDIA card? At the top end both are capable of performance that is not even addressed by games manufacturers yet. If you buy the latest card you are wasting your money. The ideal is to be able to play your favourite game with "everything on" at smooth frame rates. Achieve that and be happy. If a new game comes out and your frame rates are dropping or you are losing quality then consider an upgrade. RAM is cheap, double that and see the difference in frame rates. Consider overclocking. It’s easy and free using something like ATI Tool. No risk. Lastly, anyone who is knowledgeable can go into a store and make someone look like a dick. Is that clever? I don’t htink so. They are doing their best, I’m sure. Give them a break.

The main idea of this topic is his bad experiences with sales people, it was merely a footnote that he mentioned he didn’t like ATI cards so not sure why you guys are all fussing about that 😛

Remeber the article is called "Sales people can suck a nut" not "I hate ATI cards"


Its fucking rediculous, salesmen ARE real dick heads. Even at the fucking future shop. I dont do alot of game shopping there, but for software and audio systems. I know what I want, I’ve done my research, but they try to con you into buying something else you DO NOT need. Although theres only one guy at the future shop I go to that is nice and helps me out. Although I forget his name, there is always usually 1 nice normal person.

I guess it could be worse and you were getting cold called about things you really really do not want to buy… nor have specified an interest in buying.

I’m away to move into a house I have just bought and am looking forward to still telling cold callers "…sorry, this is a rented property" as it stops them dead in their tracks 😀

We don’t have the word asshat in the UK but I think it’s funny as fuck, which most sales people are to be honest.

The other classic is a camera store on a Saturday. Full og ginger twats who think that having more megapixels will make you into the next David Bailey and grow you a full 12 incher.