I’ve been working from home for over a year and I haven’t contracted any sort of illness since. When I worked at MuchMusic, it seemed like I would always catch whatever was going around the big, stinky city. I guess that’s one of the bonuses of not coming into contact with too many humans on a day-to-day. On Wednesday I ventured out of the my office that I like to call “the cave” into the real world to rock the latest and greatest Xbox 360 titles at X’06 (the Canadian version). Somewhere between chainsawing dudes in Gears of War and trying to beat Andrew’s lap time in Forza 2, I became infected.

I forgot how much being sick sucks. It really does. You just can’t function as you normally do – and being self employed, it really hits you hard. I’d love to just fill myself with meds and coffee and work through it. But I know I’ll only regret it afterwards. So I’ve been forced to take a couple days off (well, errr, about a full day, actually), which means I’ll be working through the weekend. I had full intentions of writing a nice wrap-up of all my hands-on experience at X’06, but between sneezes I couldn’t be bothered. For now, you can check out my photos from the event. There aren’t a lot as I spent more time with a controller in my hand than the camera, but you get the idea. Be sure to check out photos from Major Nelson and the folks from Gamerscore Blog who were also in attendance.

I’ll leave you with a few of my highlights from the event…

  • GEARS OF WAR(!!!): It was amazing to get my hands on this game. I managed to play 2 separate builds of the single player campaign and a few rounds of multiplayer. I’ve watched tons of videos, interviews and seen countless screenshots of GoW and nothing has done it justice. Incredible.
  • Forza 2: I wasn’t expecting to see Forza 2 there at all but they had a very early build and had it hooked up to the new racing wheel.

Well, I had more I wanted to write, but I just sneezed and all the sudden my arms feel like they’re gonna fall off. That can’t be good. I’m going to bed…


Get well soon Matt! I know how much that sucks being sick. When you feel a little better, just take up a controller and play some arcade games on your 360! That should make some fun 🙂

As Chris said.. lucky bastard.

So how was the 3rd person view? To me 3rd person shooters tend to be quite hard to control and be accurate with, or has the game been made properly? 😛

Oh yeah, get well soon 😀

Gears of War looks totally incredible — I can’t wait until it releases. Personally I’m psyched about the 3rd person aspect of it.

Thanks again for getting me on the invite list Matt.. that was a great day! Sorry to hear you got sick as a result of it!

I didn’t expect to play Gears or Forza two but we totally lucked out!

Thanks for the kind words, guys. I was hoping to be in a lot better condition today, but unfortunately I’m about the same. Needless to say, the only thing I’ve got accomplished today is a lot of sitting on my ass – which has been made most pleasant by the Tony Hawk Project 8 demo and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, I must admit. :d

I’m not gonna get into GoW much here, as I plan to write quite a bit about it. But it was pretty fucking great! The third person view is required – like in GRAW. It’s just not the same in first person.

And Andrew, for the 20th time, you’re welcome! 😛 T’was a good day and well worth this cold.

PS. What did you guys think of the new comment preview? I had to ditch the floating comment fields, but I think it’s more valuable. Any opinions?

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I’ve never seen a large use for a comment preview, since it just seems to be an echo, although you seem to have made it look quite nice. 😀