GaiusOn Friday night we welcome Gaius into our home. He’s 5 weeks-old and a tiny little thing. I’ve never held a cat his size before. He feels so fragile, yet he seems to be pretty durable. Jumping off the bed and couches is no problem for this little guy.

The first night was a little rough. He didn’t want to sleep much and was all about exploring. This is when we discovered he could scale up the side of the bed with ease.

Shiznit wasn’t too happy about the new addition to our family at first. I think he was just confused – didn’t know what to make of the tiny new kitty that had infiltrated his home. Surprisingly, he was more afraid of Gaius than anything else. I thought Shiznit might act a little aggressive toward him, but it was the complete opposite. It only took a few hours of reassuring Shiznit he was top kitty for him to come around and by Saturday afternoon, the two of them were cuddling on our bed.

Gaius seems like he’s going to be a character like Shiznit. After taking a kitty-dump, he wipes he ass on the carpet! No joke… he sits on his bum and pulls himself across the carpet with his front paws like a dog with an itchy anus. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I’m trying to catch him in the act and will hopefully have some digital proof sooner than later. In the mean time, I just uploaded a batch of photos to my Flickr account.