Where do I start? The past few days have been incredible around these parts! I joined the CSS Reboot back in August mainly to motivate myself to actually do something with this site and to get my portfolio online (which is on the way). When mid-October rolled around and I was still working on the design, I considered backing out. I had already done tons of planning and research and had some new tricks up my sleeve that I was dying to try out, so I stuck it out – worked many late nights and through weekends and pulled it off. Apparently , it was well worth the effort as I’ve received tons of recognition from design showcase sites (links below) and fellow bloggers. And also tons of awesome feedback from visitors. I thank you all for your kind words and gestures. I truly was not expecting any of this.

Since the Reboot, I’ve made some changes around here. Mostly fine-tuning, but I’ve also added some things that weren’t there initially.

As you may have noticed, Gravatars appeared on comments shortly after the launch. I had full intentions of having Gravatars on comments from the get-go, but it seems they’ve been having server troubles over the past few weeks and I wasn’t able to access their site when I needed to. I really like how Gravatars instantly add personality to comments and give the site a better sense of community.

To be honest, I hadn’t given doc type a second thought. I for whatever reason, always stick to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I will admit, this is mostly just ‘big cock syndrome’ in geek form. I was checking out Vladimir’s Reboot when I noticed it was Strict. I made a crack about being “merely transitional” which lead to me running my site through the validator as Strict for shits and giggles. Only 2 negligible errors… on the homepage at least. After about half an hour I had the whole site (with the exception of a few comments – Vladimir, of all people! ;-)) validating as Strict. Oh, and the About page cause I use an iframe, but that’ll be gone soon. That was a quick and dirty implementation as the clock was ticking.

I’ve seen some interesting referrals showing up in my stats. Message board topics discussing techniques I’ve implemented here and wondering what WordPress plugins I’m running – that sort of thing. Some of which could be figured out by simply viewing the source, but I’ve decided to share the wealth and will be posting a ‘dissection’ of my site including all the plugins I’m running and links to various sources of influence and inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, be sure to drop by the CSS Reboot site to check out the near 400 brand spankin’ new sites!

In closing, here’s a list of the sites I was featured on…

And a few sites where you can cast a vote or rank my site…


Did you know I actually dropped out of CSS Reboot, a few days before November 1? I felt so bad too, I just figured there was no way I could finish my website in time, and I did not want to launch an incomplete website.

But then I decided to get back in, when I thought of some things I could do quickly to get the site finished.

I’m so glad I stayed in… I got featured on Screenspire, the first time any design I’ve done was featured anywhere! I also got featured on w3csites.com, which was equally unexpected.

I just wish I had more time to work on some other websites… not enough hours in a day.

I have two favorite reboots.

This is one of them.

Eccellent work, in all respects.

I’ll be dropping by here regularly.

Again, congratulations on a job superbly done.

Great job on this website, congrats:) It’s one of the few that captured my eyes from the first moment.

Thanks, all of you! I’d have to say the say about your sites as well. Amazing – all around!

I tried to pick some favourites to include in this post, but I just couldn’t. I made it into page 3 of the top ranked sites and already had about a dozen I loved.

It feels good to be among so many talented people.

Well done on getting your site up on all the showcase sites, i love the whole design of the place, the layout, the colours and the thought behind the colours too. Top work. Bookmarked for me 🙂

Hey matt,

Love the site…

Man that reboot really got people motivated.

The way you have captivated wordpress to do what you want and where you want in wordpress is just an amazement.

The colorscheme is great and the layout is just fonominal.

Keep up the great work.


Your ability to organize elements on a page is incredible. It’s clear to me that you deserve all the attention you’re getting for this site because the functionality and design are integrated so well.

I was shocked to find your hometown is Whitby since it’s mine as well and it’s not very well known. I was in awe when I read that you were a part of LNS, as I used to hear about it all the time at my elementary school.

Jeff: That’s rad dude! What school did you go to? Myself, Ryan (singer) and Brent (bassist) all went to Leslie McFarlane. Chuck (guitarist) went to Thornton.

I actually switched schools a few times. I went to St. Bernard, E.A. Fairman, and Jack Miner which was built in 2000 or something like that.

I listened to LNS for a while, but only what I could find hosted on the website since I couldn’t find any cds. Great work of course.