A good time can always be had when blowing shit up is the primary focus – fact. Red Faction: Guerrilla takes this to heart and delivers one of the most fun, action packed, and explosive experiences I’ve ever had.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Briefly, The Setting

This isn’t Red Faction as we’ve seen it previously. RFG is a third person open-world shooter that takes place on Mars. At the beginning of the game, you arrive on Mars and are greeted by your brother who quickly fills you in on just how shitty life on Mars is. For whatever reason, your character (Alec Mason) decides to stay and get acquainted. After the first introductory mission, Alec’s browser is offed and you’re inevitably recruited to help the Red Faction push the EDF off Mars. Through a series of story missions and side quests, you reduce the EDF’s control of each sector, while raising the morale of the people in order to win the battle.

Whatever the Case May Be, Blow Shit Up!

Red Faction: Guerrilla

What makes RFG truly special, is the level of destruction it brings to the table. I was impressed with Battlefield: Bad Company this time last year, but it doesn’t hold a candle to RFG in this regard. You can literally reduce buildings to rubble, and there are no exceptions. If you can see it and reach it, you can destroy it. Massive towers, huge bridges spanning enormous gorges, fortified enemy bunkers… blow it all to hell!

The Tasks at Hand

Mission types vary from simple search and retrieve, to destruction fests, to the ever boring “drive this vehicle from point A to point B before the time runs out”, and many more. The great thing, is that nothing is mandatory, with the exception of the story missions, of course. You don’t have to complete each and every side mission in a region in order to fully reduce the EDF’s control, which means you can skip any missions you really aren’t fond of.

Things to Blow Shit Up

RFG packs an absolutely insane arsenal that is sure to satisfy everyone in some form. Most of which are upgradeable from the many safe houses. The game’s currency is salvage, which can be collected from any destroyed structure or vehicle. This adds an interesting angle, as I found myself running toward things that were blowing up, as opposed to heading for the hills. Aside from salvage, there are a few other types of collectibles which go toward unlocking Achievements/trophies. Needless to say, with the amount of missions and collectibles, it’s very easy to get consumed by RFG.


I flew through the single player campaign in just over 11 hours, with plenty of objectives still on the map. Once completed, other side missions that were previously closed opened back up, but at a cost. You are told that you can continue to clean up Mars once you have forced out the EDF, but things aren’t going to be more difficult. And the difficulty is most definitely stepped up! I found RFG to be quite difficult to begin with, and dropped the difficulty level to “casual” pretty early on.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Plenty of Online Game Play, Too

Surprisingly enough, RFG packs a full-on competitive multiplayer mode that substitutes the open world for smaller, tighter stand-alone maps that are based on locations from the single player campaign. Game modes are pretty typical, but the game play feels anything but ordinary. Along with weapons, you have a variety of backpacks at your disposal. In the single player game, you acquire a jet-pack part-way through. This is just one of the many that are included in the multiplayer modes, and probably one of my least favourites.

Multiplayer modes range from standard fare deathmatch and capture the flag, to an assault mode called Siege, which is an absolute blast! The object is for one team to destroy a series of targets, while the other team defends. Targets are typically buildings, some of which can be hit from great distances with ranged weapons. While others, like bridges, require a more intimate approach.

There’s also a party game type for offline multiplayer, which is also great fun! It’s called Wrecking Crew and there are 4 modes available. The object is to get the highest score, while the conditions change from mode to mode.

A Pleasant Surprise, to Say the Least

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a game that took me by surprise in a big way. I’ve played previous Red Faction games, and while they stood their ground, they were never games that you talked about long after you finished playing. RFG is the exception to the series, and easily one of the most flat-out fun games I’ve played.

4/ 5
Red Faction: Guerrilla


I played this for about an hour, got bored and returned it without playing it again.

Another great review Matt. I picked up RFG based on your comments on Twitter and am really enjoying it.

As you mentioned some of the side missions are a little tedious but overall it’s pretty great.

I hear ya about the difficulty though, at times I’m getting my ass handed to me even on Normal difficulty, I’m going to try stick with it though.

Congrats on your 70th review, keep them coming 🙂

No way you’re getting through the final mission on normal! There was a few times I thought that – "How the hell would anyone do this on hard?" It’s a pretty punishing game.

That almost sounds like a challenge! But yeah I’ll let you know how I get on, I’m just starting the 5th city so shouldn’t be too far away.

Hey Matt, just thought I would come back and let you know I did it! I had a break from the game to play through Fable II and Battlefield 1943, but last weekend I went back and cleaned up RF:G.

