While my dead Xbox 360 sits in my entertainment unit, and with the release date for Gears of War 2 drawing closer, I had come to accept the possibility of missing the boat on November 7. Looking for an upside to this dismal situation, I turned to PlayStation 3’s hallmark shooter, Resistance 2. With a release date just a few days prior to GOW2 (November 4), I began watching trailers and developer interviews hoping to get excited about this game, whose prequel didn’t do much for me. Resistance 2 packs tons of promise, with absolutely massive enemies, huge environments, and hordes of enemies to annihilate. Not to mention, some shiny new weapons and a rumored 15 hour, 8 player co-op mode that runs parallel to the main story line.

Resistance 2

Resistance 2

On Wednesday, October 29, I popped into my local video store in hopes of renting Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, which was released the day prior. To my surprise, they hadn’t received the Motorstorm sequel yet, but they did have Resistance 2 on the shelves. I quickly made a dash for the new games for sale section, where I found one lone copy of Resitance 2. Needless to say, I snatched it up and made my way to the cashier with a silly grin on my face.

Last night I had a chance to sit down with the game, where I fired up the campaign. I tried accessing the online co-op and competitive menus, at which point I was immediately signed out of PlayStation Network. After playing for about an hour and a half, while completing the first couple missions, I was feeling let down on many levels. Keep in mind, that these impressions are based on the first couple missions only. Things might change as I get into it more, but you know what they say about first impressions.

All Aboooard!

I haven’t played a game this linear since Call of Duty 3. There’s absolutely no chance of stumbling off into a dark corner, or heading back the way you came mistakenly. There’s no exploration what-so-ever. Just a clear path, where the door closes behind you as you enter a new room, and obstacles are clearly placed in the way of any potential wrong direction.

There are cinematic moments woven into the gameplay sequences which are an absolute failure. A number of times, my focal point was moved abrutply as I was walking, which made me feel like I was fighting with my controller. Many games have done this sort of thing – where they want to make sure you look in a certain direction to witness an event. Gears of War prompts you to hit the “Y” button. Resistance 2 basically steals your right thumbstick and shifts your view while leaving you with partial control. This actually happened in a scene where I was wrong through a field to cover while taking fire. The last thing I was thinking about, was stopping to check out the view. Bad timing. There are other “moments” that are usually cued by a sound effect and some intense music. The first time I found my self in this situation, I was aware that something was about to go down, but by the time I figured out where it was happening, all that was left was a ripple in the water. I figured I’d just load up my last checkpoint and make sure I was looking in the right direction, but no such option exists.

Worst of all, there are actually a couple points in the first level where you’ll just die if you don’t do exactly what you’re supposed to at the exact moment you’re supposed to do it. I replayed one scenario multiple times to test this theory. And sure enough, even without cause, I would just die if I didn’t follow my allied AI teammate.

<sarcasm> Oh, I Didn’t See That Coming! </sarcasm>

It’s one thing to always no where you’re going, it’s another to always know what’s about to happen. There have been many spots that are meant to catch you off guard and give you a little scare, but no such luck. Instead, I walked into every situation knowing full well that a huge boss was going to come crashing through that massive wall that has no windows or doors, or debris in front of it. The stockpile of rocket launchers in the room may have also tipped me off.

Old School

I felt the first Resistance was behind in the times, in that it didn’t sport a cover system, or destrucrible objects and environments, any kind of squad tactics when you’re fighting alongside allied soldiers, etc. Surprisingly enough, Resistance 2 hasn’t adopted any of these aspects of modern shooters either. I found myself dying a lot during the first level as I couldn’t find much in the way of reliable cover. That’s when I realized that I could park my ass behind a wooden skid that was propped up against a thin metal railing and it would protect me from all incoming enemy fire, including rockets and grenades. The odd wooden crate will break apart, but most objects are indestructible. I shot the hell out of an old radio, and it continued to play the same annoying song as it bounced around the desk it was on.

Trying to Stay Optimistic

When I finished the second level, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “I should have spent this past hour and a half playing Far Cry 2 or Dead Space.” It’s hard to stay optimistic when the fundamental aspects of the game are what’s bringing the experience down for me. At least I can be rest assured that Gears of War 2 will live up to, and likely exceed my expectations. It’s just a shame that the PS3’s top shooter franchise is nowhere near in comparison.


any word on fallout 3, seeing as there is nothing good to say about resistance?

i’ve gone from a 360, to a ps3, (only due to reliability) and i’ve only been playing cod because nothing excites me….

Fallout 3 is a catch-up game for me. I’ll get to it when I’ve played everything else that’s on my "must buy" list. Probably not for a couple months at least, if at all.

I watched that review last night before I played the game and it got me all stoked to play it. I was ready to quit after about half an hour in.

I’m still looking forward to checking out co-op, though.

IGN gave it a 9.5, I knew it didn’t look all that, think I’ll give this one a miss!

Your review here reflects my feelings of the game better than most of the major sites that gave it 9’s.

Resistance 2 is a really solid game, but it feels predictable, clinical and a little soulless. It just doesn’t provide the compelling experience that you expect from premiere shooters like CoD4 or Gears.

The game’s good. At first I just thought the same as you, I didn’t like the alien weapons nor the linear levels because they made the game feels too arcadish and blah blah blah but keep playing it. It gets really good when you fight the bosses and use the other awesome weapons.

For what do you need cover when you have weapons that create shields around you? Why do you need to aim when you have the tags from the alien weapons?

I don’t know but i really liked to kill aliens in this game. I’m even playing it for a second time on a higher difficulty. And the end was epic!

The co-op is super fun man and the competitive is even better then the first one. Graphics are better too.

Anyway if you’re an Xbox fanboy obviously you played the game with your mind fixed that you’ll not gonna like it and that one of the problems. I just read a line where you just talked about your broken X360 like if it was nothing and that kinda gives the impression that you’re a fanboy. Like saying "My xbox is broken but still better than anything else".

Personally GeoW2 is more of the same "but yeah is better than Resistance 2" and if you liked the first one you’re gonna like this one too but nothing that would make people that didn’t like the first into believers. Too much hype thanks to the huge marketing power of MS. Just like the 5 millions Halo3 sold in one day.

End, i’m bored and i don’t want to continue using my poor knowledge of English,

Thanks for all your assumptions about me. Unfortunately, you were wrong about all of them.

I wouldn’t have bought the game if I didn’t think I would like it – I would have rented it. I was totally stoked on playing this epic campaign, then jumping into some huge multiplayer games, but it just didn’t pan out as I had hoped. I ended up playing through about half of the campaign when I finally decided to just throw in the towel. I simply don’t find it to be a great game on any level.

Some of the weapons are cool and unique. But all of them lack punch and don’t give you any sense of gratification after blowing dudes apart. They’re not satisfying at all. The lame death animations don’t help either. When you shoot a dude that’s charging at you, it’s like every ounce of being is sucked from his body instantly and his weightless body just falls gently to the ground.


This is exactly what I thought while playing RFOM2! I just wanted to finish it as to say that I played through it and make any point of contention I had about the game a valid one.

But I simply wasn’t thrilled! Not one bit!

After finishing the game I started playing FAR CRY 2 and had a lot of fun even though the game tends to lack in variety in the way the missions are setup.

In the end there’s no denying the scope and production value that Insomniac had put into the game but if only there creed would have been anything other than scope and actionpacked RFOM2 might have been a true contender as a FPS!