I seriously did not see this coming. I rented Lego Star Wars II thinking it would be good for a few hours of entertainment and some easy achievement points, nearly 10 days and 30+ combined hours later, my whole family has been in on the action and we’re all loving it! This is the first time a single title has had myself (26), my wife (27) and our 8 year-old daughter vying for the console. And the fact that this is the first 360 game my daughter has been really into has me pretty excited. It’s good to see some kid-friendly titles hitting the 360 lately.

Lego Star Wars II

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in the least interested in this game prior to its release. It wasn’t until I watched GameSpot’s video review that I really considered giving it a rent. The first 5 days were hardly enough to get into it as I still had a couple chapters left and my Hannah had really just started playing it. Instead of returning it, we rented it for another 5 days and on the second, I was able to persuade Deanna to give it a go. It only took a couple chapters for her to get hooked as well and before I knew it, we were all taking turns playing co-op and helping each other progress through the story.

It’s safe to say, we’ll be buying Lego Star Wars II in the near future. It’s due back at the video store tomorrow, so I should probably get on that or I could end up with a couple of cranky girls on my hands. 😉 Look for a review in the next week… if I can get the 360 away long enough to capture some in game footage, that is.

Lego Star Wars II is available for most platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube, PC, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS.


I also started playing Lego Star Wars II on Xbox this weekend. It’s amazing! I haven’t played such a funny game for years. Lego Star wars rocks!

I haven’t played II yet, but a while back a friend and I rented the first LEGO Star Wars for the Xbox thinking it would be a joke, and ended up playing for 6 hours. It was a lot of fun and I expect to pick up a copy of the second one at some point.

Oh, and by the way, you need to stop posting screenshots of Xbox 360 games. You’re tempting me to go buy a 360 when I swore I wouldn’t pay that much for a game console. Damn you, Matt!

This is happening quite a bit lately. You say I’ll love some game you buy or rent, I tell you there is NO way I would like that, seems stupid or something. Then out of nowhere I’m freaking loving that shit! I hate to admit it but, besides for your poor movie choosing ability, your pretty good at picking out the good games! I’m still not touching Kameo! So leave it alone…

@Patrick: I never played the first one but have spoken to a few people that have and they all said the sequel basically keeps much of the same, but builds onto it’s foundation and is generally just more enjoyable.

You need to stop drooling over my screenshots and gameplay videos and pick up an Xbox 360. 😛

@Deanna: Dammit, you will play Kameo! And you’ll love it too!

Awesome. I have not had the chance to play lego star wars II, but I thought that the original was awesome. I loved the game and can’t wait to get my hands on the new one, I would love to see it for the Wii though. It would be awesome to use the lightsaber with the wiimote.

Haha, that’s awesome! I love the game, very cool. Even after hours of play, everything breaking apart into little lego pieces still makes me smile.

It is just such an awesome game!

I’ve been a Lego Star Wars fan since the beginning, I went to a event in the UK a couple of years back where there was the first UK demo of Halo2 and what did I do? Laughed off Halo and played Lego! Still got my promotional Lego StormTrooper.

Playing the second on the 360 it is clear to see the improvements but the first is still worth a rent.

My only gripe is that in mutliplayer the camera angles can force your character all over the place, countless times I’ve stomped all over my better half in a walker because she tried to walk off screen!

@Zach: Fighting with a lightsaber in this game is like pulling teeth. Worst. I’m sure there will be plenty of lightsaber dueling on the Wii in the years to come.

@Adam: No kidding – the camera angles are horrid at times. Last night Deanna and I were playing and I actually had to drop out a couple times so she could do what was needed without having to fight with the camera. It just doesn’t work at times.

I don’t usually get into video games much, but this game has me hooked. It’s really funny and a lot more challenging that I thought it would be. The camera angles are a little frustrating at times, but all in all a game to buy.

Gotta find it and play it. Absolutely.

I’m a designer too, and Lego Star Wars collector in my (few) spare time. I own more than 50 brick models gathered in the last 4 years from Ebay…

This is a video game I MUST definitely play.

Bye, and have fun mate!

I couldn’t agree more. I downloaded the demo this week and I b-lined to the video store to rent this game. Two childhood loves: Star Wars + Legos = Great time! The humor is GREAT in this game, even more so since no one speaks.

I want to buy this but I can’t justify the $60 price tag for the 360 version. If this had online co-op, I’d buy in a heart beat. But I’m highly enjoying my time and may buy it when it hits the bargin price, since there is SO MUCH to unlock.

I’ve been waiting for this to come out. My 5-year-old son and I loved the first one. I think it’s the only game that we really play together that he’s really in to.

Last I heard this game was supposed to come out next february, now I have to think of some excuse to go buy it. "No really honey, my new client insisted on the down payment being a star wars game".

@Kenny: You should think about adding a blog to your site and doing game reviews… then you always have an excuse for the wife. 😉

Oh shit, I hope Deanna didn’t subscribe to this post!


That might be pushing it for me, I’ve used freelancing as an excuse to buy a new laptop / and get my own server, etc….

She’s not liking the monthly bills that I’m wracking up. But hey it’s worth a shot, as long as she doesn’t ask how many readers I have….

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