The final mission was pretty tough and only cracked it on the 3rd try, thought I was gone for after my modified tank got screwed up pretty quickly but scraped through in the end. Felt quite proud!

Definitely a good fun game in the end.

Totally agree – this game surprisingly rocks.

I downloaded the demo but hadn’t gotten around to playing it, remember the lack-luster gameplay of previous Red Faction games… after hearing it mentioned on several podcasts I decided to give the demo a whirl.

The next day I bought the game.

Red Faction: Guerrilla lives up to the "everything can be destroyed" promise the original Red Faction failed to live up. Blowing stuff up is just plain fun.

Oh yeah, couldn’t agree more with the ever boring "drive this vehicle from point A to point B before the time runs out" — I loved every side mission but couldn’t stand these ones.

I didn’t mind the first couple transporter missions, until tanks and shit started chasing after me. That just made it incredibly frustrating.

After having my Xbox out of order for two months and borrowing a 360 from a friend I have to say I went absolutely crazy on this game.

I’d describe it as Crackdown for people who loved the blowing up shit part of the game more than anything else. Mixed with the love of Bad Company, this game was a perfect fit for me.

Side missions for me were all about the ‘raid EDF’, ‘protect from EDF’ and ‘destroy EDF’ – transporter missions were relatively boring.

Haven’t played much of it online but from what I have done so far, I can see it’s absolutely mental in terms of destruction. There’s never a quiet moment.

The raids and defend side missions were indeed a lot of fun. But the best had to have been the ones that involved Walkers, or that crazy hick dude with the turret mounted vehicle.

Combat walker FTW, I destroyed the last half of a game after I found the respawn location of one. 145mil damage in one rampage, genius.

You’ve convinced me to download the demo, and I shall! And maybe, I’ll buy it if I like the demo.

I was damn excited about this game before it came out, so I was glad when I got my hands on it and it was so insanely fun.

I finished the main campaign a couple of days after you (also on casual) – then found myself just causing chaos and trying not to get killed. This game just keeps on going – but I think they could have added to that somehow; there needs to be more incentive to do things once the main campaign is out of the way.

Overall, though, you summed up this game perfectly – it’s just plain fun. Good job on reaching 70 reviews, too!

I’m going to need a "blowing shit up" kind of game after I’m done with the JRPG I’m playing through at the moment. This game wasn’t even a blip on my radar, so if I end up enjoying it as much as you, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Plus, if it’s remotely similar to Crackdown, I know I’d love it.

I had shrugged this game off after playing the multiplayer beta quite some time ago. It was fun and all, but I didn’t really get into it. But when the reviews started pouring in and were generally in the 8.0-9.0 range, I knew it was one to pick up.

I don’t know if I’d compare it to Crackdown, though. It’s open world, and there’s lots of explosions, but that’s about it. There’s more story here, and EVERYTHING is destructible, as opposed to just vehicles in Crackdown. There’s more purpose in RFG as well. If anything, I think you may like it more.

"I found RFG to be quite difficult to begin with, and dropped the difficulty level to casual pretty early on."

Sound glad to hear you say that – I thought I was the only one! : )

Absolutely loved this game from the start but thought the difficulty level was way too high. And more importantly, it interrupted the fun. So I changed it to "casual" and then found it to be perfect.

I’m still clearing the second city – taking my time – and constantly getting distracted by my random acts of violence . Or as you say, blowing shit up. : )

I almost gave up on this game really early on. You know the mission where you have to knock down the towers with an armored truck? Attempted that 4 times on normal and made it to 10/12 towers every time. Getting out of the vehicle meant a slow death by trampling. So I bit the bullet and dropped the difficulty, and was definitely better off for it. Didn’t have another ultra frustrating moment for the remainder of the game.

Ha! – that’s exactly what I did. Kept thinking, "knocking down a bunch of towers should not be this freaking hard!"

Yeah, the difficultly level thing is strange. Would be interested to hear what the developers were thinking there. The game is way too frustrating on "normal" and perfect on "casual". But calling it casual sounds like that setting was only meant for the Nintendo Wii crowd or something : )

I love this game also. I played the single player demo, and while it was fun I never thought much of it. But then the multiplayer demo released and I was instantly hooked. Needless to say, I actually went out and picked up the game. Incredibly fun. While Battlefield: Bad Company introduced destructible environments, RFG perfected it.

I was simply amazed on the the mission where I had to destroy the massive bridge in the Badlands. Started taking out each support beam and then, crack, all support fell and the massive structure fell.

While the story isn’t something to tell others about, the gameplay alone is an absolute blast! (haha, I made a pun)